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Tilenra Sildreth
Home Settlement Suran
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 15,000
39,959 (At her shop)
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Tilenra Sildreth

Tilenra Sildreth is a Dark Elf herbalist of House Telvanni who can be found in Suran. She has a quest during which you can help save her business from a rude, Altmeri competitor.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

When you first encounter Tilenra, she is having a conversation with a long-time client who informs here that he and his wife won't be using her services anymore.

Tilenra Sildreth: "Not you, too? This is ridiculous!"
Bradil Delms: "I'm sorry, Tilenra, but my wife insists we try a real mage."

You can speak with her to start her quest and learn more about the problems that she has been encountering recently.

"There goes another client who's known me for years.
Not a proper mage, they say! Rubbish. By Vehk, if I get my hands on that fetcher from Summerset, I'll wring his scrawny golden neck."
What's going on?
"Just watching my business fall into ruin! People used to rely on me to heal their children and mend their injuries, but now it's all "Menaldinion this," and "Menaldinion that!" Damned Guild lackey.
He's even pinning up signs to slander my work!"
Why would a Mages Guild wizard try to steal your business?
"The cretin's saying I'm not a mage, but I am! I just happen to love alchemy.
He must think there's a lot of coin to be made here. The fool. If I get my hands on him I'll …. Sorry, Dark Elf temper. It's just that this business is my life."
Maybe I could talk to him. Perhaps it's all a misunderstanding.
"Thank you for helping me, sera. Honestly, it means a lot.
The rascal's name is Menaldinion. You'll find him sliming around that new shop of his—the gauche High Elf clinic just south of here."

At this point, you can also ask her some more questions.

Can you tell me more about Menaldinion?
"I thought a fellow mage would have more respect.
Oh, he started out all sweetness. Invited me to tea, asked about my business, even bought a copy of my latest book, "Teas and Tisanes for Aches and Pains." I can't believe I fell for his act."
Do you think he'll apologize and take those bills down?
"I doubt it. But my mother taught me I should always give people a chance to make aments. It helps ease the conscience after we wreak our revenge.
My mother was a very colorful woman."
That's very grim talk for a healer.
"What? Healers aren't permitted to deal out a bit of payback every now and then? I'm a Dark Elf. "Grim talk" is the official language in Morrowind, and vengeance is the national pastime.
A shame, though. He's really quite handsome … for an Altmer."
You said you were a Telvanni mage?
"I am. Quite highly ranked too. Surprised?
Not every Telvanni mage hides away in a mushroom. Many of us enjoy the company of our neighbors—until they start abandoning us for some insufferable Mages Guild peacock."
What drew you to studying alchemy?
"Alchemy teaches us the hidden potential of everyday things. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
People step over miracles all the time. Mushrooms that can ease a cough, or grasses that can mend a wound. Alchemy finds power in the mundane."

When you return to her, she reveals that she has already come up with a plan to teach her rude rival a lesson.

"Let me guess, Menaldinion was an insufferable ass and refused to apologize."
Pretty much. He told me to return this book to you too.
"Did he now? Ha! Well he'll certainly regret that.
I've cooked up a wonderful plan to teach him the value of alchemy, but I'll need your help. What do you say? Up for a bit of poetic justice?"
Maybe. What do you plan to do to him?
"Oh come on now, I'm not going to poison him.
I'm going to brew a potion that requires precise timing and freshly harvested lichen, the one that grows at the base of the emperor parasols. If you gather the lichen, I can focus on the instruments."
All right. I'll go gather the fresh lichen.

Once the conversation is over, she has some parting instructions for you.

Tilenra Sildreth: "Meet me near Menaldinion's house and we'll put my plan into action."

You can also speak to her before leaving, in which case she'll warn you to take care while you gather the ingredient that she requires.

"Be careful out there. All manner of beasts linger around those mushrooms."

When you return to her, she is eager to see you again and even more so to carry out her plan.

"There you are! Any luck finding the lichen? We'll need to be quick if we want full potency."
Yes, I've got the lichen right here.
You may have noticed an odor. It's subtle. Barely noticeable, in fact. But once I add it to the wickwheat and kwama shell solvent—Ha! The perfect pheromone for the common house cat."
Wait. Your revenge on Menaldinion is house cats?
"Surprised? He may have squeezed a few secrets out of me, but he revealed some facts about himself along the way. For instance, he's violently allergic to cats. Sprinkle this potion over the plants near his door, and the results should be dramatic."
All right. Here goes ….

Speaking to her again before pouring the potion:

"I can't wait to embarass that pompous goldenrod."

As you set off to sprinkle Menaldinion's plants with her concoction, she gloatingly says:

Tilenra: "Hope you packed a handkerchief, you smarmy bastard."

Once you have done as she asked and Menaldinion, who has come outside to investigate, is forced to retreat back inside, a very amused Tilenra informs you about the next phase of her plan.

"Oh, that was just—did you see the look on his face? Ayem's mercy, he certainly wasn't exaggerating about that allergy. What a buffoon!"
What now? Do we just leave him in there?
"No … as much as I'd like to. You know the healer's oath—do only moderate harm to those who cross you.
I brewed a tea that should alleviate his symptoms. You can give it to him, but only if he agrees to come out and make a public apology."
And if he refuses?
"Then leave him to his sniffles and blubbering. Patients tend to avoid healers covered in their own snot.
He can settle this business with his reputation intact. All he needs to do is apologize."

If you speak with her again before relieving Menaldinion of his symptoms, she has the following to say:

"I can't decide what's more satisfying—the thought of him making a public apology, or the thought of him curled up in a ball, sneezing his brains out."

She is eager to hear the outcome of your conversation with Menaldinion.

"So, did Menaldinion relent, or should we leave him to his wheezing?"
He agreed to come out and apologize.
"Thank goodness. Luring cats to his door everyday would have gotten awfully tiresome.
In the end he'll see it's for the best. Collaboration always yields better results than competition. You and I are proof of that, right? Thanks again, sera."

This ends the quest. However, she stays around long enough to accept Menaldinion's apologies.

Menaldinion: "Tilenra, I wish to thank you for that … most efficacious tea."
Tilenra Sildreth: "And?"
Menaldinion: "Your alchemical skills yield impressive results."
Tilenra Sildreth: "And?"
Menaldinion: "It was rude of me to malign your alchemical practice. I … apologize."
Tilenra Sildreth: "Menaldinion, I forgive you. There's no reason for us to be at odds. We should try to cooperate, yes?"
Menaldinion: "Yes. Agreed. So, now that we're on good terms, can you please shoo these horrid creatures away from my clinic?"
Tilenra Sildreth: "Of course. I brewed just the thing."

She then sprinkles yet another concoction over Menaldinion's plants, which indeed causes the crowd of cats to disperse. As she returns to her own clinic, she has some parting words for her new 'partner'.

Tilenra Sildreth: "Be seeing you, partner. Farewell."

After the quest:

"Two orders of cough syrup, three jars of burn cream … business is picking up already! Thanks again for the help, sera."


  • Despite the dialogue option offered to you to ask about her previously stating that she belongs to House Telvanni, she doesn't mention House Telvanni until you ask her about it.