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Over the millennia, the Psijic Order has stored a great many things in their extensive vaults on Artaeum, rarities that needed to be preserved and cared for—as well as a few objects that it would have been better to forget all about.
Psijic Relic Vaults
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Spiderkith Brood Nurse, Spiderkith Venifex, Yaghra Larvae, Yaghra Monstrosities, Yaghra Striders, Yaghra Spewers
K'Tora's Mindscape:
Dissonance, Verdrangu, Alchemical Globules, Pearlescent Orb, Sload-Risen Husks, Sload-Risen Stalkers, Yaghra Larvae, Yaghra Spewers
Quest Chain
Southeastern Artaeum
Entrance to the Psijic Relic Vaults

The Psijic Relic Vaults is a secured vault for storing many of the artifacts in the possession of the Psijic Order. It is accessed from the southeastern beach of Artaeum, which has entrances from the College of Psijics Ruins. During the related quest, it will be invaded by K'Tora with his Daedric and Yaghra forces, a Sea Sload who seeks the Ul'vor Staff and takes Ritemaster Iachesis captive.

Related Quests[edit]

Psijic Relic Vaults[edit]

The entrance opens to a stairway that leads into a small room with a Spiderkith Brood Nurse and Venifex. They are guarding Mephala's Barrier that blocks off the central rotunda. There are two doors on either side of the room, the one on the left must be taken to reach the western wing, and the one on the right is used to exit the eastern wing.

Central Rotunda[edit]

The Central Rotunda

In the middle of the vaults is a tall octagonal room with eight broken pillars surrounding a blue crystal attached to a pillar in the middle of the ceiling, and a balcony juts out from the top floor into the rotunda. A closed off room with two giant floating crystals is seen on the right, and various bookshelves are on the walls of the room. When you and Ritemaster Iachesis enter, K'Tora will appear and use the Orbs of B'Raken Drel to access his memories, creating a barrier around the two of them that pushes you out. Valsirenn will later appear here to use the Ul'vor Staff, sending you to K'Tora's Mindscape. When you kill K'Tora and leave the mindscape, his body is found in the rotunda, Iachesis and Valsirenn will be gone, and Sotha Sil shows up to speak to you.

Western Wing Vaults[edit]

The Western Wing

The western wing contains a yaghra spewer and larva on the lower level, having cracked the floor beneath them from when they emerged. A large Nordic obelisk is found on here, with numerous stones floating at its tip. At the top of the staircase is a yaghra strider, leading into a larger room with a yaghra monstrosity and two larvae. The next hallway contains a strider, and leads into a large room of the Northern Chamber.

The shelves in the first northern hallway contain various urns of different cultures, an Orcish mask, tiny trees and mushrooms in glass cases, a string instrument, a small statue in a glass case, and a jug. The display cases display a The Fish and the Unicorn figurine and floral scrimshaw jewelry box. There is a Dwemer tapestry of the celestial bodies and a tapestry of Alinor hanging inside. The main room contains cages, one with Daedric urns and books and another filled with meteoric glass. There are many display cases that contain: a giant green (likely malachite) crystal, a red crystal, a gold Yokudan statue, a yellow crystal, a snake statue, a Khajiit urn, an Altmer chair, a green candle, and three cases on top of the center shelf that have an blue Ayleid crystal, a purple crystal emitting blue mist, two spinning purple gems. Other objects in the room are a Yokudan coffer in a crate, a sea elf totem, and possibly a dragon skull on the shelf. In the corner is a sealed off room containing a blue crystal surrounded by a protective sphere, a green anchor, a Yokudan sarcophagus, a war horn, and Dwemer rubble. The hallway afterwards contains many things barred off in the walls, including Nordic tomb tablets of dolphins and hawks, a Khajiit moon tablet, a two mummified bodies, a hook with a ball of flesh, and various potions. There are also weapons and armors of Altmer, Dunmer, Ayleid, and Akaviri design in the walls.

Northern Chamber[edit]

The top floor contains a spewer, strider, and two larvae. A staircase leading to a bottom level with a strider, and a spewer may appear with two larvae when the strider is killed. On both levels are caged doors that peer into the central rotunda, though neither of them can be opened. A hallway leads into the eastern wing.

The large room contains many large Daedric stones and crystals, some of them floating at the top of the room, as well as a Daedric titan skull, an egg in a display case, and various statues. Dozens of bookshelves are found here.

Eastern Wing Vaults[edit]

The Eastern Wing

The hallway entering the eastern wing contains to yaghra larvae, entering a larger room with a yaghra monstrosity. The back room in the northeast corner of the wing has a Relic Repository containing the Ul'vor Staff. Also in that room are display cases containing a live soul shriven and the body of a Dremora, and a small cage with a clannfear head. A hallway leads south into a lower level room with a gigantic dark blue crystal in the center, also containing a strider at the top of the staircase and a strider and spewer at the bottom. The stairway breaks at the bottom, meaning it cannot be climbed back up.

The walls of the hallway contain weapons and armor of Daedric design, a skull, a speaking stone, a Daedric mirror, a spinning wheel, and a staff adorned with many snakes. The main room of the wing has dozens of display cases, containing magical flowers, a pumpkin, a carved reachmen stone, a replica of the Mnemic Egg, blue and red briarhearts, a land coral, a petrified black statue next to ebony ore, a man encased in ice, two stones with Daedric letters, a Khajiiti stone, a dormant sigil stone, a large silver crown, an Argonian idol, a chaos ball, a replica of Mad Urkazbur's ice-effigy, a reachmen deer skull post, various eggs, a pit daemon skull, a cracked jade object, a dark anchor pinion, a podium with inscriptions, and a golden cat statue. In the closed off rooms in the walls are a gargoyle on a relic repository, a green statue of Arkay, a Racuvar Bala stone, a carving of the Tower, and some soul gems. Other notable objects not inside cases include a golden Khajiit statue, a Malondo Stone, a Dunmer burial urn, a Dwemer astrology model, a Coldharbour battering ram, a red crystal inside a crate, and a large stone with Daedric carvings. The hallway leading south contains objects caged off inside the walls, including various urns, various hammers (including a Hammer of Glass replica]]), a steering wheel for a ship, a shrine to Vivec, a harp and guitar-like instrument, many books sealed behind blue chains, an Argonian stone, and a sweetroll. The southern bottom level has a display case table behind the crystal, with nothing inside.

K'Tora's Mindscape[edit]

K'Tora in his Mindscape

Contained inside K'Tora's mind where thoughts become reality, this area is accessed by Valsirenn using the Ul'vor Staff for you to attack K'Tora in his most vulnerable area, while she anchors you to the physical world. The first path leads to Verdrangu, and killing the guardian will reveal the first memory of K'Tora speaking to Clavicus Vile. Four stalkers three husks are found on the path afterwards, guarding the second memory of K'Tora and Iachesis. Various Pearlescent Orbs and yaghra larvae are fought in the next path, leading up to Dissonance who guards the third and final memory. K'Tora's consciousness will appear at the top, where you must defeat him.

Cargo Entrance[edit]

The Cargo Entrance

A small hallway containing a pulley system for transporting relics. It only becomes accessible after you talk to Sotha Sil to exit the vaults, and once you enter the cargo entrance, the door back to the vaults cannot be used. It leads to the "Upper Ruins", which is the main College of Psijics Ruins.




  • This location was originally datamined as "Artaeum Old Vaults", and the door connecting it to the College of Psijics Ruins refers to it as Old Vaults.
  • The beach outside the vaults are part of the Artaeum worldspace, and the waters surrounding them are filled with slaughterfish. If one does manage to swim to it, the door to the vaults will always remain locked if not on the related quest.