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Help recover the genealogies of the Dunmer Great Houses.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Librarian Bradyn
Location(s): Vivec City, Library of Andule
Previous Quest: The Ancestral Tombs
Reward: Andule's Cuirass of the Defiler
Vvardenfell Scale Model
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 5923
Recover the genealogies of the Great Houses
The miniature model of Vvardenfell is nearly complete. One section remains missing, which Librarian Bradyn believes is the key to finding the lost Library of Andule.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

When you finally have all 30 rubbings and the model is nearing completion, Bradyn will be overjoyed.

Librarian Bradyn: "Welldone, outlanders. Welldone!"
"Our miniature model is nearly complete, my friend! All that remains is a single component - and that's the key to everything!"
Do you know how to find the lost Library of Andule now?
"Indubitably, thanks to your efforts. Every rubbing you brought back not only helped complete the model, but it also provided another clue as to the location of the lost library. What isn't present is the key!"
What do you mean, what isn't present?
"That gap in the model - that's where we'll find the lost Library of Andule! Once you go and locate the exact spot, we can start examining the records related to our earliest Velothi settlers.
What do you say? Ready for one more adventure?"
All right. I'll go the location indicated on the model and see what I can find.
"Study the gap in the model and go to that location in Vvardenfell. If the lost Library of Andule still exists, that's where we'll find it!"

After speaking with Librarian Bradyn, you can examine the Missing Diorama Chunk of the model of Vvardenfell:

<Perhaps the Library of Andule is hidden somewhere in the missing section.>
. .
. #
. #
. #
. . . . # . . .
. # # # # # . .
. # . . . # . .
. # # # . # # #
. . . # . . . #
. S # # . # # #

Enter the Library of Andule. It can be found in the region still missing in the model of Vvardenfell (map). Read the stone tablet there.

Examining the first three tiles shows you the letter S for Summerset (S), E for Exile (E) and M for Morrowind (M). Further in the room tiles with those three letters can be safely stepped on if the first tile was the S one, any other will teleport you to the beginning.

Light the Brazier of Wisdom to the north and the Brazier of Knowledge to the southeast to solve the puzzle. After that you can freely traverse the room and enter the ancient vaults through the doorway in the east wall.

The answers for the ancestor spirits are:

House Dres
"House Dres holds slavery to be their sacred right and duty."
"Because Dres feeds Morrowind with its agricultural might."
"Dres believes Dunmer should keep to themselves and focus on improving Morrowind."
House Hlaalu
"Succeed at business and turn a tidy profit."
"Compromise while always seeking to obtain the best possible deal."
"Acknowledge Dunmer culture, but adapt as necessary to succeed."
House Indoril
"Be preserved at all costs."
"Outsiders may visit, but they must always be watched carefully."
House Redoran
"To fulfill your duty and maintain your honor."
"We must accept and endure the harshness of life."
"The way of the warrior."

House Telvanni has no ancestor spirit guarding its vault, but its book does not appear until the others have been picked up.


  • While displayed as a hint needed to progress the quest, inspecting the House tomes in the hidden section of the library isn't mandatory.
  • If you fail some of the questions while speaking with the spirits, a tip to help you out of subsequent attempts is that the correct answer's text will remain white-colored, and the other two responses will appear yellow-colored, as if showing an already spent dialogue.


  • At the start of the quest, a quest marker appears over the empty chunk of the island replica. However, there is no objective, hint or optional objective in the quest HUD to match it. Instead, the only presented objective is to go directly to the spot on the island itself. Inspecting the missing chunk doesn't remove the quest marker either. ?
  • The Indoril and Redoran genealogy books are hard to loot due to prompt overlap from them being placed atop lootable desks. ?
    • Aiming the cursor above the books and the desk shows the prompt for the books.
  • After being repelled back by the force fields in the hidden section, moving in any direction will result in the expulsion effect occurring a second time. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

The Lost Library
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Librarian Bradyn asked me to go to the location in Vvardenfell that corresponds to the gap in the model. That's where he's sure we'll find the lost Library of Andule.
Objective: Find the Lost Library
Hidden Objective: Examine the Missing Chunk
I located the entrance to the Library of Andule. I should go inside and look around.
Objective: Enter the Lost Library
I entered the Library of Andule. I should look around and see if I can find anything to bring back to Librarian Bradyn in Vivec City.
Objective: Explore the Library
In order to gain access to the stored knowledge of the Library of Andule, I need to walk the tile path that reflects Veloth's journey from Summerset to Exodus to Morrowind to light the Braziers of Knowledge and Wisdom.
Objective: Light the Brazier of Knowledge
Objective: Light the Brazier of Wisdom
I solved the puzzle and ignited the braziers. Now to enter the ancient vaults and see what I can find.
Objective: Enter the Ancient Vaults
I reached the ancient storage vaults for the library. Now I should try to find a few Dark Elf genealogies to bring back to Librarian Bradyn back in Vivec City.
Objective: Retrieve Indoril Genealogy
Objective: Retrieve Redoran Genealogy
Objective: Retrieve Hlaalu Genealogy
Objective: Retrieve Dres Genealogy

If I'd like to know more about the great Dunmer houses, their tomes of history may offer clues.

Objective Hint: Read House Histories for Clues
Hidden Objective: Read House Indoril History
Hidden Objective: Read House Dres History
Hidden Objective: Read House Redoran History
Hidden Objective: Read House Hlaalu History
Objective: Retrieve Telvanni Genealogy
Now that I retrieved the genealogies of the Great Houses, I should return to the library in Vivec City and give them to Librarian Bradyn.
Objective: Return to the Librarian in Vivec City
Finishes quest☑ I found the lost library and recovered the genealogies of the Great Houses. Now I should return to the Library in Vivec City and talk to Librarian Bradyn
Objective: Talk to Librarian Bradyn
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