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Crow Mother
Location Crow's Wood
Species Hagraven
Reaction Friendly
Crow Mother

The Crow Mother is a Daedra Lord in the form of a Hagraven, and the self-proclaimed "nether-niece" of Nocturnal. She is the ruler of the Crow's Wood and the mother of the Blackfeather Court.

She made a deal with Rulantaril Oran, and when he reneged on the terms, she imprisoned him inside her realm.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Son's Promise[edit]

When you enter her tower, the Crow Mother will shout:

Crow Mother: "Intruder! Are you here to take him away from me?"

If you talk to her, she'll say:

We bargained in good faith! All fair and square! You can't have him."
What in Oblivion are you?
"Why recoil so? Am I truly so hideous? Would you spare me, as Rulantaril did years ago?"
Is Rulantaril here? His son, Telbaril, is trying to find him.
"Yes, Rulantaril is here. We made a bargain, but he thought to renege by binding me in this tower.
He still fights me. He doesn't want to stay. Make him see reason. Make him honor our agreement."
I don't understand. Tell me about this bargain.
"Sweet Rulantaril came to me, the nether-niece of Nocturnal, to learn the secrets of forgotten magic.
In exchange, when the time came, he was to return to keep me company. That was our bargain, sealed in blood and arcane runes."
So he didn't adhere to his part of the bargain.
"He tried to avoid his responsibilities, but the magic wouldn't allow it. He made a... tiny miscalculation.
When he left, that hurt me deeply. He used me, but I forgive him. He must stop fighting and stay with me."
I know precisely how I'm going to deal with you.
"Do you, now? Very well, intruder. Tell me."

You can respond in one of three ways:

You shouldn't be alone. I'll make Rulantaril honor his agreement.
You're a foul, malicious deceiver. I will destroy you.
It's clear you both deserve to die.

Rulantaril Stays[edit]

If you choose to go along with her and force Rulantaril to stay, she'll say:

"Thank you. He's raging in the corridors below us, trying to blast his way out with magic... The magic we taught him.
Please, don't kill him. I don't want to be alone."
I'll try not to hurt him.

Before you head down, speaking to her again:

"Please don't damage him…much. He's very dear to me."

Wear down Rulantaril, return to the Crow Mother and you'll hear:

Crow Mother: "Isn't this better, my love? No more bickering?"
Rulantaril Oran: "Bickering? I think there will be a lot of bickering when my son gets here."
Crow Mother: "You have a son? I can't wait to meet him. He can stay here with us. There's plenty of room."
Rulantaril Oran: "Great. Just great."

Speak to Crow Mother and she'll say:

"You brought my sweet Rulantaril to his senses.
Thank you, mortal. Now we can be together, forever and ever."
What are you?
"You stand before a Nether-Niece of the Mistress of Shadows.
I am the Crow Mother, the Daedra Lord of this region of Evergloam."
Why do you want Rulantaril to stay here?
"Even kin of the Night Mistress grow lonely. The crows I created from my feathers were pleasant enough company for a while, but I tired of them.
Rulantaril was my first visitor. He was so kind to me."

After the quest if you return to the tower:

"By the Twin Ravens, I owe you my thanks, mortal."

Crow Mother Dies[edit]

Crow Mother
Location Crow's Wood
Species Hagraven
Health (?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile

If you choose to kill her, she says:

"Then you're as cruel as Rulantaril. Shadow take you, mortal.
Or perhaps you'd like to take his place at my side? Find me below ... If you dare."
You won't escape.

When you follow her into the ruins of another tower, she'll shout:

Crow Mother: "I can't stand to be alone anymore. I'll keep you both here for eternity."'

Both Die[edit]

If you choose to kill them both:

"No! I won't let you hurt him. I'll protect him.
Rulantaril, my love! They come for us."
Time to end this.

She'll flee to the same ruins, where you'll find her and Rulantaril:

Rulantaril Oran: "Leave me alone, you cursed hag."
Crow Mother: "They mean to kill us both, my love. I won't let them hurt you!"