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Bal Sunnar
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Group Dungeon
Discoverable Yes
Completion Objective
Dungeon Yes
# of Zones (?)
Daen SeethStonefalls
South of Senie
Instanced Dungeon
Min Level 45
Group Size 4
Bosses (?)
Mini-Bosses (?)
Veteran Speed Run Target (?) mins
Bal Sunnar

Bal Sunnar is a group dungeon in Stonefalls. It is a hidden town in the mountains subject to a temporal anomaly sending it through time.

It is included in the Scribes of Fate DLC alongside Scrivener's Hall. The entrance is located south of Senie.

Backstory Description[edit]

A mysterious temporal anomaly has drawn the Psijic Order to the dark elf tower at Bal Sunnar. What is the cause of the disturbance, what are the implications to Tamriel, and why are the local Dunmer so fearful and hostile to those trying to help? Whatever the cause, temporal magic is dangerous and the Psijic Order must contain this anomaly no matter the cost.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Bal Sunnar: Help Sarasea stop a temporal disturbance. / You helped contain the temporal disturbance.
  • Repeatable Pledge: Bal Sunnar: Please add a description for this quest


Bal Sunnar


Normal Enemies[edit]

Elite Enemies[edit]







Set Name Bonuses Armor Weight
Ritemaster's Bond

2 items: Adds 3-129 Magicka Recovery
3 items: Adds 4% Healing Done
4 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Magicka
5 items: Healing an ally within 12 meters with a Direct Heal creates a 15 meter tether between you for 10 seconds. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds. You and allies touching the tether are healed for 981 Health every second, scaling off the higher of your Max Magicka or Stamina. If you or an ally is overhealed by the tether, they gain Minor Heroism for 1.5 seconds.

Nix-Hound's Howl

2 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
3 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
4 items: Adds 3-129 Weapon and Spell Damage
5 items: Completing a Fully-Charged Heavy Attack, applies Major Cowardice to your target for 1 second per 1000 Weapon Damage you have, lowering their Weapon and Spell Damage by 430. You then gain Major Courage for the same duration, increasing your Weapon and Spell Damage by 430. This effect can occur once every 12 seconds. Current Durations Major Cowardice: 1 second Major Courage: 1 second

Telvanni Enforcer

2 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Stamina
3 items: Adds 28-1206 Maximum Health
4 items: Adds 25-1096 Maximum Magicka
5 items: While Bracing, increase your Magicka Recovery by 369. While you are not Bracing, increase your Stamina Recovery by 369.

Roksa the Warped

1 item: Adds 1-70 Stamina Recovery
1 item: Adds 1-70 Magicka Recovery
1 item: Adds 1-70 Health Recovery
2 items: Each second you are in combat, gain a stack of Darklight, up to 30 stacks max. Each stack of Darklight increases your Stamina Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Health Recovery by 8. Each second you are out of combat, lose a stack of Darklight.


There are (?) Achievements associated with this Dungeon:

Achievement Points Description Reward




  • The name translates to "Stone's Blessing" in Dark Elvish.
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