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ON-qico-Instance.png Investigate a rift at a mage's tower.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Daynillo Rethul
Location(s): Vivec City, Tel Fyr
Next Quest: Forging the Future
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience XP
ID: 6000
Go to Tel Fyr and offer your assistance.
I met an apprentice to Divayth Fyr in Vivec City, she mentioned an incident at her master's tower involving some kind of rift.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Daynillo Rethul at the Vivec City docks.
  2. Speak with Daynea Rethul inside the Halls of Fabrication.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You'll find Daynillo Rethul at the docks outside Vivec City. She tells you that she's an apprentice to Divayth Fyr, a powerful Telvanni wizard who is attempting to have his mushroom tower grown along Vvardenfell's eastern coast. While the workers were shaping the workshop beneath the tower, a rift opened up, and mechanical constructs began pouring out. Many of the workers were killed, and Daynea is waiting to talk to the Temple priests about Divayth Fyr's belief that the rift has a potential connection to the Living Gods. She instructs you to talk to her twin sister, Daynea, if you want to help out.

"It's beyond belief that the Temple keeps me waiting. Don't they realize that it's a courtesy that I'm here?"
You're someone of importance?
"My twin and I are apprentices to the great Divayth Fyr. I'm here on his behalf, to report to the priests about an incident which occurred near the growth site of his new tower, Tel Fyr."
What happened at Tel Fyr?
"A rift opened when we were shaping the workshop below the tower. Master Fyr believes there is a connection to the living gods. He's sure to explore the rift once his expedition is assembled.
My sister could tell you more if that interests you."
It does.

Make your way to the Halls of Fabrication, which is located in the center of the map, but Daynillo Rethul will allow you to take a cart nearby as a means of direct transport. You will need to enter the trial and speak with Daynea Rethul to complete the quest. She is located in the center of the tower. Here you will also be able to pick up the quest Forging the Future, but the Halls of Fabrication cannot be tackled alone and you will need to find a trial group to continue on any deeper.

"You I don't recognize. If you've come to see Master Fyr, he's preoccupied. Indefinitely."
I met your sister in Vivec City. She said I should speak to you about an expedition.
"Oh! Oh...of course Daynillo told you about that. Did she mention it's suicide? I'm sure she didn't.
I don't doubt Master Fyr will be fine passing through the rift, but anyone else? I'm not staking my life on it."
So you're not organizing the expedition?
"No, I told Master Fyr I wouldn't go. He just walked away. I...think he fired me? I'm just glad he didn't ask my sister.
If you have your heart set on an untimely death, Master Fyr's still intent on going."

Quest Stages[edit]

To Tel Fyr
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Daynillo Rethul said I should speak to her twin at Tel Fyr if I'm interested in joining her master's expedition into the rift.
Objective: Talk to Daynea Rethul
Objective Hint: There is a boat on the Vivec City docks that can take me to Tel Fyr. / Take the Boat to Tel Fyr
Finishes quest☑
Objective: Talk to Daynea Rethul
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