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Home Settlement Suran
Location Menaldinion's Clinic
Race High Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
15,000 (Outside of his clinic)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Menaldinion is a High Elf physician and member of the Mages Guild who can be found in his clinic in Suran. He is also the author of a somewhat slanderous note.

Related Quests[edit]


Before the quest:

"I keep normal consultation hours, but honestly, people just pop in whenever they feel like it. It's a bit disrespectful, don't you think?"

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you first finds Menaldinion in his clinic, he is all too eager to make a client out of you.

"Yes? I suppose you've come for a consultation. What is it? Unsightly warts? Poor eyesight? Flat feet, perhaps?"

If you play as a Khajiit he instead says this:

"Oh, a Khajiit! And a furry one too. How … delightful.
I suppose you've come for a consultation. What is it? Unsightly tail warts? Poor eyesight? a dull coat, perhaps?"
I'm here to talk about the town alchemist, Tilenra.
"You poor thing. Did one of her bizarre "herbal" cures cause worse pains than it cured?
Honestly, I've given some thought to drafting a letter to the Arch-Mage of the Guild. These herbalists and hedge witches really need some proper training."
So you don't practice any alchemy here?
"Of course not! Wait … are you another one of these bark-munching herbal apologists?
Tilenra's teas are not remedies! I'm sure she makes a delicious marinade and some very fine scented lotions for the ladies, but I'd hardly call that medicine."
Do you think there's any value in herbalism at all?
"None. Now see here—if she sent you to fish for an apology, she won't get it. I'll not apologize for the truth. Alchemy is a peasant's science. Sheer quackery!
Now go, and take this silly book with you! I'm sick of it cluttering up my shelf."

Speaking with him again:

"Why are you still here? Run along. Go back to your tea peddling friend. Shoo!"

Speaking with him before pouring the potion on the plants:

"Back again? Honestly, I've got important work to do. Real healing, unlike that alchemical quackery. Now, off with you!"

After you have finished sprinkling the plants just outside his front door with Tilenra's concoction, he'll immediately head outside and express his dissatisfaction with you 'snooping' outside his home.

Menaldinion: "What's going on out here?"
Menaldinion: "Snooping, ay? Why I have half a mind to …. Cats? Aghhh!"

Before he has a chance to finish, however, he is met with a crowd of cats that prompt him to flee back into his clinic, while a crowd of Dunmer cheer and laugh at him.

If you return to him (as a Khajiit) before talking to Tilenra to get the cure:

"Get away from me, you … you wretched scamp! Your fur is going to make it worse!"

If you return to him while not playing a Khajiit before getting the cure he will simply say:

"Get away from me, you … you wretched scamp!"

Understandably, he'll be less than pleased to see you inside his clinic when you head inside to offer him a means to alleviate his symptoms.

"Argh! Everything itches! Damnable cats!"
You don't look so good.
"Don't be coy. I know who's responsible for this travesty.
I never should have told that scheming witch about my allergy. What a low-born, wretched, undignified prank!"
She brewed a curative tea, but demands that you apologize.
"Apologize? To a grubby Telvanni piss-peddler? Are you deranged?
I shall report her! I shall … oh what's the use? Fine, she wins. Y'ffre's bones, what a monstrous injustice. Just give me that swill. This had better work."
I'll let her know you've agreed. Come out when you're ready.

If you speak with him again before you return to Tilenra, he'll say:

"Well, it tastes like roast guar drippings … but I do feel a bit better. Hmph. I can't believe I'm doing this."

True to his word, he soon after emerges from his clinic to offer his apologies to Tilenra, in front of a crowd of Dunmer and cats.

Menaldinion: "Tilenra, I wish to thank you for that … most efficacious tea."
Tilenra Sildreth: "And?"
Menaldinion: "Your alchemical skills yield impressive results."
Tilenra Sildreth: "And?"
Menaldinion: "It was rude of me to malign your alchemical practice. I … apologize."
Tilenra Sildreth: "Menaldinion, I forgive you. There's no reason for us to be at odds. We should try to cooperate, yes?"
Menaldinion: "Yes. Agreed. So, now that we're on good terms, can you please shoo these horrid creatures away from my clinic?"
Tilenra Sildreth: "Of course. I brewed just the thing."

After the quest:

"I promise, I'll never doubt the efficacy of alchemical practice again. Leech bloodletting though? Sheer quackery."