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Sergeant Faldrus
Home City Balmora
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Redoran
Sergeant Faldrus

Sergeant Faldrus is a Dunmer guardsman of House Redoran, found in Balmora. He'll initially be found outside Lord Drono's Townhouse (map).

Related Quests[edit]


Approaching him before taking his related quest, he mutters to himself:

Sergeant Faldrus: "I can't believe they want us to find help outside the House to find Veya..."

If you talk to him Faldrus will ask if you have met someone called Veya.

"You look like the traveling sort. In your excursions, have you perchance come upon a young Dark Elf named Veya?
She went missing a couple of weeks ago and her father desperately seeks any information regarding her whereabouts."
I don't think I've seen anyone named Veya.
"That's a shame. Her father, Eris, the House Councilor here in Balmora, promises that anyone who can find his daughter and return her safely yo his side will be well rewarded."
Can you provide me with any additional information?
"You should speak to Councilor Eris. Hes opened the kinhouse to interview potential recruits.
If you're interested, go speak to the councilor. The longer Veya remains missing, the more distressed Councilor Eris becomes."
I'll speak to Councilor Eris.
"Councilor Eris can be found at the Redoran Kinhouse. And do hurry. Hes ever so troubles by our failure to locate young Veya
If he finds that an outsider can succeed where the House Guard has failed, so be it."
You don't seem to like the idea of the councilor seeking help in this matter.
"I have no issue with Councilor Eris seeking help it's where he's decided to get help that concerns me. House Redoran doesn't need outsiders to take care of its business.
But who am I to question a House Councilor?"
Tell me about House Redoran.
"Feh, how can anyone not know about House Redoran? Is this some sort of Outlander ruse?"
No ruse. I just want to know more about House Redoran.
"Well, in that case .... Redoran is the grandest of the Great Dunmer Houses. We champion the virtues of duty and piety, and we have a proud military tradition. Our house comes first in all things. I don't understand why Eris seeks outside help."
Tell me what happened to Veya.
"If I knew what happened to the councilor's daughter, I wouldn't be talking to you, now would I?
As far as we can tell, she left of her own accord. There wasn't any foul play involved that were aware of. Beyond that, you'd have to ask the councilor."
Who's Councilor Eris?
"Councilor Eris Releth oversees Redoran operations in Balmora and the surrounding countryside. He's very influential, very powerful.
Usually the Councilor doesn't allow his passions to get the better of him, but Veya is his daughter, after all."

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