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Councilor Eris
Home City Balmora
Location Redoran Kinhouse
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
15,000 (Outside Mallapi Cave's back exit/In Redoran Garrison)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Redoran
Councilor Eris

Councilor Eris, full name "Releth", is a Dark Elf noble of House Redoran who works at the Redoran Kinhouse in Balmora. He is in charge of Redoran affairs in Balmora and the surrounding region.

Married to Tavya, their daughter Veya has recently gone missing and he is employing freelancers to help find her. He was also Ulran Releth's father.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Prior to starting the quest, or if he's not a quest target, he'll say:

"I'm sorry, but I'm up to my elbows in an important matter at the moment.
I'm sure someone else in the kinhouse can help you if your need is urgent."

Fleeing the Past[edit]

"Yes? Is there something I can do for you, outlander?"
Sergeant Faldrus sent me. He said you needed help finding your daughter.
"My daughter has been gone too long and the House Guard can't seem to find a wall in the corner, but why should I trust you with this task?
Tell me, outlander. How can you succeed when my forces continue to fail time and time again?"
It seems your daughter knows your people and their tactics. She doesn't know me.
"An interesting insight. Perhaps you can find my daughter. Veya can handle herself, but a father worries, you understand.
Anyway, I agree with your assessment. That's why I'm willing to bring in outside help on this."
Tell me what happened.
"Veya fled after a family … disagreement. She's run away before, but I'm concerned that she might have something more permanent in mind this time. And more dangerous.
Veya knows how to evade the House Guard. But, as you said, she doesn't know you."
All right. I'll try to find your daughter.
"Captain Brivan oversees the House's attempts to locate my daughter. You should speak to him and see what his investigation has already turned up."
Where can I find Captain Brivan?
"He's probably patrolling the town square at this time of day.
Brivan's soldiers have been trying to get information out of Veya's friends, but those young men and women are almost as good at avoiding the House Guard as my daughter."
You mentioned a family disagreement?
"That is … a private matter.
If your investigation proves fruitful and such matters become relevant, we can discuss the particulars then—but not before."
Maybe your wife would be willing to discuss that with me.
"Like my daughter, my wife has a mind of her own. What the two of you discuss is your own affair.
Just understand that I haven't employed you to solve my family's problems. I only need you to find my daughter."
You mentioned Veya might be involved in something dangerous?
"Veya's always been fascinated by the Morag Tong. Even admired one of their agents when she was growing up. It's possible she's sought refuge with this agent—or even decided to join the organization, though I hope I'm wrong about that."
Tell me more about the Morag Tong.
"The Morag Tong? They're an ancient guild of assassins sanctioned by the Tribunal to carry out honorable writs of execution. Ostensibly, they're supposed to keep the Houses from resorting to all-out war, but I still find the practice barbaric."
And the agent that Veya admires?
"Someone of no consequence and not at all important to accomplishing your mission. Besides, you don't find Morag Tong agents. They find you. Just pray it's not because your name wound up on one of their writs. That is a death sentence."

Once you've located Naryu Virian

"I'm surprised to see you back here, but I'm also relieved. Does this mean you have news about my daughter? Is she safe? Is she ready to come home?"
Veya's safe. She's joined the Morag Tong and they're arranging a meeting.
"Veya joined that cult of assassins? I was afraid she'd do something rash, but what was she thinking?
I don't see the Morag Tong as safe, but at least she's still alive, so I suppose that's something. When are we going to meet with my daughter?"
Not us. Just me. But tell me, what happened to Veya's brother?
"She won't meet with me? No, I suppose she's not ready for that quite yet.
As for Veya's brother, that was all the doing of the Redoran Council. I'm not allowed to discuss the details. But he's still alive, if that's what Veya is worried about."
Naryu said to call off the other freelancers or she'll take Veya and disappear.
"Naryu's back in town? She's as stubborn as Veya. Very well. No other outsiders. Although I can't dismiss the mercenaries that Captain Brivan employs.
House Redoran is my life, as is Veya. I'll do everything in my power to see her home safely."
Your daughter is safe. Just let me handle this and I'll try to get her to meet with you.

If you exit dialogue at this point and talk to him again:

"Veya joined the Morag Tong? Has the House really caused her so much pain that she agreed to become part of a cult of assassins?"
Your daughter is safe. Just let me handle this and I'll try to get her to meet with you.
"As you say. No other outsiders. But there are rules, outlander. I must do everything within reason to maintain the honor of House Redoran.
Here. Your first payment. Soon, however, I'll expect more than just a verbal confirmation of Veya's safety."

Of Faith and Family[edit]

"When next you see her, tell my daughter that I want to talk to her. Veya can set the terms, but I expect her to stop running away when things don't go her way."
I'll convey the message, but I need to know exactly what you and Veya argued about.
"Veya has always felt shackled by the rules of House Redoran, hobbled by the many duties and obligations it presses upon its subjects.
After the situation involving her brother, she decided she wanted nothing more to do with the House. Or with me."
So your strict observance of rules and obligations caused this rift between you and your daughter?
"That may be an oversimplification, but I suppose your statement is accurate.
I walk a narrow path between House Councilor and loving father. Unfortunately, the former often supersedes the latter. That's why I want to speak to Veya again."
I'll try to arrange a meeting as soon as I can.

If spoken to again before heading out:

"Work with Captain Brivan as necessary and get me a meeting with my daughter. It's imperative that I get another chance to explain my actions to her.
I'm counting on you, outlander."

Later after you've found Veya and you exit Mallapi Cave, you'll see a disturbing sight:

Veya Releth: "Oh no, we're surrounded! And that's my father! What's he doing here?"
Captain Brivan: "Sweep the caves. If you spot Veya, report back to me. She's not to be harmed!"
Councilor Eris: "I prefer that you don't harm the agents I hired, either. There's no need for bloodshed."

As Veya heads in the other direction, you'll agree to meet with the contingent below:

Captain Brivan: "Halt! Who goes there?"
Councilor Eris: "Stand down. These Outlanders work for me."
"The captain reported that he had seen you in the area. There are also multiple reports that Veya has been spotted.
Tell me, have you seen my daughter? I won't sleep well until she's home, safe and sound."
I thought we agreed you wouldn't use any other outsiders?
"I also said that the captain has his own resources. The Warclaws report to Brivan, not me.
Look, we're all just trying to get my daughter home safely. Now, tell me what Veya's thinking."
Veya will meet with you, but on her own terms. All these soldiers have scared her away.
"It was a gamble, I admit. An opportunity I couldn't let slip away. You won't make me feel guilty about trying to find my daughter.
So, where and when will Veya meet with me?"
Soon. She asked me to do one more thing and then she'll be ready to meet with you.
"Very well. We'll do this her way. Veya can be as stubborn as her mother sometimes.
But tell my daughter that my patience won't last forever. Next time, I expect Veya to be with you—or I might just let Captain Brivan do this his way."
I'll let her know.

The councilor will turn to the Redoran Soldiers:

Councilor Eris: "Do as I command and let them pass."

Speaking to him before leaving:

"I'm trusting you to make this right, outlander. I may have lost my son, but I refuse to lose my daughter."

Return from Kudanat Mine and you'll find the councilor in his office:

"And so the outlander returns. As we discussed in the swamp, I expected you to return with Veya or present me with a time and place for us to meet.
Tell me, outlander, which is it to be?"
There was a complication.
"Complication? What kind of complication?
I ordered my soldiers to stand down and let you do things your way, but instead of results you bring me excuses!"
Your son is dead. He was killed during the House Redoran raid on the Ashlander camp.
"No. That's not possible. My son was banished, ordered to leave Vvardenfell and never return. Why would he disobey me and go to those savages?"
Veya was with me. She confirmed it was her brother, Ulran.
"Veya was with you? And you left her out there? By the Three, everything is unraveling no matter how hard I try to maintain control.
I need you to do something else for me if you would, outlander."
What else do you need me to do, Councilor?

If you exit dialogue at this point and talk to him again:

"My son is dead and Veya must blame me for Ulran's own failings. I suppose I'm used to that.
There are things that need to be done. I need your help in these matters, outlanders."
What else do you need me to do, Councilor?
"Tell my daughter I'm sorry. Tell her she needs to stay away until I can calm things down. I don't want to see anything happen to her. Promise me.
And take this. Consider it payment for your efforts thus far."

After the quest is finished, he'll add:

"If you'll excuse me, I need some time to consider everything you told me.
Once I determine the best way to proceed, I'll contact you. In the meantime, make sure Veya stays away from Balmora and House Redoran."
Did you order the attack on the Ashlander camp?
"It was never meant to be an attack. I sent Captain Brivan to clear land that already belonged to House Redoran. The Ashlanders were given an opportunity to depart. The situation didn't have to turn violent. Those damn savages should have just left!"
It was an Ashlander camp. How is that Redoran land?
"House Redoran has been slowly expanding in that direction for years. We claimed that area almost a year ago, but we were forced to temporarily abandon it when a massive ash storm hit. Before we could return, the Ashlanders moved in."
Why not just let them use the land? They're nomads. They would have left eventually.
"Redoran depends on that land for hunting and resources. The Ashlanders are like a plague of insects. They sweep into an area, take everything, and move on. We couldn't allow them to do that here. So I sent Captain Brivan to convince them otherwise."
It sounds like I need to talk to Captain Brivan. Where can I find him?
"The captain serves House Redoran with honor and dedication. He's out doing his job.
If Brivan had anything to do with my son's death, he would have reported it to me. He'd have no reason to keep such news from me and the other councilors."
Ulran left behind a speaking stone. His last message indicated that he planned to talk to Brivan.
"I'll speak to Brivan when he returns. But understand, the captain operated under my orders. He's an exemplary soldier and an upstanding member of the House.
Like me, everything he does is for the betterment of House Redoran."

Family Reunion[edit]

While Naryu tries to get the lock open, you'll be forced to witness the following scene:

Councilor Eris: "Veya, daughter. I'm so sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen."
Veya Releth: "Father, why? Does the House really matter more than your own son?"
Councilor Eris: "I needed to protect Ulran … to prove his loyalty. If I could do it all over again …."
Veya Releth: "But you can't! None of us can …. That's why I have to do this."

As Veya strikes her father, Naryu pleas for her to stop:

Naryu Virian: "Veya, no! That's an order!"

Once the councilor lays in a pool of his own blood, Veya addresses her mentor:

Veya Releth: "I'm not your apprentice any more. The House has grown corrupt, evil. That's why all the councilors have to die."