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ON-qico-Instance.png Help the Great Mage set up an All-Banners meeting in a neutral location.
Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Objective: Stirk — Convince the three alliance leaders to attack Coldharbour.
Quest Giver: Jorunn the Skald-King atop Trolhetta;
Vanus Galerion
Location(s): Mournhold, Elden Root, Wayrest
Prerequisite Quest: Stomping Sinmur or Council of the Five Companions
Next Quest: The Weight of Three Crowns
Reward: 342 Gold
Solo Solo Only: Yes
Vanus Galerion of the Mages Guild has a plan to stop Molag Bal's incursion of Tamriel. It requires convincing the three alliances to join forces with the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild to assault Coldharbour.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Travel to the Mages Guild in Mournhold.
  2. Speak with Thrush, then meet with Vanus Galerion.
  3. Enter the portals to the Alliance Capitals and speak to the rulers.
  4. Return to the Fighters Guild and talk to Galerion to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Talk to Jorunn the Skald-King atop Trolhetta following the climax of the Alliance Story in Stomping Sinmur. Alternatively, if you have not yet completed the Alliance Story, but have completed the main quest Council of the Five Companions, Vanus Galerion will explode out of nowhere when you enter a safe area. Either way, you will be sent to the Mages Guild in Mournhold to meet with Thrush, leader of the Hidden Armigers, who has a message for you. Vanus Galerion has a plan to defeat Molag Bal that Jorunn's agents agree with.

Wait in the Mages Guild for Galerion, while Thrush and Naryu Virian discuss contacting the Eyes of the Queen and the Ring of Daggers. Galerion arrives, and explains how he hopes to bring the alliances together to defeat the Daedric Prince. Both the Mages Guild and the Fighters Guild agree that they should act now, but the distrust between the alliances prevents the neutral guilds from doing so. He considers you the perfect diplomat to speak to each of the leaders about a meeting. He has found a meeting place, an island called Stirk, and arranged meetings with the leaders of the alliances. All you need to do is convince them.

Convince the Leaders[edit]

Galerion's portals lead directly to the throne room of each ruler where he introduces you to them, starting with Queen Ayrenn followed by High King Emeric. Ayrenn will agree to attend right away, but makes clear not to make promises on the outcome of the meeting itself. Emeric is a bit more skeptical of your motives and the sanity of the idea, but agrees as long as Ayrenn and Jorunn also agree to attend. At both of these meetings after agreement is given, the right hand of the leader will make a comment regarding someone in the Pact's story quest.

Begin the Preparations[edit]

You and Galerion return to the Fighters Guild in Mournhold, the latter pleasantly surprised his plan worked. He gives you some gold but says the tricky part is yet to come, as the leaders after getting together aren't as rational and reasonable as they are individually.


  • Prior to the One Tamriel update, you also had to reach level 45 if you were to accept this quest from Vanus Galerion rather than Skald-King Jorunn.

Quest Stages[edit]

Messages Across Tamriel
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Vanus Galerion has appeared to me and urgently requests to speak with me. I should see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Vanus Galerion
I need to speak to Thrush in the Mournhold Mages Guild. Then I can start working with Vanus Galerion.
Objective: Talk to Thrush in Mournhold
Vanus Galerion should arrive soon. I should wait here until I can speak with him.
Objective: Wait for Vanus Galerion
Objective: Talk to Vanus Galerion
To start the diplomatic process, Vanus Galerion will teleport us to talk to one of the alliance leaders. I should enter the portal.
Objective: Enter Vanus Galerion's Portal
Objective: Receive Introduction
Objective: Talk to the Alliance Leader
This diplomatic mission is complete. I should speak with Vanus Galerion and find out what he suggests I do next.
Objective: Talk to Vanus Galerion
Objective: Enter Vanus Galerion's Portal
I followed Vanus Galerion to another alliance's capital. I should wait for him to introduce me to this alliance's leader.
Objective: Receive Introduction
Vanus Galerion has introduced me to another opposing alliance leader. I can speak with the leader now.
Objective: Talk to the Alliance Leader
All three alliance leaders have agreed to meet on Stirk. I should speak to Vanus Galerion.
Objective: Talk to Vanus Galerion
Vanus has prepared a portal for us to return home. I should follow him into the portal.
Objective: Enter Vanus Galerion's Portal
Finishes quest☑ I have returned to the Fighters Guild in my alliance's capital. I should seek out Vanus Galerion and speak to him there.
Objective: Talk to Vanus Galerion
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