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Location Eldbur Sanctuary
K'Tora's Mindscape
Species Sea Sload
Health 146,590 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Abyssal Cabal
K'Tora with the Orbs of B'Raken Drel

K'Tora is a powerful Sea Sload of the Abyssal Cabal who has created The Mind Trap and imprisoned you within it. He will send out warriors and yaghra to defeat you, and his eyes may be seen as he sends out the Yaghra Nightmare.

He is later encountered throughout the Summerset main quest, and can be heard during Abyssal Geyser battles.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Mind Trap[edit]

Entering the combat tutorial:

K'Tora: "There is no escape. I will break you in time. Watch as I turn your own memories against you!"
K'Tora: "You can't escape my mind trap! I'll destroy you with your darkest fears!"

Approaching the Pearl:

K'Tora: "Not so fast, little worm! Let's see how you fare against this nightmare!"

A Pearl of Great Price[edit]

K'Tora appears in the Rellenthil Sinkhole, conspiring with a mysterious Altmer. They are then warned by Nedoril:

Nedoril: "Master, intruders in the cave!"
K'Tora: "Heed me, my creatures! Destroy the intruders!"
Valsirenn: "That young idiot! We need to get over there!"
K'Tora: "Witness the power of K'Tora of the Abyssal Cabal!"

K'Tora then slithers away.

Buried Memories[edit]

Location Psijic Relic Vaults
Species Sea Sload
Health 127,470
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Abyssal Cabal

When you enter the central rotunda of the Psijic Relic Vaults to find out who is behind the attack, K'Tora will appear at the pool in the middle of the room:

Ritemaster Iachesis: "K'Tora! I killed you! I remember our battle as clear as day!"
K'Tora: "You remember exactly what I want you to remember."
K'Tora: "And thanks to the Orbs of B'Raken Drel, your deepest memories will be mine!"
K'Tora: "Back, worm! This does not concern the likes of you." (You are pushed aside in a blinding ray of light)
Valsirenn: "Out here, quickly! We need to hurry if we're going to help the Ritemaster!"

He can be overheard when going through the Psijic Relic Vaults:

K'Tora: "Cease your struggles. Your memories belong to K'Tora now."
K'Tora: "I am as patient and enduring as the sea, worm. Now reveal the hiding place!"
K'Tora: "Your mind is my mind, Iachesis. Reveal your memories to me!"
K'Tora: "You can't resist forever. The Heart of Transparent Law will be mine!"

After entering K'Tora's Mindscape:

K'Tora: "You dare enter my domain, worm?"

Upon defeating Verdrangu, a vision of him and Clavicus Vile will appear:

K'Tora: "A bargain is a bargain. The island for the Heart of Transparent Law."
Clavicus Vile: "Yes, yes, just as we agreed. But only a portion of the crystal. We don't want to alert the Sapiarchs too soon."
K'Tora: "Tell your fellow Princes all will be well. The Ritemaster is no match for my mind magic."
Clavicus Vile: "So Nocturnal has assured me. Don't disappoint us, K'Tora."

Viewing the second memory, you will see K'Tora and a defeated Iachesis, whom K'Tora will use the Orbs of B'Raken Drel at the end of the vision:

K'Tora: "I lured you here for one purpose, worm."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Your Abyssal Cabal may … defeat me … but you'll never stand against … the entire Psijic Order."
K'Tora: "Once again you fail to grasp the obvious. When the time is right, you will do exactly as I command. Until then, forget …."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "No, no … arrgh!"

When you defeat Dissonance, the third memory will play:

K'Tora: "Repeat my words, worm. Tell me what you must do."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "I will … enter the Crystal Tower. I will … take the Heart of Transparent Law."
K'Tora: "Yes, yes. Hide it away until I call for you to give it to me. Not even the Princes must know where it is."
Ritemaster Iachesis: "Hide … the Heart …."

Shortly after viewing the final memory, he will shout:

K'Tora: "My memory shields! You destroyed them!"

His consciousness is found at the top, where he lets go of Iachesis to fight you.

During combat, he can say:

K'Tora: "Feel the crushing weight of your own insignificance!"
K'Tora: "You fight well, but in this mindscape I reign supreme!"

Location Psijic Relic Vaults
Species Sea Sload
Health 0 (Dead)
Other Information
Faction(s) Abyssal Cabal

After his consciousness is destroyed in the mindscape, his lifeless corpse can be seen in the pool in the Psijic Relic Vaults rotunda upon your return.

Whispers from the Deep[edit]

After gathering the second spell particle in Cainar's mind trap and you'll hear the sload's voice:

K'Tora: "The mage is caught in my mind trap, worm! Nothing you do will change that."

Abyssal Geysers[edit]

Before his death on Artaeum, K'Tora speaks at Abyssal Geysers before and after the final wave.

Generic Pre-Boss Dialogue
K'Tora: "Summerset is mine, land-crawlers!"
K'Tora: "K'Tora sees the fear inside you."
K'Tora: "You resist? How annoying!"
K'Tora: "The sea abides, and so do the Sload of Ul'vor-Kus!"
Destroying the Abyssal Pearl
K'Tora: "I weary of your misguided defiance."
K'Tora: "I'd be impressed, but this battle holds no significance."
K'Tora: "Land-crawling scum!"
K'Tora: "The best thing about yaghra? We have many, many more."
K'Tora: "You may have ended this geyser, but more are set to burst!"
K'Tora: "You stopped this geyser, but what about the others that are set to burst?"
K'Tora: "When next we meet, things will be different!"

Summoning a named boss:

Bosses K'Tora's Introduction Achievement
Vsskalvor "K'Tora summons Vsskalvor to protect this geyser!" Snake Charmer
Eejoba the Radiant "Feel the power of Eejoba the Radiant!" Radiant Riot
Ruella Many-Claws "I summon Ruella Many-Claws from the deep spawning pools!" Declawed
Girawell the Erratic "Girawell, K'Tora orders you into the fray!" Calm and Calculated
Reefhammer "Allow me to introduce Reefhammer, the bane of Ul'vor-Kus!" Hammer Meet Nail
Muustikar Wave-Eater "Muustikar, K'Tora has need of you, Wave-Eater!" Wave Breaker
Darkstorm the Alluring "Darkstorm the Alluring, drown these worms!" Deadly Allure
Tidewrack "Tidewrack will break you in half!" Tidal Grave
Sheefar of the Depths "Sheefar, bane of sailors, K'Tora calls you forth!" To the Depths
Churug of the Abyss "I summon Churug of the Abyss to blind you with her light!" Churug's Chagrin

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Pearl Lob
K'Tora throws a few abyssal pearls at you, which create a lingering pool of magic on the ground after they shatter, indicated small growing circular AoEs, dealing continuous low Oblivion damage.
Shadow Field
K'Tora forms a shadow orb in its hands before placing it down, causing a lingering pool of magic to appear, similar in appearance to the Pearl Lob ability but slightly bigger, causing continuous moderate Oblivion damage.
Mind Blast
K'Tora charges and fires a beam of magic from its head, dealing high Oblivion damage. This attack can be interrupted but the window to do so is quite small.
Mental Manipulation
K'Tora summons Alchemical Globules near him. They explode if it strikes a player target, dealing moderate Oblivion damage. Pearls moved by Mental Manipulation move more quickly or more slowly according to how far the pearl is from where it is going.
Shadow Pulse
Throughout the fight, five clusters of shadow energy will pulse out from under K'Tora and travel slowly in all directions, indicated by small circular AoEs, dealing moderate Oblivion damage and snaring you.
Summon Yaghra
K'Tora summons yaghra to assist throughout the fight.
K'Tora sometimes slithers underground to retreat across the arena.