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Clavicus Vile
(lore page)
Location Odious Chapel, Stillrise Village
Seht's VaultMorrowind
Race Skaafin Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) The Triad
Associated Cults: Court of Bedlam, Jovial Lambasters, Kindly Contrivers of Clavicus Vile, Nycotic Cult
Clavicus Vile in the Evergloam

Clavicus Vile is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is the granting of power and wishes through ritual invocations and pacts, and is the master of Barbas, a powerful shapeshifting hound. He is part of The Triad, alongside Mephala and Nocturnal, a group of Princes who seek to start a Daedric War, and did not sign the agreement preventing Daedra from manifesting on Tamriel. For more information see the lore page.

Clavicus Vile is encountered as the main antagonist of the Morrowind main quest, where he seeks to locate the Clockwork City. He is also featured in the Stillrise Village objective quests. He often manifests as a cloud of red mist called the Voice of Clavicus Vile. His Daedric soldiers are the Skaafin, yellow-skinned humanoids of various sizes that have horns and red eyes, and his realm of Oblivion is the Fields of Regret.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Thin Ones[edit]

War Chief Helushk will give you a key to the Odious Chapel and instruct you to offer the Vacant Daedric Soul Totem to the blood fountain of Clavicus Vile. After doing so, the Prince will communicate to you through a red mist and say "You bear a gift? How thoughtful! But I can't accept it without providing one of my own." You will begin to kneel in pain under Vile's influence and he will say "I know! I'll share the same gift I gave Stillrise Village. Now you can play skeever-wicket with your own skull! Hahaha!" and give you the "Curse of Stillrise", turning you into a skeleton.

The Bargain's End[edit]

At the Vile Terminus, the Voice will appear again and say "You've felt the true splendor of my gift to Stillrise Village. What gift have you for them, I wonder?" at the hallway to the Fires of Destruction and Ice of Statis. If you have told Shaman Chirah you sided with him, Vile will say "Preserve their existence or end it forever. Which will it be? Probably the boring one." after. His dialogue afterwards will vary on what you choose to do with the Soul Gem Array:

Fires of Destruction is used: "Heartless oaf! You'd destroy everyone in Stilrise Village, despite the ones who clearly wish to go on? All to end pain and sickness they can no longer feel? How delicious." — (Array is destroyed)
Ice of Stasis is used: "Callous brute! You would remove their capacity to truly die, forcing them to suffer their endless existence until the end of time? Are you too weak to allow them the rest deserved by all mortal creatures? How intoxicating." — (Array is preserved)

Regardless of each choice, he will then say "Now begone."

Divine Restoration[edit]

Within the Engineering Junction, Barbas will be speaking to Clavicus Vile's disembodied voice:

Barbas: "Master, I'm close to our goal! With Vivec's energy, I can open a portal and..."
Clavicus Vile: "Pray this works, my hound, for you interfered with a plan that wasn't intended for the likes of you."
Barbas: "I'm so close, Master! Soon the secrets of Sotha Sil's city will be yours!"
Clavicus Vile: "Get on with it, dog! Grant me access to the Clockwork City and I'll reward you a thousandfold!"
Barbas: "Master, why do you bother with partners when you have such a faithful servant in me?"
Clavicus Vile: "Questioning me, Barbas? Again? Have you learned nothing from your last banishment?"

After Barbas' defeat, Vile will revive him in his dog form and say "Such a good and faithful hound! You have done enough for now." In fact, you end up in a cavern with a shrine to Clavicus Vile. Clavicus Vile will be talking to you as you arrive, "So you're the mortal who gave my poor dog so much trouble. I suppose we should have a chat, you and I." You must then go to the statue of Clavicus Vile and talk to it:

"How dare you discipline my dog? He was only trying to appease his master. And I'd never harm a hair on whatever insignificant creature you hold dear.
You, on the other hand, require a lesson in manners…."
Barbas tried to kill Lord Vivec and destroy Vvardenfell.
"Indeed? What ambition! As you can see, Barbas isn't a bad dog. He does get easily excited and overzealous. He embellished my plan somewhat, but it all worked out in the end. And we found the Clockwork City."
So you were trying to take control of Clockwork City?
"This little flea thinks it's smart, but my plans are beyond its comprehension! Still, by delaying the inevitable, you caused my associates and I some trouble. You'll stay here until you're no longer a threat.
How does a few decades sound to you?"
No thanks, I think I'll find my own way out of here.

After speaking to Vile, a projection of Barilzar will appear to retrieve you:

Barbas: "Master..."
Clavicus Vile: "Quiet, dog! Haven't you—wait, who dares intrude upon my lesson?"
Barilzar: "Found you! Over here... oh. Clavicus Vile. This isn't good."
Clavicus Vile: "Begone, meddling wizard!"

Use the power of Sunna'rah on the statue and the shrine will begin to collapse:

Clavicus Vile: :"That stings little flea!"

Buried Memories[edit]

Upon defeating Verdrangu inside K'Tora's Mindscape, a vision of K'Tora and Clavicus Vile will appear:

K'Tora: "A bargain is a bargain. The island for the Heart of Transparent Law."
Clavicus Vile: "Yes, yes, just as we agreed. But only a portion of the crystal. We don't want to alert the Sapiarchs too soon."
K'Tora: "Tell your fellow Princes all will be well. The Ritemaster is no match for my mind magic."
Clavicus Vile: "So Nocturnal has assured me. Don't disappoint us, K'Tora."

Lost in Translation[edit]

After Ritemaster Iachesis reveals the location of the Heart Of Transparent Law, Clavicus and Mephala appear in Evergloam:

Clavicus Vile: "Look, Mephala! The mortal hid the heart inside his own body! How clever!"
Darien Gautier: "Uh-oh. Mephala and Clavicus Vile. This could be bad."
Mephala: "But why did Nocturnal keep this from us?! No matter, I'll take the heart now, Ritemaster."
<Vile and Mephala proceed to use their powers to attempt to rip the Heart Of Transparent Law from the Ritemaster's body, but he is protected by his wards.>
Clavicus Vile: "Impressive for a mortal, but the wards won't hold for long against our power."
<The tug-of-war continues.>
Ritemaster Iachesis: "They're … tearing me … apart!"
Clavicus Vile: "Stop that, Mephala! I've got him! Wait … what's—?"
<Nocturnal appears on the pillar between them, standing behind the Ritemaster.>
Mephala: "Nocturnal?! How dare you interfere!"
Nocturnal: "Get out of my realm, Princes!"
<Nocturnal casts Vile and Mephala out.>

A Necessary Alliance[edit]

In the Vaults of Heinarwe, and make your way to where Clavicus Vile wants to meet you. When you finally arrive, you will be greeted with the sight of Clavicus Vile brutally murdering his loyal cultists. A poor sod named Alderdon gets this treatment last, and his corpse is subsequently possessed by the Prince of Bargains in a burst of red light.

Alderdon: "Please, master! Mercy— arrgh!"
Clavicus Vile: "Even in death, they serve! So the Hound found you? Good. Let's discuss an arrangement, shall we?"

Speak to the Prince.

"Don't let these crumbled husks trouble you. I needed to vent my frustrations and my loyal followers were close at hand."
You wanted to talk to me?
"Yes. Yes I did. I assumed Barbas would have made that clear.
I admire your persistence almost as much as I hate the fact that you constantly oppose me. Still, Nocturnal couldn't dispatch you, which indicated you may be useful to me after all."
What are you talking about?
"We have a common cause now, you and I. A common enemy. Nocturnal turned her back on our alliance. She betrayed the triad. Worse, she betrayed me! Consider my words carefully before you response.
I can grant you access to the Crystal Tower."
Why should I trust anything you say?
"You killed my Court of Bedlam earl. You dispatched our pet Sea Sload. I hate you, but I also respect you. And I need your help to gain vengeance against Nocturnal.
So I ask you this: How could you not trust me? Isn't the enemy of my enemy my friend?"
All right. So tell me how I can enter the Crystal Tower.
"Upstairs you'll find a key. With it, your Psijic friends can get you to my realm, where I can direct you to the Crystal Tower.
Getting inside, though. For that, you'll need the Resolute Diamonds. Unfortunately, I can't help you with that."
How can I reach the Crystal Tower by going through your realm?
"Haven't you learned anything? The Crystal Tower exists in all realms. In my realm, however, there is no gatehouse to block your way. Just the tower's own defenses. And for that, unfortunately, you'll need the diamond keys."
But the diamond keys need to be attuned and the tower sentinels are dead.
"A problem, certainly, but one I'm sure you can overcome. Perhaps another Prince would be willing to help you. I leave the details of that to you. Just remember this favor I have provided when you restore the tower and save your beloved Nirn."
And what do you get in return for this favor?
"I'm sure something of value will suggest itself when the time is right. I promise that whatever I ask for as a compensation, it will not unduly cost you— anyway, no more than you can afford.
On that, you have my word."

Clavicus Vile will depart, and the corpse of Alderdon once again slumps on the floor.