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Shulk Ore Mine
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Discoverable No
Curate Erydno
Mudcrab, Nycotic Brute, Nycotic Chanter, Nycotic Lurker, Nycotic Nightwalker, Nycotic Vanguard, River Troll
West GashVvardenfell
West of Balmora
Loading Screen
"The Nycotic cult? I'm not sure who they are, but one of them who came into town for provisions was muttering something about his 'rueful acts.'"—Grubesha, Grocer
Shulk Ore Mine

Shulk Ore Mine is a mine found in the West Gash region of Vvardenfell, west of Balmora.

The mine was recently overrun by the Nycotic Cult, who slew most of the miners in the process. Shortly after, Ashlanders known as the Red Exiles conducted a raid on the cult to acquire a relic they were seeking, in which they were successful.

Crew Chief Hondulf is found outside the mine, waiting for his miners to find their way out. Only one surviving miner, Diren Helothran, can be found inside. Several Red Exile Corpses can be seen in the tunnels, who were killed by the cult during the raid.

Many passive critters can be found in the tunnels, such as dragonflies, fetcherflies, shroom beetles and wormmouths.

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A map of Shulk Ore Mine


  • Shulk also appears in Morrowind, though it has become a kwama egg mine in the Third Era, just like Crew Chief Hondulf alludes to when speaking to him.
  • While not intentional, it is possible to enter the Deep Mine Chambers from the opposite side by jumping up the rocks next to the bridge.
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