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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help a canon fulfill a mission from Vivec.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Objective: Vivec City — Explore Vivec City and meet Lord Vivec of the Tribunal.
Quest Giver: Alavesa Arethan in Seyda Neen, Balmora, and Vivec City;
Canon Valasa outside Seyda Neen
Location(s): Andrano Ancestral Tomb, Vivec City
Next Quest: Divine Inquiries, A Call For Aid
Reward: Canon's Staff of the Tribunal
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 5803
Azura speaks
I received a letter from Canon Llevule inviting me to travel to Morrowind so I can be introduced to Lord Vivec. He said to find him outside the town of Seyda Neen. Captain Jenassa can take me there from Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, or Vulkhel Guard. [if you start quest via letter]
There's some kind of trouble on the road outside Seyda Neen. Apparently, a Buoyant Armiger was wounded while on a mission for Lord Vivec. I should locate Canon Valasa, who's with the wounded Armiger. [if accepted from Alavesa Arethan]
I encountered a priest of the Tribunal and a wounded Buoyant Armiger on a holy mission for Lord Vivec. They were attacked by Daedra while seeking guidance at an ancestral tomb and weren't able to complete their mission. [if accepted from Canon Valasa]
Vivec of the Tribunal has noticed your exploits and requests an audience. Captain Jenassa's ship travels to Seyda Neen from such locations as Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, and Vulkhel Guard. When you arrive, find Canon Llevule outside the town. [if you start quest from the Collections menu]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Canon Valasa outside Seyda Neen.
  2. Listen to Azura.
  3. (Optional) Talk to Canon Valasa.
  4. Talk to Canon Llevule at Andrano Ancestral Tomb.
  5. Reach the Summoning Chamber.
  6. Ask Vivec's questions to Farena Andrano.
  7. Talk to Canon Llevule outside the tomb.
  8. Meet Vivec at his Palace in Vivec City.
  9. Talk to Archcanon Tarvus at his office in the Temple Canton.
  10. Talk to Overseer Shiralas at the construction site.
  11. Clear the debris and rescue the workers en-route to the Blessing Stone.
  12. Take the Blessing Stone to Archcanon Tarvus at the Palace.
  13. Perform the divination ritual.
  14. Talk to Vivec.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Starter Options[edit]

There are several different ways to start this quest (and the objective for Vivec City):

  • You can read the letter from Canon Llevule (added to your inventory from the in-game Mail message you receive after buying the Morrowind chapter)
  • You can start the quest directly from your Collections menu (under the Stories sub-menu, and the Chapters menu within that).
  • If you are in Seyda Neen, Balmora, or along the road from Seyda Neen to Vivec City, you can encounter and talk to Alavesa Arethan.
"There's an Armiger injured on the road outside Seyda Neen. So much blood! They—they need help."
Tell me what happened.
"I'm not exactly sure. The Buoyant Armiger was accompanying Canon Valasa on a mission for Lord Vivec, but something terrible must have happened!
Canon Valasa sent me to find help. She's on the road, just outside of Seyda Neen. Will you help them?"
I'll go find Canon Valasa.
  • You can talk to Canon Valasa on the road outside Seyda Neen.

Mission at the Tomb[edit]

Canon Valasa and the wounded Buoyant Armiger

If you take any of the first three options, the first step in the quest will then be to talk to Canon Valasa. She will be tending to a wounded Buoyant Armiger near the wayshrine outside Seyda Neen.

"Forgive me, Outlander, but I have enough to deal with.
I'm just a simple Tribunal priest, and the trouble at the ancestral tomb was too much for even our Buoyant Armiger to deal with. I have failed Lord Vivec and left a colleague alone at the tomb."
What happened at the ancestral tomb?
"Lord Vivec sent the three of us to seek guidance at the Andrano ancestral tomb. We were attacked when we got there and our guard was seriously hurt. I barely got her to safety, but we failed to complete the mission Lord Vivec bestowed upon us."
Three of you? You mentioned another priest….
"Canon Llevule. He remained behind after we retreated from the tomb. I know he wants to get back inside and ask Lord Vivec's questions, but there's no way he can get past the Daedra or ask the questions on his own.
May the Three grant him wisdom."
I can go to the tomb and help Canon Llevule.

Immediately after this line, one of the bystanders, Tanisa Drothan, starts shining with a golden light as she is possessed by Azura.

Narwende: "Tanisa! What's wrong? Someone, help!"
Novor Sarothran: "By the Three! First a wounded Armiger, now this!"
Azura: "By Dawn and Dusk, evil creeps through the shadows of my beloved Vvardenfell. But an Outlander arrives to aid my people, just as I have foreseen."
"Merciful Azura! The Mother Soul spoke through you. It's a miracle!"

The light then disappears and Tanisa goes back to normal, leaving the other bystanders very confused.

Narwende: "Those words, what do they mean?"
Tanisa Drothan: "What... what happened?"
Narwende: "Merciful Azura! The Mother Soul spoke through you. It's a miracle!"

You can talk to Canon Valasa again at this point, or continue on to the tomb.

"Lord Vivec protect me! That was Azura, the Queen of the Night Sky! And you - she spoke directly to you, Outlander!
I'm surprised the Daedric Prince would risk Lord Vivec's wrath to proclaim a prophecy, but she did say you were here to aid us."
What just happened here?
"The Daedric Prince Azura possessed that woman and spoke through her! I've heard of such occurrences, of course, but to witness such an event…
She said evil creeps through the land. I wonder if it has anything to do with what we saw at the tomb?"

Canon Valasa will also tell you more about Azura and Vivec, if you want. Otherwise, head east from her location, following the road. You will soon meet Canon Llevule outside his family's tomb. Talk to him, and find out how you can help with his mission.

"Did Canon Valasa send you? She did, didn't she! That means she made it to Seyda Neen. Vivec be praised!
Will you help me complete my mission? It would be sacrilege if I don't enter my family's tomb and make Lord Vivec's inquiries."
I'll help you enter the tomb and ask your questions.
"As the Saints declare, the Tribunal always provides. We'll need to be cautious, however. Daedra invaded the tomb. Makes it hard to talk to one's ancestors while monsters try to eat you!
I'll also need your help when we reach the summoning chamber."
What kind of help?
"Take this scroll with Lord Vivec's inquiries. While I summon forth my ancestor's spirit and concentrate on maintaining the connection, you must ask the questions. He insists we use the exact phrasing.
We can go inside when you're ready."
  • I'd like to ask a few questions before we enter the tomb.: You can ask him why Vivec wants to contact his ancestor, and what exactly you'll be facing in the tomb.
  • I'm ready. Let's enter your family tomb.
"Before we go in there and face those monsters, I want you to know how much I appreciate your aid in this matter. Just don't lose the scroll that contains Lord Vivec's questions.
Now come! Let's call forth my ancestor. I'll open the tomb door."
Lead the way.

Canon Llevule will run to the tomb door, saying "Follow me! But keep an eye out for those daedra." Enter the tomb behind him. Go down the stairs, and you will be in a large chamber that Llevule calls the Hall of Remembrance. The door to the right is sealed on your side, so your only option is the corridor to the left. Make your way through the tomb, defeating the Skaafin you encounter. It's a fairly linear tomb, with only a few small dead-end chambers. Your goal is the Summoning Chamber.

"Hasn't my rest been disturbed enough by those filthy Daedra? Why do you summon me, descendent?"

Once you enter that chamber, Canon Llevule will take his place at an altar and summon the spirit of one of his ancestors, Farena Andrano.

Farena Andrano: "Hasn't my rest been disturbed enough by those filthy Daedra? Why do you summon me, descendent?"
Llevule: "My Lord Vivec has inquiries that only you can answer, my lady. My companion will present them, with your permission."
Farena Andrano: "The Warrior-Poet? Very well, ask Vivec's questions."

Now it's your turn to talk to the spirit.

"Ask the Warrior-Poet's questions, Outlander."
Lord Vivec asks, "The heart of the world, key to ascension, should I be filled with apprehension?"
"Ah, Lord Vivec always had a way with words!
Tell him to rest assured. The Heart remains safe. I wonder why that concerns him? Ask the remaining questions, as my time here is short."
Lord Vivec asks, "Has the enemy of old returned, so devious and bold?"
"An enemy of old, yes, but not the one that Vivec presumes."
Lord Vivec asks, "Did Sotha Sil in his unending crusade know our divinity would shrivel and fade?"
"Sotha Sil imagined multiple scenarios and contemplated endless solutions. He even experimented with his divinity, drawing energy to study before returning it. Loss will come, he foresaw, but not until the collapse of the Temple.
Now, back to sleep."

Llevule will comment, "I hope that's what Lord Vivec needed. Let's talk outside." Go through the door to get back to the Hall of Remembrance, then go up the stairs to exit the tomb. Once outside, talk to Canon Llevule again.

"Thank you for helping me complete my task. Now I need to return to Vivec City. Have you been there? It's amazing! Ziggurats rising out of the water, the moonlet hanging in the sky above.
You should meet me there so I can introduce you to Lord Vivec."
Did you understand what your ancestor told us?
"Just between us, I understood neither the questions asked nor the answers received. Not that I expected to. Some things aren't meant for mortal minds.
That's another reason for you to come to Vivec City, to help me explain what my ancestor said."
I can help recount what happened here.
"Excellent! I just need to make a quick stop in Seyda Neen to check on my original traveling companions. When you get to Vivec City, head right to the palace and I'll meet you there.
I know that Lord Vivec will want to reward you for assisting me."
I'll meet you in Vivec City.
"I'll be along shortly. When you get to Vivec City, head directly for Lord Vivec's Palace. Once there, I'll make introductions and we can tell the Warrior-Poet everything we learned."

You can ask Llevule to tell you more about the Tribunal, or start heading towards Vivec City.

Meeting Lord Vivec[edit]

Head east/southeast on the road from the tomb. Before long you will be able to see the construction scaffolding of the city. Pass the Caravaner Tower and a wayshrine, go under an archway, and you will find yourself in the crafting/marketplace area known as the "Foundation" area of Vivec City. Head east over a bridge to get to the Canton of St. Delyn the Wise, then south to get to the Temple Canton. South of the Temple Canton (and up a very long flight of stairs) is Vivec's Palace. Enter the Palace and you will see Lord Vivec talking to Archcanon Tarvus and Canon Llevule.

Canon Llevule: "This is the person who helped me at the tomb."
Archcanon Tarvus: "Lord Vivec, we don't need the help of this…Outlander."
Vivec: "Oh hush, Archcanon Tarvus. Outlanders have their usefulness. This one intrigues me."
Archcanon Tarvus: "As you say. I'll be in my office if you need me. (leaves)"
Vivec "(gesturing to you): Step forward, friend of Llevule, and let us speak."

Approach Vivec and talk to him.

"Canon Llelvule says you helped him in his mission. As I have written, "the one who helps my ally becomes my friend."
Despite the Archcanon's concerns, I greet you with sincerity and pose a simple question. Will you assist us further, Outlander?"
What kind of help do you need, Lord Vivec?
"I have Ordinators and Armigers at my disposal, vast armies of followers and dedicated priests. What I don't have, however, is a fresh perspective.
Will you set aside your personal goals for a time and become the eyes and ears of a god?"
Of course, Lord Vivec. I can provide a fresh perspective.
"Good. I need assistance to investigate a … strange phenomenon that the ancestor confirmed may indeed be a problem.
We'll start with a simple divination ritual. Archcanon Tarvus can tell you what we need to delve into this mystery."

If you continue the conversation with Vivec, you can tell him about your sighting of Azura, or ask him about what the ancestral spirit said.

Now you need to find the Archcanon's Office. It's on the upper level of the Temple Canton, on the side facing the Canton of St. Olms the Just. Archcanon Tarvus will be looking at a book at one of the bookcases behind his desk.

"Ah, Outlander. Lord Vivec trusts too much to put his faith in one such as you, but who am I to question my God?
I suppose he sent you to me so I could put you to work? Did he say which task he wants us to accomplish first?"
Lord Vivec said he needed to perform a divination ritual.
"Ah, yes. We do need to perform a ritual to reveal the nature of the ... phenomenon that vexes Lord Vivec.
Now, listen closely. I hate to repeat myself."
I'm listening.
"Despite my objections, Vivec believes you were sent to help, so I'll do my best to assist you. Go to the ziggurat that's still under construction and tell the Overseer that Lord Vivec requires the Blessing Stone. Then bring it to me in the palace."
I'll go to the unfinished ziggurat, get the Blessing Stone, and meet you at Vivec's Palace.

The Blessing Stone and the Divination Ritual[edit]

Leave the Archanon's Office and head down to the construction sites to find Overseer Shiralas. There are actually three cantons under construction; the one you want for this quest is the one closest to the Caravaner Tower (this canton, when completed, will be the Hlaalu Canton). You can find Overseer Shiralas by the road, directly across from the tower.

Retrieve a Blessing Stone for Lord Vivec
"This project has been nothing but one disaster after another. How am I expected to get this ziggurat built on time when things constantly go wrong?
Don't mind me. I'm just having one of those days."
Archcanon Tarvus sent me. I need to borrow your Blessing Stone.
"Our Blessing Stone? Do you know what happens if we give up our Blessing Stone? Well, neither do I, but I'm sure it won't put us back on schedule or end our string of disasters.
I'm not one to disagree with the Archcanon, but that's a terrible idea."
Lord Vivec needs the Blessing Stone to perform a ritual.
"Lord Vivec? Why didn't you say so?
But I'll need you help before I can turn over the Blessing Stone. The passage that leads to the consecration chamber collapsed, trapping some of my workers. If you can clear the way, you can borrow the stone."
I'll clear the passage and free your workers on my way to retrieve the stone.
"I appreciate the help. Just remember that you're only borrowing the stone. It needs to be back in the consecration chamber before the next shift or we'll never get this ziggurat constructed in time."

Go over the bridge to the construction site. Head through the arch to the right, and immediately inside there (on the left) will be a pile of debris. Interact with it to free the trapped worker. Go around the construction site to find the other pile, and free that worker. You will find the Blessing Stone at the top of a ramp in the center of the construction site. Retrieve it and head back to the palace.

Archcanon Tarvus will be waiting for you, ready to start the divination ritual.

"The Outlander returns. I understand there was some trouble at the construction site, but you were able to save a few of the workers. Lord Vivec always draws the straightest arrow from the quiver, praise the Tribunal!
Did you bring the Blessing Stone?"
I have the Blessing Stone.
"Stand over there. In Canon Llevule's absence, you will form the third corner of our ritual triangle.
When you're ready, place the Blessing Stone and we'll begin the ritual."
Help Tarvus perform the divination ritual

Go to the indicated spot and put the Blessing Stone in the holder on the floor.

Archcanon Tarvus: Hear the words of the Warrior-Poet and reveal the source of Lord Vivec's distress!

Beams of light and energy will shoot out of the Blessing Stones. They form images: a male elf holding a peculiar staff, to which Tarvus will comment "An Ashlander?"; a mage interacting with a Dwarven Spider, to which Tarvu will comment "A clockwork mage?"; and a Daedric cultist, to which Tarvu will comment "A Daedric cultist?". The stones will then shatter, ending the ritual.

Archcanon Tarvus (to Vivec): "Something interfered with the ritual, my Lord. But we may have learned something. Excuse me while I compare the results to our previous research. (leaves)"

Talk to Vivec to discuss what you saw in the ritual.

"Between the cryptic warnings of the ancestor spirit and the unexpected result of the divination ritual, I fear there may be more astir than I imagined. We solve the greatest mysteries by accident, I suspect.
Hmm. I should write that down."
Something went wrong during the ritual. Did you learn what you had hoped?
"We learn from every action we take. Failure or success, each result teaches us something, at least in the larger sense.
To be more specific ... no, not as much as I hoped."
But there were images in the ritual ....
"Images that suggest avenues to investigate, riddles to solve. Let me tell you a secret, Outlander. It concerns a Living God and energy that fades like daylight as dusk spreads across the land."
I don't understand, Lord Vivec.
"Listen well and speak not a word! My divine energy, it drains away. Whether from illness or foul malady, I know not. You must travel the land and seek answers on my behalf.
But first, "Gratitude before service," as I have written. So, thank you."

Accept your reward to complete the quest. The conversation with Vivec continues, and starts Divine Inquiries.


  • This quest can also be accepted directly from the Morrowind chapter entry of the Stories tab in the Collections menu screen or via mail.
  • If you need the book Invitation to Morrowind and it is not available, it can be found in the cabin of The Windstorm at Seyda Neen.
  • This quest was originally a prerequisite for A Call For Aid, which is receive daily quests from Beleru Omoril and Traylan Omoril in the Hall of Justice.
  • While the objective step to speak to Canon Valasa before departing is shown as a hint needed to progress the quest, it isn't mandatory.
  • The "enemy of old" in Vivec's second question likely refers to Dagoth Ur, whereas the one alluded to by Farena likely refers to either Clavicus Vile or Barbas.
    • A dog briefly appears in the background while speaking with Canon Llevule at the tomb's entrance, then runs away as you both make your way inside. It is highly likely that it was Barbas.
  • After reaching the summoning chamber, it's possible to use the exit door before completing the objective inside, but the doors will be locked again on the other side, so it's not advised to do so.


  • While speaking with the Archcanon, he will berate you for wanting to ask questions so quickly. However, when he says this dialogue, the previous dialogue option offered doesn't specify asking questions, and instead only confirms the task the Archcanon gave you, making his dialogue nonsensical. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Divine Conundrum
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should travel to Vvardenfell, in Morrowind, and see what's going on in that part of the world.
Objective: Travel to Vvardenfell
I should travel to Vvardenfell, in Morrowind, and locate Canon Llevule of the Tribunal outside the town of Seyda Neen.
Objective: Travel to Vvardenfell
I need to travel to the road outside Seyda Neen and locate Canon Valasa and the wounded Buoyant Armiger.
Objective: Talk to Canon Valasa
Latest start Canon Llevule remained behind at the Andrano ancestral tomb after the attack. The priest asked me to go to the tomb and help Llevule complete their mission for Lord Vivec.
Objective: Go to the Andrano Ancestral Tomb
Objective Hint: Talk to Canon Valasa
I located the Andrano ancestral tomb and found Canon Llevule. I should talk to him and determine how I can help him complete his mission for Lord Vivec.
Objective: Talk to Canon Llevule
I should enter the Andrano ancestral tomb and escort Canon Llevule to the summoning chamber.
Objective: Enter the Andrano Ancestral Tomb
We're inside the Andrano ancestral tomb. Now I need to escort Canon Llevule to the summoning chamber so that he can call forth his ancestor and we can ask Lord Vivec's questions.
Objective: Escort Canon Llevule to the Summoning Chamber
I should wait while Canon Llevule summons the spirit of his ancestor.
Objective: Talk to the Ancestral Spirit
Now that we got the answers to Lord Vivec's questions, Canon Llevule wants me to meet him outside the tomb to discuss what we learned.
Objective: Talk to Canon Llevule Outside the Tomb
Canon Llevule asked me to meet him at Vivec's Palace in Vivec City. I suppose I shouldn't keep the priest or Lord Vivec waiting.
Objective: Enter Vivec's Palace
I should present myself to Lord Vivec as soon as he's available.
Objective: Talk to Vivec
Lord Vivec has asked to speak with me. I should talk to him now.
Objective: Talk to Vivec
Lord Vivec asked me to talk to Archcanon Tarvus to receive instructions on what I need to do next. I should be able to find Tarvus in the Archcanon's office.
Objective: Talk to Archcanon Tarvus
Lord Vivec requires a Blessing Stone to perform a ritual of divination. Archcanon Tarvus suggested I borrow one from the ziggurat still under construction in Vivec City. I need to head over there and talk to the Oveseer.
Objective: Talk to Overseer Shiralas
The passage to the Blessing Stone chamber collapsed. I need to clear the passage and rescue the workers before I can retrieve the Blessing Stone.
Objective: Rescue the Workers: 0/2
Now that the passage is clear and the workers are free, I can retrieve the Blessing Stone for Lord Vivec's ritual.
Objective: Retrieve the Blessing Stone
I retrieved the Blessing Stone. Now I should return to Vivec's Palace and present the stone to Archcanon Tarvus.
Objective: Talk to Archcanon Tarvus
Archcanon Tarvus wants me to participate in the divination ritual. He told me to stand in position as the third corner of the ritual triangle and place the Blessing Stone when I'm ready for him to begin the ritual.
Objective: Start the Divination Ritual
I need to participate in the ritual and see what it reveals.
Objective: Perform the Divination Ritual
I don't think the divination ritual worked the way Archcanon Tarvus expected. I should talk to Lord Vivec and find out if he was able to learn what he had hoped.
Objective: Talk to Vivec
Finishes quest☑ Lord Vivec didn't learn what he had hoped from the divination ritual. I should talk to him and see what he needs me to do next.
Objective: Talk to Vivec
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  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
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