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Help a Redoran noble look into his family's past.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Ald'ruhn — Discover the secret of the Hleran Ancestral Tomb.
Quest Giver: Drelyth Hleran
Location(s): Ald'ruhn, Hleran Ancestral Tomb
Next Quest: Ashlander Relations
Reward: Seal of Hleran
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5885
Retrieve an ancient family heirloom.
A Dark Elf named Drelyth Hleran requested my aid in finding his family's lost grave site. He believes the Ashlanders camped near Ald'ruhn might know more about the lost tomb, but the tribes only share their secrets with those who earn their respect.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Drelyth Hleran just outside Ald'ruhn.
  2. Receive the Farseer's blessing.
  3. Gather offerings for the four great Ashlander tribes.
  4. Place the offerings and speak to the tribe's Wise Woman.
  5. Find the tomb.
  6. Speak to Drelyth's ancestor and pay respects at the shrines.
  7. Take the ancient Hleran family heirloom and deliver it to Drelyth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Along the winding road leading to Ald'ruhn is a House Dunmer man. If spoken to, he will introduce himself.

"Drelyth Hleran of House Redoran, at your service—thought I doubt I'll be very useful here. This is Ashlander country, and they've made it clear I'm not welcome.
It's my fault, really. I made a mess of their customs when I arrived."
What happened?
"I'm researching for my family's ancestral tomb, you see. My research led me here, to Ald'ruhn. It's hard to believe, but I think my family may have settled here for a time.
When I arrived, I immediately started asking questions. I was overzealous."
So now they refuse to help you.
"Unfortunately, yes.
I wonder if we might aid each other? Despite my missteps, I do know a great deal about Ashlander culture. I could help you earn their favor. In return, you could find out if they know anything about my family's tomb."
That sounds fair.
"First, pay respect to Farseer Kuamta. She walks the Red Path this year, and it's customary to wish her well. Request to take part in the offering to the First Ashkhans.
Do that, and you should be able to ask their Wise Woman about the tomb."

From here, you may proceed with the quest or ask more questions.

Progressing northeast up the road, you will come across a bonfire in front of Skar, between the Zainab and Urshilaku camps. Farseer Kuamta stands praying in front of it, blindfolded. You may pay respects to her.

If you're not a Dark Elf:
If you're a Dark Elf:
"Hmm. Your footsteps are loud as a kagouti's. What is it you want, outlander?"
"What's that? Perfume and incense? You have the stink of the Great Houses on you, oathman. What brings a House Dunmer like you to Ald'ruhn?"
I've come to pay my respects, farseer.
"Have you now? Then you have my thanks … and my curiosity, also. Outsiders rarely show us such respect. When they do, it is always because they want something. What do you want, I wonder?"
Only your blessing to participate in honoring the First Ashkhans.
"Remarkable. You would honor our ancestors? Very well, I give you my blessing.
You hesitate. Shall I explain the custom? Each of the four great tribes seek a unique and worthy offering. You must place the gift at the foot of each Ashkhan's cairn."
What offering should I bring to each cairn?
"For Ahemmusa, an ashen fern. For Erabenimsun, the weapon of an exile slain by your hand. For Urshilaku, the bones of a guar returned to ash. And for Zainab, the hidden treasure of a kwama queen.
We will see how much fire you hold in your heart."

Again, you may ask additional questions, or simply collect the items. All four offerings are to the west of Ald'ruhn, near the coastline.

Almost directly west you can find a Cliff Strider feeding on the surprisingly clean skeletal remains of a Guar. Defeat the Cliff Strider, and you may collect the Guar Bones. A little west from there is a Red Exile camp. Upon death, one may drop an Exile's Weapon.

Just northwest of Aleft along the shoreline grows the Ashen Fern, a small spiky blue plant. Unless you are careful, you will likely be swimming through a restricted area, risking a bounty if spotted.

To the north, just beside the West Gash wayshrine is a small crack in the rock with a simple rope and pulley system to lower oneself into a wild kwama nest. Once inside Ashimanu Cave, make your way past various kwama down to the queen's chamber to collect the Jeweled Cuttle.

Finally, having collected all four offerings, you may return to Ald'ruhn to place them on the cairns of the First Ashkhans. East of the Ald'ruhn wayshrine lies the cairn of Nalor Ahemmusa. An Ahemmusa woman named Ahnat-Suna kneels at the cairn, waving her arms in the air, and can be spoken to for more information about her tribe. Placing the Ashen Fern, you can proceed east to the cairn of Shadar Erabenimsun to offer the Exile's Weapon. Kneeling at the cairn is an Erabenimsun named Manaad, who can be asked about his tribe.

Once the Exile's Weapon has been placed on the cairn, you can head back to Skar, where an Urshilaku woman named Yanabi-Asa is praying at the cairn of Lammak Urshilaku. Again, speaking to her will offer some insight into her tribe. Once the guar bones have been placed, you may head to the final cairn to offer the Jeweled Cuttle to the first Zainab ashkhan, Akami Zainab. A member of the tribe named Salamat rests on one knee, and will teach you about his tribe if asked. Finally, upon placing the offering of Jeweled Cuttle on the cairn you can speak to Wise Woman Asani to find out more about the Hleran tomb. She can be found in the Zainab camp, directly south of Skar.

If you're not a Dark Elf:
If you're a Dark Elf:
"You surprise me, outsider. All here assembled say you are both brave and courteous. A hero worthy of praise. Yet I still sense a hidden motive.
You showed us respect, so I will do the same by asking you directly—what really brings you to Ald'ruhn?"
"You surprise me, child of Vehk. All here assembled say you are both courteous and brave—rare qualities among the "civilized" Dunmer.
You showed us respect. I will do the same by asking you directly—what really brings you to Ald'ruhn?"
I'm looking for the Hleran Ancestral Tomb. Do you know anything about it?
"I do not know this name, Hleran, but there is an ancestral tomb nearby. It hides among the rocks to the west, beyond the fire-river we call Drura.
I would not go there, outsider. Tombs are like guars—left untended they grow wild and feral."
Have you been inside?
"No, but I have heard their cries. The spirits that dwell there sound anguished. They have a story to tell, I think. They long to be remembered.
I am sorry, but I have no ear for their tales. My basket is already full of the Ashlanders' troubles."

With that, you can return to Drelyth Hleran and tell him what you've found.

"That was some first-rate diplomacy. You're practically a Clanfriend already!
I saw you speaking to the Wise Woman. What did she say?"
She said there's a tomb nearby, but restless spirits haunt its halls.
"No surprise there. Without communion our ancestors grow agitated. We Dark Elves tend to be prickly in life. We're doubly so in death.
I have to know if the tomb belongs to my family, but I'm in no great hurry to cut down the spirits of my ancestors."
I could investigate it for you.
"Would you? What a relief.
Take this sash. It bears the Hleran family crest. If the spirits lurking in the tomb are of Hleran blood, they'll recognize it. It might not keep them from attacking, but it should convince them that your motives are pure."
What should I look for?
"Anything that could prove it's my family's tomb. Seals, engravings, anything.
You could also try talking to the spirits. The tablet I found referred to someone named Dranoth—a family patriarch. Perhaps you'll find him inside. Three protect you."

West of there, on the other side of the active Foyada Drura is a small canyon containing the entrance to the Hleran Ancestral Tomb. The tomb is overgrown and dilapidated, with creeper vines growing on the walls and the roof missing several tiles. Making a right turn and heading into the tomb, the ghost of Dranoth Hleran will appear before you as you enter to warn you.

Dranoth Hleran: "Halt, outsider. You bear our crest, but your blood runs dry as ash. You are no Hleran."

He will then turn and walk further into the tomb.

Dranoth Hleran: "If you come as a friend, prove your intent. Pay homage or join us in death."

The tomb is full of hostile ghosts, all dressed like ashlanders. There are four shrines you must pay homage at to prove yourself an ally and learn the story of the Hlerans. The first one is just on the other side of the room that Dranoth disappears into. Kneel to pray at the shrine, and he will reappear to tell his story.

Dranoth Hleran: "We were nomads once. It was Saint Veloth's doing. He taught our hearts to wander. In those days, the First Ashkhans called me brother."

Moving on, you must defeat a few Hleran ghosts that stand between the next shrine, to the east. Kneel and pray again, and this time Dranoth will appear directly in front of you to continue his tale.

Dranoth Hleran: "We gave our hearts to the ash … to the mountains. We linked arms with the other tribes and hunted the great Skar. With my spear, I struck the final blow. All of Veloth's children embraced in triumph. Then everything changed."

Going back the way you came, head west through the first room and the corridor to reach the third shrine. Dranoth will appear to the right to continue his story.

Dranoth Hleran: "After Skar fell, my people cried out for the quiet life with crops and strong houses. We silenced our Velothi hearts and settled beside the fire river. Skar provided with chitin and meat. We thrived."
Dranoth Hleran: "There was peace, for a time. Then bloodshed."

Go back to the corridor, and turn north. Just off the next room is a small alcove with a shrine. Pray, and Dranoth will finish his tale.

Dranoth Hleran: "The First Ashkhans grew old and died. New Ashkhans took their place, with souls dark as pitch. They painted their faces and slaughtered us. With our home and history lost, the last of the Hlerans left the Wastes in silence."
Dranoth Hleran: "You've paid your respects and listened, even as my family tries to kill you. Your heart is pure. Come, find me in my tomb. I will speak with you there."

Heading east, then north will take you to his tomb. The ghosts in the crypt are now passive, but will fight back if provoked. In the chamber, Dranoth stands across from a large ceremonial ash garden. Talking to him, he will ask why you are in his family's tomb.

"I sometimes forget the courage and vigor of the flesh. The years harden us—make us cold and suspicious. On behalf of my family, I beg your forgiveness.
What brings you to our forsaken tomb? Yours is the only living heart that knows our sad tale."
You're not forgotten. Your descendent, Drelyth Hleran, sent me.
"Truly? The Hleran name survives? Then there is hope for our house after all.
You must take my spear and deliver it to this Drelyth. As long as a member of my house carries that spear, the strength of the Hleran lives on."
I'll deliver the spear and your story. Do you want me to tell him anything else?
"Yes. Tell him that Ald'ruhn was, is, and forever shall be our home. So long as my house lives in exile, the spirits that haunt this tomb shall never know peace.
Drelyth must claim his share of this land."
The Ashlanders control Ald'ruhn. How should he stake his claim?
"The children of ash may have forgotten our name, but they will not have forgotten that spear—the weapon that slew the great Emperor Crab. Their Wise Women and Farseers will know its power.
If he brandishes the spear, they will listen."

On the altar behind him lays Calderas, Spear of House Hleran. Take it, and he will fade away, leaving you with the task of returning it to Drelyth. Returning to Ald'ruhn, you will find him with Farseer Kuamta and Wise Woman Asani at the bonfire in front of Skar. They both look angry. Speaking to Drelyth, you can find out what happened.

"You're back. Just in time, too. The Ashlanders' mood has soured since you set out. I'm not sure how much longer I can linger here.
Tell me, did you find anything in the tomb?"
You were right. It was the Hleran tomb. Your ancestor, Dranoth, told me to give you this spear.
"Is this …? By the Three, this is Calderas—the Hleran spear of myth! I've seen illustrations, but I never thought I'd hold it in my hands! Remarkable.
Did my ancestor say why he wanted me to have it?"
Dranoth killed Skar with it. Your ancestor struck the final blow that killed the Emperor Crab.
"So my ancestors fought alongside the Ashlanders to bring down the great Emperor Crab. Unbelievable.
But what happened to them? Why did they vanish?"
The Ashlanders slaughtered them. Dranoth wants you to know that Ald'ruhn is your home.
"Yes. "In the shadow of Skar, we found our home." There are few things more sacred than a dead hero's wish. I will see our home rebuilt—our tomb restored. I will honor my ancestors.
House Hleran owes you a great debt, my friend. Thank you."

He will then give you the Seal of Hleran and some gold, ending the quest. He will then have a short conversation with the Wise Woman and the Farseer.

"Settle here if you wish, son of Dranoth. I only pray that Skar is big enough for both of us."
Drelyth Hleran: "Wise Mothers, I apologize for my haste earlier. I was simply desperate to reunite with my ancestors."
Wise Woman Asani: "That spear. I sense … where did you come by it?"
Drelyth Hleran: "Our mutual friend found it in my family's tomb. It belonged to my ancestor, Dranoth Hleran."
Farseer Kuamta: "Dranoth? Wise One, isn't that …?"
Wise Woman Asani: "Yes. The Unsung. Wiped from our history when he led his kin away from the Velothi path."
Drelyth Hleran: "You know him then? Dranoth battled Skar alongside your people, didn't he? He used this spear to fell the beast."
Wise Woman Asani: "Yes. Dranoth's kin—your kin—were once clanfriends. When Dranoth left the path, our Ashkhans slaughtered him, and his people. A sin that still haunts us. We rarely speak of it."
Drelyth Hleran: "Perhaps we can make amends. I have no quarrel with the tribes, but my ancestors have claim here. Ald'ruhn was … is our home."
Farseer Kuamta: "Absolutely not! The Houses claim our land, our livelihoods. They will not take Skar from us as well."
Drelyth Hleran: "Farseer, I have no desire to displace anyone. I will welcome the Velothi people to my table. Your pilgrimages, your cairns, your celebrations—all will remain as it is. You have my word."
Wise Woman Asani: "The sins of your Great Houses do not wash away the Unsung's claim. The Velothi people honor the past, even when it is inconvenient. Settle here if you wish, son of Dranoth. I only pray that Skar is big enough for both of us."
Drelyth Hleran: "Thank you, Wise One. You honor me and my ancestors. I vow to show your people equal respect."

Most of the named characters involved in the quest can be spoken to afterwards to hear their thoughts on the matter. Wise Woman Asani, notably, will not speak to you after the quest.



  • Red Exiles slain outside of the designated area on the map (such as their camp on the way into Ald'ruhn) won't drop their weapons as quest item loot for the objective.
    • Despite the Exile's Weapon quest item icon depicting a sword, bow and stave-wielding Red Exiles can also drop the quest item.
  • Wise Woman Asani won't exist at Ald'ruhn before starting the quest or reaching the related objective.
  • Calderas won't exist on the altar behind Dranoth until having exhausted his dialogue.

Quest Stages[edit]

Ancestral Ties
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
To earn the Ashlander's respect, I must honor the First Ashkhans. I should seek out Farseer Kuamta to receive her blessing.
Objective: Receive the Farseer's Blessing
Each of the four great tribes require a unique offering. I must claim four rare objects to place before the cairns of the First Ashkhans.
Objective: Obtain an Ashen Fern
Objective: Obtain the Weapon of an Exiled Ashlander
Objective: Obtain the Bones of a Fallen Guar
Objective: Obtain a Jeweled Cuttle
I claimed all four offerings. I should place them near the four cairns of the First Ashkhans.
Objective: Place the Ahemmusa Offering
Objective: Place the Erabenimsun Offering
Objective: Place the Urshilaku Offering
Objective: Place the Zainab Offering
I should seek out the tribe's Wise Woman. She might know more about the Hleran Ancestral Tomb.
Objective: Talk to the Tribe's Wise Woman
According to the Wise Woman Asani, the Hleran Ancestral Tomb may be nearby. Unfortunately, angry spirits lurk within. I should give the news to Drelyth.
Objective: Talk to Drelyth Hleran
I agreed to search the nearby ancestral tomb, but I'll have to find it first.
Objective: Find the Ancestral Tomb
I discovered the ancestral tomb the Wise Woman told me about. Now I must look for evidence of a Hleran family connection.
Objective: Search the Tomb
One of Drelyth's ancestors, Dranoth, challenged me to prove the purity of my intent. I should pay my respects to the Hleran family shrines.
Objective: Pay Respects at the Shrines: 0/4
I paid my respects to the Hleran family shrines and listened to Dranoth's story. I should seek him out in his personal crypt. Apparently, he has more to tell me.
Objective: Enter Dranoth's Burial Chamber
I found Dranoth Hleran's spirit waiting for me in his personal crypt. I should see what he has to say.
Objective: Talk to Dranoth Hleran
Dranoth wants me to take up his ancient spear—a weapon with great symbolic power.
Objective: Take Dranoth's Spear
I must deliver Dranoth's spear, Calderas, to his descendant, Drelyth Hleran.
Objective: Deliver the Spear to Drelyth
Finishes quest☑ I should talk to Drelyth about what he plans to do now that he knows his family's story.
Objective: Talk to Drelyth Hleran
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