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Drelyth Hleran
Home Settlement Ald'ruhn
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Redoran
Drelyth Hleran
Drelyth Hleran with Calderas, Spear of House Hleran

Drelyth Hleran is a Dark Elf noble of House Redoran who can be found in Ald'ruhn. He is looking to restore his family's glory and honor.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]

Ancestral Ties[edit]

When first spoken to:

"Drelyth Hleran of House Redoran, at your service—thought I doubt I'll be very useful here. This is Ashlander country, and they've made it clear I'm not welcome.
It's my fault, really. I made a mess of their customs when I arrived."
What happened?
"I'm researching for my family's ancestral tomb, you see. My research led me here, to Ald'ruhn. It's hard to believe, but I think my family may have settled here for a time.
When I arrived, I immediately started asking questions. I was overzealous."
So now they refuse to help you.
"Unfortunately, yes.
I wonder if we might aid each other? Despite my missteps, I do know a great deal about Ashlander culture. I could help you earn their favor. In return, you could find out if they know anything about my family's tomb."
That sounds fair.
"First, pay respect to Farseer Kuamta. She walks the Red Path this year, and it's customary to wish her well. Request to take part in the offering to the First Ashkhans.
Do that, and you should be able to ask their Wise Woman about the tomb."
Where can I find Farseer Kuamta?
"You'll see a great bonfire in the middle of the camp. She'll be there. Look for the woman with the blindfold."
A blindfold?
"Part of the ritual honoring her ascension from Farseer to Wise Woman. The Wise Women guide the Ashlanders on matters of faith. Even the Ashkhans defer to them. The blindfold represents the need to look beyond what the eyes can see."
Why are so many Ashlanders here?
"The annual pilgrimage to honor the fall of Skar, the great Emperor Crab. The Ashlanders claim their ancestors united to bring the beast down. They gather here to celebrate the victory and bring offerings to the cairns of the First Ashkhans."
First Ashkhans?
Not playing as a Dark Elf:
Playing as a Dark Elf:
"Fathers of the four largest Ashlander tribes. Long ago, they united the Velothi people under one banner to kill Skar.
The tribes often quarrel, but during the celebration they greet each other as friends. I wish the Houses had such a custom."
"You're a Dunmer. Do you not know the story?
The First Ashkhans were the fathers of the four great tribes. They brought the Velothi people together to kill Skar. The tribes often quarrel, but here they're family. I wish the Houses had such a custom."
You mentioned a tomb?
"Yes, the Hleran ancestral tomb.
My family's crypt has been lost for centuries. Most of my kinsmen gave up searching for it decades ago. They assume it's been destroyed or lies too deeply buried. But I remain optimistic."
How did the search bring you here?
"I discovered a tablet, hidden away in an ancient Velothi temple. It contained a cryptic reference to my family. 'In the shadow of Skar, we found our home.'
The Ashlanders call the last Emperor Crab 'Skar,' so the tomb must be nearby."
Why do you think the Ashlanders might know where it is?
"The tribes gather here every year, beneath Skar, to pay tribute to the First Ashkhans. Do you know the old Velothi saying? "All stones speak the truth." Well, no one knows these stones better than the Ashlanders."

After speaking to Kuamta, you can speak to him again:

"Kuamta's allowing you to take part in the celebration? Excellent!
It's essential that you follow her instructions to the letter. Ashlanders are sticklers for the rules, believe me."

Gather the items and return to Ald'ruhn. If you speak to him on your way to the tribesmen, he'll remark:

"Well, that's quite a bundle you're carrying. Some sort of plant, broken weapons … are those guar bones? Never mind.
Just take those gifts to the tribes as quick as you can. Ashlanders hate waiting."

After placing the items on the shrines, but before speaking to Wise Woman Asani, he'll say:

"Are those murmurs of approval I hear? Well done, my friend. I'm sure the Wise Women will speak to you now. Asani Atal probably knows the most about this area. I doubt she'll offer more than faint praise. You'll have to ask about the tomb outright."

After placing the items at the shrines and speaking to Wise Woman Asani:

"That was some first-rate diplomacy. You're practically a Clanfriend already!
I saw you speaking to the Wise Woman. What did she say?"
She said there's a tomb nearby, but restless spirits haunt its halls.
"No surprise there. Without communion our ancestors grow agitated. We Dark Elves tend to be prickly in life. We're doubly so in death.
I have to know if the tomb belongs to my family, but I'm in no great hurry to cut down the spirits of my ancestors."
I could investigate it for you.
"Would you? What a relief.
Take this sash. It bears the Hleran family crest. If the spirits lurking in the tomb are of Hleran blood, they'll recognize it. It might not keep them from attacking, but it should convince them that your motives are pure."
What should I look for?
"Anything that could prove it's my family's tomb. Seals, engravings, anything.
You could also try talking to the spirits. The tablet I found referred to someone named Dranoth—a family patriarch. Perhaps you'll find him inside. Three protect you."

He may be spoken to again before leaving.

"We're near to solving this mystery, I know it!"

After exploring the tomb, you'll find Drelyth at the center of the camp along with Wise Woman Asani and Farseer Kuamta.

"You're back. Just in time, too. The Ashlanders' mood has soured since you set out. I'm not sure how much longer I can linger here.
Tell me, did you find anything in the tomb?"
You were right. It was the Hleran tomb. Your ancestor, Dranoth, told me to give you this spear.
"Is this …? By the Three, this is Calderas—the Hleran spear of myth! I've seen illustrations, but I never thought I'd hold it in my hands! Remarkable.
Did my ancestor say why he wanted me to have it?"
Dranoth killed Skar with it. Your ancestor struck the final blow that killed the Emperor Crab.
"So my ancestors fought alongside the Ashlanders to bring down the great Emperor Crab. Unbelievable.
But what happened to them? Why did they vanish?"
The Ashlanders slaughtered them. Dranoth wants you to know that Ald'ruhn is your home.
"Yes. "In the shadow of Skar, we found our home." There are few things more sacred than a dead hero's wish. I will see our home rebuilt—our tomb restored. I will honor my ancestors.
House Hleran owes you a great debt, my friend. Thank you."

If you speak to him again without accepting the quest reward:

"My family fought alongside the Ashlanders to bring down the great Emperor Crab here on this very soil. To think with all my studying I never knew such an important fact about my own history.
But what of the family connection to Ald'ruhn?"
The Hleran's settled here after the battle. Your ancestor wanted you to know it is your home.
"Yes. "In the shadow of Skar, we found our home." There are few things more sacred than a dead hero's wish. I will see our home rebuilt—our tomb restored. I will honor my ancestors.
House Hleran owes you a great debt, my friend. Thank you."

After thanking you, he turns to the gathered Ashlander leaders:

Drelyth Hleran: "Wise Mothers, I apologize for my haste earlier. I was simply desperate to reunite with my ancestors."
Wise Woman Asani: "That spear. I sense … where did you come by it?"
Drelyth Hleran: "Our mutual friend found it in my family's tomb. It belonged to my ancestor, Dranoth Hleran."
Farseer Kuamta: "Dranoth? Wise One, isn't that …?"
Wise Woman Asani: "Yes. The Unsung. Wiped from our history when he led his kin away from the Velothi path."
Drelyth Hleran: "You know him then? Dranoth battled Skar alongside your people, didn't he? He used this spear to fell the beast."
Wise Woman Asani: "Yes. Dranoth's kin—your kin—were once clanfriends. When Dranoth left the path, our Ashkhans slaughtered him, and his people. A sin that still haunts us. We rarely speak of it."
Drelyth Hleran: "Perhaps we can make amends. I have no quarrel with the tribes, but my ancestors have claim here. Ald'ruhn was … is our home."
Farseer Kuamta: "Absolutely not! The Houses claim our land, our livelihoods. They will not take Skar from us as well."
Drelyth Hleran: "Farseer, I have no desire to displace anyone. I will welcome the Velothi people to my table. Your pilgrimages, your cairns, your celebrations—all will remain as it is. You have my word."
Wise Woman Asani: "The sins of your Great Houses do not wash away the Unsung's claim. The Velothi people honor the past, even when it is inconvenient. Settle here if you wish, son of Dranoth. I only pray that Skar is big enough for both of us."
Drelyth Hleran: "Thank you, Wise One. You honor me and my ancestors. I vow to show your people equal respect."

After Drelyth makes his speech, he'll say:

"Convincing the Ashlanders to let my family settle here will take some doing, but I will follow their customs to the letter—just like you did. I'm certain I can make this work.
Thanks again, friend."
Drelyth in Vivec City

Divine Blessings[edit]

If you have completed the Ald'ruhn objective prior to the conclusion of Vvardenfell's main quest, Drelyth will be present at the Temple Canton in Vivec City for Vivec's award ceremony during the quest Divine Blessings:

"I had no idea you were in Lord Vivec's good graces! Perhaps you could put in a good word for me? I'm currently in negotiations with House Redoran about rebuilding a settlement. And have no fear, I'll keep my end of the bargain with the Ashlanders."