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This article is about the faction. For the book, see Order of the Hour (book).

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The Order of the Hour is a knightly order founded to protect the Akatosh Chantry and the Cathedral of Akatosh. The order has its own hierarchy but also falls under the control of the Primate of Kvatch.


Named Members
Commander Marcus Scipio (leader)
Captain Furia
Caldana Rulician
Chaero Sextius
Commander Pelletus
Grand Sermonizer Fithia
Falco Curatius
Herminia Pevengius
Justina Vitellius
Knight Commander Panthius
Lieutenant Mervial
Lieutenant Vinicius
Lyra Viria
Marianus Gracchanus
Phedre Trebellius
Primate Artorius
Vesta Attius
Generic Members
Order Arcanist
Order Archer
Order Battlecaster
Order Battlemage
Order Blade-Bearer
Order Champion
Order Crusader
Order Defender
Order Dragonstriker
Order Healer
Order Knight
Order Paladin
Order Protector
Order Thundermaul
Order Skirmisher
Order Vanquisher



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