Clockwork City


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(lore page)
Location Cogitum Centralis
Race Factotum Gender No Gender
Health 15,000
39,959 (In the All-Axle)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Projection
One partition of Aios

Aios (Automata Incarnum Overseer System) is a master factotum created by Sotha Sil to maintain and supervise substrata operations of the Clockwork City, as well as operate and manage the majority of the factotums in the City.

Various partitions are located around the Cogitum Centralis, which manifest themselves as a projection of a factotum. Aios is able to compile statistics, such as the Residential Logistics Log, able to determine the location of factotums and document when they go missing as in the Security Survey, and record conversations, such as an interview between Provost Varuni Arvel and Alienist Arolosea.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you first enter the cogitum:

Proctor Luciana Pullo: "One other thing. There's a master factotum down here called-"
Aios: "Greetings, I am Aios. Please be advised: the sacred Cogitum Centralis is currently sealed."
Aios: "I kindly encourage you to exit the Cogitum immediately. Thank you for your compliance."
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Not going to happen, Aios."

You can speak with it:

"Beginning entity analysis. Error. Entity exists outside known possipoints. Transitioning to general reception array.
What are you?
"I am Aios, the Automata Incarnum Overseer System. Master Sil created me to maintain and supervise the substrata operations of Clockwork City.
This partition can provide answers to class-seven queries only. Thank you for your understanding."
Your master is in danger. Let us through so we can help him.
"Assessing threats to Master Sil. Dreaming … open window. Sunlight through glass.
Threat analysis prepared: Prospect Numidium: negative. Prospect Almalexia: negative. Prospect Erasure: negative. No existential threat detected."
There is a threat! The Daedric Prince, Nocturnal!
"Accessing privatized threat-array. Dreaming … knee abrasion. Lullaby.
Threat located. Nocturnal. Ur-dra. Unfathomable Mistress of Shadows. Prospect registered. Risk level: moderate. Thank you for your concern."
Now can you help us?
"Motive evaluation complete. Non-hostile intent confirmed. Assistance threshold increased twenty percent. I can now provide advice and analysis.
A manual override is required to proceed. Lower automata still adhere to trespass protocols. Use caution."

Once the gate is down:

Aios: "Admonition: many of Master Sil's defenses still conform to strongbox protocols. Risk of severe laceration, incineration, and or disintegration remains high."'
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Thanks for the advice."

If spoken to before leaving:

"Please use caution. Chance of severe injury remains high in the chambers ahead."

Another partition can be found in the Halls of Convention:

"Environmental irregularities detected ahead. Point of origin: Oblivion. Daedric Prince Nocturnal threat level elevated to high."

Another partition can be found in charge of the gate:

"Greetings. This partition governs All-Axle operations and gate controls. How can I assist you?"
I need you to lower the gate that blocks our passage to the throne room.
"Evaluating access petition. Dreaming … raindrops on glass. Wood smoke.
Access granted. Please make swift progress to the throne room. Daedric corruption detected."

Speak to it before leaving and it'll only say:

"I have deactivated the gate. Please proceed to the throne room."

If spoken to before entering the throne room:

"Warning. Situation critical. Daedric threat rating increased to severe."
What's going on in there, Aios?
"I detect both a Daedric entity and a Daedric artifact in the throne room. Proximity to the Throne Aligned, and Master Sil, poses existential risk to City and all occupants.
Cleansing mechanisms offline. I urgently request that you intervene."
We'll stop the Shadow.
"Conducting confidence assessment. Dreaming … Deceased bird. Handkerchief.
Confidence assessment complete. Certainty rating does not meet credible acceptance threshold. Fail-safe preparations underway."
What does that mean?
"This partition is not authorized to discuss fail-safe protocol. Effects on non-divine persons' psyches deemed too dangerous by Master Sil.
Fail-safe will disengage if Daedric corruption is reduced to acceptable levels."
What is an acceptable level of Daedric corruption?
Farewell, and good luck."