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Provost Varuni Arvel
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Clockwork Basilica
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Provost Varuni Arvel

Provost Varuni Arvel is a Dark Elf mage and high-ranking Apostle who serves on the Congress of Calibration, the ruling body of the Brass Fortress.

She is likely to be one of the first Clockwork Apostles you will meet in Clockwork and plays a prominent role throughout the Clockwork City storyline.

Unlike some Apostles, Varuni Arvel is welcoming of outsiders and is willing to trust them. Neramo, Raynor and Kireth Vanos, and yourself are all rewarded with citizenship of Clockwork in exchange for resolving a sensitive issue involving missing outsiders, ultimately due to a corrupt constable.

When its revealed that the Shadow of Sotha Sil has been masquerading as Sotha Sil himself, she chastises Chancellor Gascone Dusant for his lack of leadership. After the Chancellor fled the Brass Fortress, it is her that tasks you to track him down. She seems to assume Chancellor Dusant's position for the duration, and continues to provide direction throughout the storyline.

She is a devout follower of Sotha Sil and his ideology, regularly attending prayer services, and keeping a shrine of Lord Seht in her quarters. Her devotion leads to denial that the Skeleton Key has made it to Clockwork, which is somewhat of a watershed moment for her beliefs.

Following your meeting with Sotha Sil in the Elegiac Replication, she will express gratitude for opening her eyes; that she's now questioning what she knows.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

In Search of a Sponsor[edit]

"Greetings, auxiliary. Is your friend correct? Did you bring an offering?"
Yes. Explosive oil harvested from dangerous Firepot Spiders.
"Firepot oil? Tremendous! And you managed to keep all ten fingers. I'm impressed. Thank you.
Now, to the matter of your citizenship. You're clearly a capable warrior, but in the Clockwork City, mental precision is of paramount importance."'
How can I prove my mental fitness?
"A number of outsiders have gone missing in recent weeks. I fear someone might be abducting them or worse, but I have no proof.
I spoke to your friend, Neramo, and he insists you can gather the evidence I need. Succeed, and I'll sponsor you all."
All right. Neramo and I will find the proof you need.
"Try to keep this inquiry quiet, all right? In the Clockwork City, even a small creak in the gears can draw curious eyes."
Who are you again?
"Provost Varuni Arvel, ranking disquisitor in the Congress of Calibration.
Before you ask, yes - I am a bit young for such a tenurial position. Fortunately, Lord Seht established a true meritocracy here. One day I'll get a chance to thank him."
Lord Seht meaning Sotha Sil, right? You've never met him?
"Met? No. Lord Seht's far too busy. He only recently emerged from seclusion in the Cogitum Centralis.
He's addressed the congress, but I haven't had an opportunity to present myself. You should be thoroughly prepared when you meet a god, right?"
Can you tell me more about Sotha Sil?
"Of course. Lord Seht, known to many as Sotha SIl, is the Father of Curiosity. By His word, we create, perfect, and overcome.
He cares fr all of us, just as a clockmaker cares for each gear and spring. Every piece matters, no matter how small."
You seem to know a lot about him.
"I do a lot of reading. It's all there in a sermons.
Some people think he's aloof - callous, even. But I disagree. He stands with us in a way that Vivec and Almalexia never could, and he'll guide us all to a better world."
What can you tell me about these disappearances?
"Very little, which is more problematic than it sounds.
Any loose cog can carry out an abduction. It doesn't take a criminal mastermind to throw someone down a drain pipe. What worries me is that none of it was recorded by factotums or sentry coils."
You record what happens in the streets?
"We record what happens everywhere. Honestly, I don't know how you exodromals do without. You lose so much in Tamriel. Knowledge, memories.. And you must argue incessantly.
Everything that happens here is fact. Documented and verifiable."
Wait, exo-what?
"Exodromal. Sorry. I forget how strange our words sound to foreign ears.
Anyone who enters the Clockwork City from the outside world is known as an exodromal, since they come from beyond the celestiodrome - the glass sphere you'd call our sky."
Well, exodromals might take issue with being watched all the time.
"I know. But secrets are the purview of Lord Seht, and Lord Seht alone. I have nothing to hide.
The sermons tell us that only the disassembled engine can be scrubbed and made clean. Knowledge requires light. Openness. Collaboration. You see?"

When Constable Baldan has been apprehended in the Mechanical Fundament, Varuni will talk to Luciana Pullo.

Provost Varuni Arvel: "Luciana, I'd like to ask the constable a few questions when we return to the Basilica."
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Don't trouble yourself, Varuni. You know how persuasive I can be."
Provost Varuni Arvel: "I do. That's what worries me."
Constable Baldan: "Do your worst, you tin-legged hag!"
Provost Varuni Arvel: "Seht help you if she does, constable."

You will then have to talk to her to gain sponsorship and complete the quest:

"That fool has no idea what he's in for. Live uncomfortable and learn, I suppose."
You think he knows more than he's letting on?
"Oh, most certainly.
Baldan can't have accomplished all this by himself. Erasing records? Accessing derelict sections of the Fundament? These aren't the acts of a simple mer. Someone helped him. Now it's just a matter of finding out who."
Do you think he'll talk?
"I do. One way or another.
For now, let's celebrate your achievement. You showed initiative, creativity, bravery - all qualities befitting a servant of Seht. You shall have my sponsorship."
Will you sponsor Neramo, Raynor, and Kireth as well?
"Of course. Each of them has played a role in your success, and each of them will share the rewards."
'Go speak to the Clockwork Registrar in the Chancel of Records. It will add your name to the codices and you'll be one of us. Again, you have my thanks."
You're welcome.

If spoken to before heading to the Chancel of Records:

"Well? What are you waiting for, future citizen? Go speak to the Clockwork Registrar. I'll call on you again soon. Count on it."

The Strangeness of Seht[edit]

Once you've set your scheme with Divayth Fyr in motion, you'll witness the living god give a lecture. Flip the switch to the light and Sotha Sil will be exposed as a fake. He'll scream and flee to the next room:

Sotha Sil: "Arrrgh!"
Provost Varuni Arvel: "What is that? What's happening?"
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "After him! Someone seize that imposter!"

After defeating the Shadow of Sotha Sil:

Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "I haven't the time to discuss this, Varuni. Wittingly or unwittingly Lord Seht no longer serves the people of Clockwork City. Now if you'll excuse me."
Provost Varuni Arvel: "Gascone, where are you going? When news of this gets out-. We need to issue a statement or at least gather the congress for an emergency session."
Chancellor Gascone Dusant: "I have urgent matters to attend to! Make whatever statement you like. I will... I will return soon."

When spoken to before speaking to Divayth Fyr:

"What is Gascone thinking? Honestly?"

After you've spoken to Divayth Fyr and are directed to speak to her, she will be despairing at what just transpired: "My dear Lord Seht … what happened to you?"

Talk to her:

"I… I can scarcely believe what we just witnessed. How could this happen? How could a shadow masquerade as Lord Seht?
The Father of Mysteries would never let such a thing happen. There must be another explanation."
Divayth Fyr knew something was wrong with Sotha Sil. We had to determine the cause.
"Fyr. Of course. Always the iconoclast. I'll bet he's snickering at us even now.
It doesn't matter. I… I appreciate your diligence. This has been a profoundly upsetting ordeal, but we must move forward. We must find the real Lord Seht."
Seems like Chancellor Gascone has worries of his own.
"Yes, he was acting strangely, wasn't he? He always chafed under Lord Seht's rule. Now, he finally has a pretext to seize control and he slinks away like a broken brassilisk.
Curious. Too curious."
What do you suggest we do?
"The real Lord Seht will aid us eventually, I know it. In the meantime, we must do for ourselves.
Thank you for everything you've done. It appears we'll have to do a lot more before this is through."

Deepening Shadows[edit]

"Classic Gascone. Fleeing to his chambers when things go poorly.
I'm sure that news of Lord Seht's condition has already made it to the streets. We have to move quickly to prevent a panic."
What can I do?
"Try to talk to Gascone. He clearly doesn't care what I have to say, but he might listen to an exodromal. You remain, you know… a novelty. No offense.
We can't assemble the congress without the chancellor."
All right, I'll find him. Where should I look?
"Check his rectory in the west wing of the Basilica. He hides in there sometimes to nurse a bruised ego, or write passive-aggressive memoranda.
I'll try to settle the apostles nerves. Honestly, my nerves could use some settling."
I'll check Gascone's rectory.
"Don't let Gascone wriggle out of this. He has a duty and an obligation. As do I."
Are you all right?
"What? Yes. Yes, I'll be fine. I just… this makes no sense."
What makes no sense?
I don't understand how a shadow could take Lord Seht's place. Maybe this is some sort of test? But why test us?
The Clockwork Apostles haven't strayed. We build, and pray, and experiment just as the holy texts dictate."
You don't think it's possible that Sotha Sil could be compromised?
"Compromised? You make it sound as if Lord Seht suffers some kind of defect—like a crimped duct or a stripped bolt or something. We're talking about a divine being. Gods can't be compromised. They exist without flaws.
It might not be that simple.
"Do you know what the sermons say? Complexity belies the truth. The world rests on simple principles. Seht is the truth and the light. Understand the simple, and you understand the obscure.
I do appreciate your candor. Let's pick this up again later."

After heading into Gascone's office and killing the Shrike Talon, Varuni will rush in:

Provost Varuni Arvel: "There you are!"
"The factotums reported a strange energy signature in Gascone's rectory. Did you find anything odd in there?"
Yes. I found a creature in Gascone's office—some kind of Daedra. A pale woman by the looks of it.
"Sounds like a Nocturnal Shrike. By the gears, how did that thing make it past our security coils?
Is Gascone…?"
Dead? I don't know yet. He left this note.
"Huh. Not suspicious at all, is it? A sudden departure followed by a Daedra attack."
We won't know until we find him.
"You're right. I knew Gascone was a conceited slaggard, but consorting with Daedra? I pray it's not true.
We need to discover what he has that the Daedra covet. Proctor Luciana might be able to organize a search. She just left to disperse a crowd."
All right, I'll go talk to Luciana.
"I hope you catch Gascone soon. We need to know what he knows. Immediately."
Does Gascone might have gone?
"Birds? Not that I'm aware of. He might be tinkering with some kind of avian automaton, but he rarely discusses that sort of thing with me.
Why do you ask?"
I saw black feathers all over his office.
"Wait, feathers? From a live bird?"
Yes. Is that unusual?
"Unprecedented. As far as I know, no living bird has ever set foo … er, wing, in Clockwork City. And even if they did, they wouldn't last long. Not a lot of worms crawling around here. They do eat worms, right?"
Some. Anyway, it looks like the end of that streak.
"Fascinating. I've always wanted to see one. Under better circumstances, of course.
I'll notify our naturalists once we resolve this situation with Gascone."
Do you have any idea where Gascone might have gone?
"I'm afraid not. Gascone keeps his own council about what he does outside the basilica.
He spent a few days out in the Radius last month, but that's hardly unusual. Apostles conduct research outside the fortress all the time."
Do you know what kind of things he tends to study?
"Mathematics mostly. Predictive theory, spherical values, virtuous enumeration, that sort of thing.
He just published a dissertation on transdimensional calculation—making inferences on how numbers change during planar travel. Impressive work."
How so?
"The specificity of his calculations just boggles the mind. It's almost as if… it's almost as if he had access to a planar rift.
Oh no."
The Shrike. You think he might be studying a Daedric portal?
"I don't want to even consider it. Not until we have proof."

As you're walking away, Varuni sighs.

Provost Varuni Arvel: "I knew this wouldn't end well."

If you spared Chancellor Gascone Dusant, you return to the basilica to find that Varuni has finished talking with him:

"Welcome back. I was just having a little chat with former-chancellor Gascone. He insists he's told me everything, but I know him well enough to know he's still hiding something.
Honestly, I can barely stand to look at him."
He may be holding out for a better deal. He definitely knows things about our enemies.
Typical Gascone… always trying to oil his way out when his plots fall apart.
What did he tell you? Any specific leads we can follow up on?"
Gascone promised to deliver a key to Clavicus Vile, but crows stole it before he had the chance.
"The Congress of Calibration thanks you for your service. And on a personal note, I applaud your mercy. Gascone's an insufferable traitor, but he's still an apostle. Lord Seht always said we should take care of each other.
Take this, and my thanks."

If you chose to kill Chancellor Gascone Dusant, you return to the basilica to find Varuni and Luciana near the prison cell:

Provost Varuni Arvel: "Still nothing on the security coils? Where could he have gone?"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "He clearly fled the fortress - into the jaws of a fabricant, I hope."
"Finally! I've been pacing a hole in the floor since you left. An engine can only idle for so long, you know?
Did Luciana find you? Did you find that skeevaton, Gascone?"
I killed him. He sold the city out to Clavicus Vile.
"Gascone is dead? Well... he left us no choice, right? Good riddance, I suppose. I'll send some reclamation drones to collect his remains.
Now what's this about Clavicus Vile?
Gascone promised to deliver a key to Clavicus Vile, but crows stole it before he had the chance.
"The Clockwork City owes you a tremendous debt. Gascone's death is... was necessary to safeguard the people. Now we just have to follow the clues he left behind.
Please, take this. And my thanks."

Lost in the Gloam[edit]

When you approach, she'll say: "Crows, why crows?"

Speak with her to begin the quest.

"Obviously, we need to recover this mysterious key. I don't know where it is, or what it does, but if Daedric Princes intend to mount an invasion over it, we can't afford to let it slip through our fingers."
Where should we start?
"Gascone insisted that talking crows stole the key from him, right? We should start with them.
According to the constables, the birds started stealing things as soon as they arrived. I've never seen a crow before. Is that sort of thing unusual?"
The talking? Yes, that's very unusual.
"Hmm. Well, the fact that they arrived so soon after you revealed the Shadow is suspicious, but they seem more interested in simple mischief than anything else.
Ask around the Chancel of Transaction. Perhaps one of our constables can tell you more."
All right. I'll see what I can find out.
"The sermons never prepared us for something like this. Perhaps, when this is all over, Lord Seht can write an addendum on what to do when talking crows and Daedric monsters come calling."
Have you really never seen a crow before?
"Not until today, no. They're really quite beautiful—aside from the mocking, and stealing, and you know… defecating.
I read that birds come in all sorts of colors. Is that accurate?"
Yes, hundreds of breeds exist in Tamriel.
"Hundreds? Fascinating.
I'd very much like to see more of these birds. For research purposes, of course. Introducing a foreign species to Lord Seht's creation could result in all kinds of unforeseen errors and deviations."
If we defeat the Shadow, maybe you can visit Tamriel yourself.
"What? No, no, no. I have too many responsibilities here. And to leave Seht's side? It's an absurd suggestion. No offense, of course. Clockwork City is my home. I have no desire to leave. No desire at all.
Now we have work to do, right?"
Do you have any idea why the Daedra want this key?
"It clearly possesses some great power.
Keys exist to lock and unlock doors, right? I assume they want to unlock something."
Is there anything here in the Clockwork City they might want to unlock?
"We don't often rely upon locks, but I guess it's possible. Maybe an apostle's chest, or some lower sections of the Incarnatorium?"
What about Sotha Sil? Does he have something locked away?
"I really wouldn't know. What happens in the Cogitum Centralis remains a mystery to pretty much everyone.
But don't worry. If Lord Seht locked something away, no mere key could open it."
Are you sure about that?
I mean, I guess it's possible that... No. No, I'm certain."

After you've attempted to recover the skeleton key from the Blackfeather Court, the omnivox alarm will sound and you rush back to the basilica to find Divayth Fyr and her arguing.

Divayth Fyr: "What part of sealed don't you understand? The Shadow put a hex on the lift. Perhaps if we had the key you managed to lose..."
Provost Varuni Arvel: "Here we go again. I told you before, Lord Seht would never allow the Skeleton Key to enter the city. There must be another explanation."
Divayth Fyr: "Well, by all means, explain it to me. Just be sure to use small words. I wouldn't want you to strain yourself."
"By the gears, this Divayth Fyr is just... insufferable! Honestly, how do you put up with it?"
It's not easy. What's going on here.
"Just arguing for the most part. Lord Fyr has a difficult time with constructive criticism.
The Shadow locked us out of the Cogitum Centralis. Instead of exploring sensible, mechanical alternatives, Fyr's been firing off destructive spells."
And they haven't worked?
"Of course not. And what's worse, he's spitting out all kinds of blasphemous conspiracy theories. That kind of talk doesn't serve anyone.
Something about the Skeleton Key? I told him, Daedric artifacts can't enter the city."
He's actually correct. The Shadow took the Skeleton Key right out from under me.
"It did...? That... that doesn't make any sense. Daedric artifacts are profane illusions. Sotha Sil would never let something like that into the city."
You might need to rethink some of these notions, Varuni.
"I just... I just need to think. Go, talk to Luciana. I think she might have a plan."

The Light of Knowledge[edit]

Provost Varuni Arvel ruminating in the Elegiac Replication

Its an optional step of the quest, but you can meet a worried Varuni in Proctor Luciana's retreat.

"I can't stand seeing her like this. I always thought Luciana was, I don't know... indestructible. How could this happen?"
She held off a Daedric Prince, almost single-handedly.
"And the strain was too much. Yes, I've heard. I just thought with you there, and Lord Seht as well... I guess every spring comes unwound eventually, no matter how strong.
Do you think she'll live?"
If you chose to save Luciana
If you chose the Codex of Infinite Possibility
I asked Sotha Sil to heal her. She'll live.
"You what? And Lord Seht granted you this boon? I'm sorry, I shouldn't seem so shocked. You've done nothing but struggle and sacrifice for us since you arrived.
Thank you, my friend. With Luciana healed, the Clockwork City will flourish."
Her condition seems pretty grave. I'm not sure if she'll survive.
"Well, I know you did all you could to save her. Thank you for that, at least."
What will you do now?
"I'll remain here a while longer. I should stay at her side at least until the factotum shares its test results. We'll meet again soon, I'm sure."

After you've spoken to Sotha Sil in the Elegiac Replication and he disappears, Varuni will appear.

"He's gone, isn't he?"
Sotha Sil? Yes.
"I knew it.
I never got to speak to him. Can you believe that? A hundred years of loyal service and then, poof. Gone.
What would you have said to him?
"Ha. You know, I spent years rehearsing exactly what I would say. I stood in front of the mirror, saying it over and over. Lord Seht, I stand before you as your loyal servant. Prayers of thanks, supplications... on and on."
And now?
"Now? Now I have nothing but questions.
Why do we study in the basilica while people struggle in the streets? Why can't we have birds like the exodromals? How could Daedra break through our unbreakable walls? Why can't we leave?"
Do you think he'd have answers for you?
"I did yesterday. Today? I'm not so sure.
I have a lot of thinking to do. A lot of assumptions to challenge. Who knows... maybe that's what Seht wanted all along. I owe all this uncertainty to you."
You're welcome?
"You have my gratitude. Truly.
Uncertainty feels... it feels liberating. The world's never seemed so open. So fresh, you know? I sense a new adventure just beginning. Thank you, my friend, and farewell."
Provost Varuni Arvel: "I think I'll visit the memorial for awhile. It seems as good a place as any to be alone with my thoughts."

After this, Provost Varuni Arvel can be found in her quarters within the Clockwork Basilica. You will be unable to interact with her as she goes about her business.