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(lore page)
Location Varies
Species Dog
Health 39959

334609 (Clockwork City Vault)

Reaction Friendly

Hostile (Clockwork City Vault)

Other Information
Faction(s) The Triad
Barbas as a dog

Barbas is the servant of Clavicus Vile, the Daedric Prince of wishes, and can be found in Willowgrove Cavern. When Vile granted the wish of Pircalmo, a mage visiting Willowgrove, Barbas became bound to Vile's altar in the Cavern.

Barbas can also be encountered on Vvardenfell in the form of a Skaafin, assisting Clavicus Vile with his plot to discover the location of Sotha Sil's Clockwork City, as well as on Summerset.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Questionable Contract[edit]

"Hah, you mortals. You always make me laugh. Yup, I'm a talking dog. Name's Barbas. I'm a companion to the Daedric Prince of Wishes. Guy by the name of Clavicus Vile."

"Look, do you want to fix things for that guy or not? His wife will get eaten if you sit around talking to dogs all day. If you want to set things right you'll have to smash the altar."
"Well, this altar here next to me is the cause of all his problems. He had this silent plea to have something work well, just once in his life. The altar twisted that up. And … to be honest it keeps me bound here."
"Sure, mortal. What can old Barbas tell you?"

Divine Intervention[edit]

Throughout the main quest, you'll assist Archcanon Tarvus with Vivec's troubles. But towards the end of Divine Intervention the Archcanon will reveal his true identity:

Barbas: "You're too late! I see it now, the Clockwork City! Look what Barbas found for you, Master!"

A version of the Clockwork City appears and Barbas vanishes… with Sunna'rah.

Divine Restoration[edit]

Enter the Clockwork City with Barilzar and Barbas will give chase:

Barbas: "Ah, my favorite dupe has finally arrived!"
Barbas: "Oh dear, oh dear. Locked tight! Lucky for me, I've got Sunna'rah!"

When you catch up with him in the Clockwork City, you can speak with him:

"You may not believe this, but I really am happy to see you. I grew rather fond of you while I inhabited that dreadful Dark Elf form. Now you get to see me in all my glory.
And soon, you'll be able to witness my greatest achievement!"
And what great achievement is that?
"I'm going to bring my Master's grandest plan ever to fruition! He'll be so proud of me!
Just stay out of my way and enjoy the show. I promise, it will be highly entertaining!"
Your Master's grandest plan?
"Oh yes indeed! The grandest! My Master and his partners seek to ….
Oh no, no, no. Bad Barbas! I almost gave away the surprise! You're a tricky one, you are. But my Master will be so pleased that I stepped in and made his plan even better!"
Why go to all this trouble just to get into the Clockwork City?
"My Master has been trying to find this place for the longest time. He actually set the ball rolling. I saw an opportunity to improve his plan and make it better, so I took the initiative.
This will get me back in my Master's good graces, you'll see!"
How long were you disguised as Tarvus?
"Worried about the Archcanon? The poor old man. He died in his sleep, all peaceful like. I saw an opportunity and leapt right in. Stupid Vivec! He never even noticed.
I was masterful in the role, though, don't you agree?"
Barbas: "Nice chat, but I've got to run. I have a barrel of Vivec energy to collect!"

With that announcement, the shapeshifter will run off behind the locked gate.

As you continue to chase Barbas thru the Maintenance Junction, he'll taunt you along the way:

Barbas: "All done, must run!"
Barbas: "No one ever catches the Hound!"
Barbas: "You are persistent, I'll give you that."
Barbas: "Looks like you need more skaafin!"
Barbas: "Look, Master! Vivec's toy found a way through, just like you said!"
Barbas: "But Barbas has Sunna'rah! What does Vivec's toy have?"

Once you enter the Engineering Junction, you'll hear:

Barbas: "Master, I'm close to our goal! With Vivec's energy, I can open a portal and …."
Clavicus Vile: "Pray this works, my hound, for you interfered with a plan that wasn't intended for the likes of you."
Barbas: "I'm so close, Master! Soon the secrets of Sotha Sil's city will be yours!"
Clavicus Vile: "Get on with it, dog! Grant me access to the Clockwork City and I'll reward you a thousandfold!"
Barbas: "Master, why do you bother with partners when you have such a faithful servant in me?"
Clavicus Vile: "Questioning me, Barbas? Again? Have you learned nothing from your last banishment?"

Once you're inside the Divinity Atelier, he'll mock you:

Barbas: "You can't stop me if the defenses won't let you in!"

Reach Barbas and face him in combat:

Barbas: "I've turned this contrivance into a portal machine!"
Barbas: "Like my new armor? I wanted to wear something special when I kill you."
Barbas: "Here, let me give you a taste of divine power!"
Barbas: "Patience, Master. The portal is almost ready!"
Barbas: "Can't you feel it? The way to Oblivion is opening wide!"
Barbas: "It's working, Master! Vivec's energy was the key!"

After defeating him, you'll use Sunna'rah to pull the energy back into the staff. Return to the central area and Barbas will be back to his familiar dog form and hear Clavicus Vile call him back to his side:

Clavicus Vile: "Such a good and faithful hound! You have done enough for now."

You'll try to teleport to Vivec City, but end up at a shrine of Clavicus Vile. After speaking to Vile, Barbas will try to give warning:

Barbas: "Master …."
Clavicus Vile: "Quiet, dog! Haven't you—wait, who dares intrude upon my lesson?"
Barilzar: "Found you! Over here … oh. Clavicus Vile. This isn't good."

A Necessary Alliance[edit]

The Crystal Tower[edit]

Speaking to Barbas in the Dreaming Cave before the meeting:

"What? Sotha Sil let me in. How else am I supposed to lead you through the Fields of Regret and to the Crystal Tower?
Now could we hurry this up, please? Nocturnal's not going to wait forever to tear reality apart, you know."

During the meeting:

Barbas: "I'll lead you through the Fields of Regret to reach the Crystal Tower."
Darien: "Hey! That dog just talked!"
Leythen: "I can establish contact with Mephala. She's ready to appear if you're willing to lower the defenses."
Sotha Sil: "Oriandra, Valsirenn, assist me. Let us open a path and not keep the Prince of Secrets waiting."

After Mephala leaves, Barbas transforms in a poof of orange, taking on his Skaafin form.

Barbas: "Now it's my turn. Let me use the gift my master gave you and I'll get you to the Crystal Tower."
Sotha Sil: "Heed Mephala's advice and keep your companions close to the diamond. Without it, you would be lost in the darkness between realities.
Now, recover the Heart and restore Transparent Law. Just remember, you must find a relic imbued with divine energy."

Looking over the cliff within the Fields of Regret, you'll see familiar purple magic falling from the sky... Barbas is down there, observing the smoking anomalies. Pursue him. You can jump off the cliff and break your legs or use the path to your right.

Barbas: "Bother and bones! Nocturnal sends creatures into our realm? Not while Barbas is on guard! Skaafin, come forth!"
Leythen: "Where are you going, creature?"
Barbas: "I promised to show you the way. There, follow that path. That's the way to the tower. Now, I have a realm to defend!"
Darien: "I don't think I like Barbas very much."

Make your way over to the tower, where Barbas will appear to send you off. Barbas: "What a mess! And to think we're depending on the actions of mortals! Ah, well, let's talk."

Speak to him in front of the Tower.

"Nocturnal dares much, attacking my master's realm!
But here you are, safe and sound. The Crystal Tower. At least, it's the version that exists in the Fields of Regret. Now I really need to get back to barking and biting Nocturnal's minions."
We can enter the tower and reach Nocturnal from here?
"Well, that depends on how good Mephala's magic is. If you're attuned to the Resolute Anchor like she promised, then the doors of the Crystal Tower will open at your approach.
If not, you'll more than likely die on the doorstep."

Aren't you supposed to come with us?

"That was the plan, yes. But plans changed when Nocturnal attacked my master's realm. Now Clavicus Vile wants me to repel those invaders and start preparing contingencies in case you fail.
'Understand, I have no contingencies, so try not to fail."
What can we expect inside the Crystal Tower?
"I've never been inside a tower that straddles every reality, but I expect you're going to have to go up, up, up!
If you do reach the Night Mistress, bite her once for me!"
We're going inside now.

He gives you one final word before leaving to defend Vile's realm in dog-form.

Barbas: "Remember Mephala's warning: Stray too far from the Resolute Anchor, and you'll be lost between realities."



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