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Shadow of Sotha Sil
Home City Brass Fortress
Location Sotha Sanctorium, Clockwork Basilica
The Throne Aligned, Cogitum Centralis
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Health 127,470 (Clockwork Basilica)
229,446 (Cogitum Centralis)
Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Condition Shadow
The Shadow of Sotha Sil in the Clockwork Basilica
The Shadow of Sotha Sil in The Throne Aligned

The Shadow of Sotha Sil is a shadowy duplication of Sotha Sil that has surreptitiously taken over his duties and rules over Clockwork. Notably, he is much colder in personality and arrogant than the actual Sotha Sil. He summons Tenebrous Shadows, which shield him from damage.

Related Quests[edit]


The Strangeness of Seht[edit]

Inside the Clockwork Basilica, the impostor Sotha Sil can be heard berating a disciple:

Sotha Sil: "No! No! No! It's wrong. It's all wrong! Go back and do it again."
Ernse Eldri: "I—I apologize, Lord Seht. Please, forgive my stupidity. I shall correct the survey at once!"
Sotha Sil: "I hope you will—for your sake. Next time you bring your living-god a Radial survey, you'd better make sure it's accurate!"

Ernse will run off in tears. If you speak to him,

"Yes, what is it? I have much to do. Much to attend to. Speak."
You're Sotha Sil?
"Of course I am. And you are Divayth Fyr's aide. Yes, I've heard a great deal about you. You struck a blow against corruption in my fortress, correct? You're to be commended.
Now, speak your business."
I just wanted to meet you.
"A worthy goal. Very worthy indeed. I am a god, after all.
Tell me—now that you've had the opportunity to meet me, how do I strike you?"
You're just as majestic as I imagined.
"Majestic. Yes. A fitting description.
You shall go far here in the Clockwork City, aide of Fyr. I pardon you for interrupting me and grant you my blessing. Go forth, and honor me, the Clockwork God, with your labors."
I'm a little underwhelmed.
"Underwhelmed? By me? Count your blessings that I have other matters to attend to, mortal. I have half a mind to show you just how powerful I am.
This city is mine! If you wish to dwell in it, I suggest you learn respect!"

Encouraged by a suspicious Divayth Fyr, the Shadow of Sotha Sil gives a speech to the Congress of Calibration:

"Greetings, Apostles. It seems I must disrupt your labors yet again.
My dear friend, Divayth Fyr, informed me that some of your number may be experimenting on my blessed factotums.
I will remind you yet again - my beloved factotums serve as an extension of my divine will. Accost them, and you accost me.
In the past, I have encouraged a child's curiosity and accepted minor blasphemies. But my generosity has limits.
Know this - any servant of the Clockwork God found tinkering with factotums shall face severe sanction.
In this place, my word shapes, constructs, and controls. My authority is absolute.
Keep to your modest experiments. Seek discovery outside the walls or in the confines of your own cloisters.
Such is the will of Seht - The Mainspring Ever-Wound. Obey.
Now. Are there any questions?"

When you shine the light on him, he screams:


Then he runs into his private quarters where he yells during combat:

"I am the Clockwork God! You will kneel before me!"

When defeated:

"Curse you, outsider! I will return!"

Lost in the Gloam[edit]

At the final chamber of the Incarnatorium, he will arise from the ground and pick up the Daedric artifact hidden by the Blackfeather Court:

"The Skeleton Key, at last."

He will then teleport away and summon a Wraith-of-Crows.

Where Shadows Lie[edit]

He will make various comments throughout your journey through the Cogitum Centralis:

"Following me, are you? Brave... and foolish."
"Managed to banish my shadows again? Relish the victory while you can. It will take more than lamps to keep me from the Throne Aligned."
"You should be thanking me. If you only knew the things Sotha Sil was capable of... you'd want to kill him too."
"You're close now... but not close enough. Now, I will unlock this fool from the Throne and claim what's mine!"

When you reach the Throne Aligned:

"I see I'll have to deal with you permanently to complete my task. No matter. Come then! Face the darkness!"

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Gloom Bolt
Shadow Slice
Quick Strike
Umbral Flare

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