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Pay a toll of flesh or silver to the Blackfeather Court.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Crow's Wood — Help Telbaril learn the truth about Crow's Wood.
Quest Giver: Knave of Rooks
Location(s): Crow's Wood
Reward: Blackfeather Court Whistle
High Leveled Gold

A talking crow claims to represent the Blackfeather Court. It says I must pay a toll to pass safely through the court's domain.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Start the quest by talking to the Knave of Rooks, a talking crow perched on the stairs of a burned house in the southwest area of Crow's Wood. (This is the same house you are instructed to visit during A Son's Promise.)

"Intruder! Halt! Halt! Intruder!"
A talking crow?
"You have entered the domain of the Blackfeather Court.
You must pay the toll. Flesh or silver? Choose!"
And if I refuse?
"Then ... well ... things will go badly for you. Droppings on your shiny clothes. Yes, that's it! And incessant cawing! We'll keep you awake all through the night.
Do not cross Blackfeather Court, intruder."
I'll humor you, crow ... for now.
"There are two tolls you can pay: the toll of flesh, or the toll of silver. Choose!"
Tell me about the toll of flesh.
"The toll of flesh commits you to fight our enemies, the wretched bats of this wood.
Each time you kill a bat, we'll descend to feast upon the bat's tender bits."
Tell me about the toll of silver.
"The toll of silver! Search the dark caves and the farthest corners of the woods. Collect trinkets of shiny silver left by those who fell to the wolves.
Glitter and glister! Such trinkets please us with their luster."
I'm ready to choose.[Information needed for the NPC's response to this line and the wordings of the player's choices.]

The Toll of Flesh[edit]

The Knave will respond:

"Then we shall feast on our foes. When you have killed four and four of the flying rats, find the Seneschal of Carrion."
Eight bats? I can do that.

You need to kill eight giant bats. You'll find them north of the burned out house, on high ground, typically in groups of three. Fight carefully: several of them are interspersed between groups of ghosts, and it is very easy to get ganged up on and overwhelmed. Every time you kill a giant bat, crows will descend from the skies to pick the corpse clean.

Once you've killed eight bats, locate the Seneschal of Carrion near the center of Crow's Wood:

"You! Knave tells me you choose toll of flesh. True? True?"
I've paid the toll of flesh.
"The court is fat and happy. The bats are dead, and we have fed. Eyes and wings and skin and ears. Such tender bits!
We are pleased with your tribute, featherless. The duke wishes to speak with you."
Well, good.

Refer to the appropriate section below.

The Toll of Silver[edit]

You need to find four silver trinkets. One is south of the burnt house. There are four other trinkets north of the house.

Once you've obtained all needed trinkets, locate the Seneschal of Carrion near the center of Crow's Wood. He'll thank you for paying the toll, and then refer you to the Duke of Crows.

The Duke of Crows[edit]

The Duke is perched near the Seneschal. Speak to him to complete the quest:

"Featherless approaches! Approaches!"
The Seneschal said I should speak with you ... Your Grace.
"Indeed! Your efforts will be rewarded, my featherless subject. You are the first to satisfy the terms of our toll.
I hereby bestow upon you citizenship in these woods, as well as vassal servants to aid you. Welcome to Crow's Wood, fledgling."

Quest Stages[edit]

Decree of the Court
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Talk to the Knave of Rooks
Hidden Objective: Find Silver Trinket
Objective: Find Silver Trinkets
Objective: Talk to the Seneschal of Carrion
Objective: Bats Devoured
Objective: Use the Whistle on a Bat Corpse
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