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Help a Telvanni herbalist save her business from a Mages Guild upstart.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Quest Giver: Tilenra Sildreth
Location(s): Suran
Reward: Stained Alchemy Smock
Sir Socks's Ball of Yarn
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
ID: 5864
Tilenra needs your help to play a little trick on Menaldinion
Tilenra, a Telvanni healer and herbalist, has served the people of Suran for years. Unfortunately, a Mages Guild healer named Menaldinion has opened a shop of his own, and he's taken a keen interest in disrupting Tilenra's business.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Tilenra Sildreth.
  2. Talk to Menaldinion.
  3. Talk to Tilenra at her apothecary.
  4. Gather lichen from the emperor parasol mushrooms.
  5. Return to Tilenra.
  6. Talk to Menaldinion.
  7. Talk to Tilenra.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

"Cats? Aghhh!"

Near the North gate to Suran you can overhear a conversation between a mage and one of her customers. If you stop by and talk to the mage she will tell you that her customers are leaving because of a Mages Guild member named Menaldinion. She is a Telvanni mage and loves alchemy but her business is falling apart. So she asks for your help to deal with her problem.


  • Menaldinion's Advert lacks the typical golden glow of readable notes.


  • Entering the clinic after having obtained the potion fails the objective to pour it on the plants outside, requiring you to speak with Tilenra again. ?
  • Tilenra performs the pouring animation twice over itself during the scene after the quest completion. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Nothing to Sneeze At
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Tilenra asked me to talk to Menaldinion. Perhaps I can convince him to apologize to Tilenra and stop posting slanderous bills around town.
Objective: Talk to Menaldinion
Optional Step: Read Menaldinion's Advertisement
As expected, Menaldinion has no intention of apologizing for his rude behavior and libelous advertisements. I should talk to Tilenra to discuss her next move.
Objective: Talk to Tilenra
Tilenra plans to exact her revenge on Menaldinion by using a mysterious potion. She asked me to gather a vital ingredient—a lichen that grows at the base of the emperor parasol mushrooms.
Objective: Harvest Emperor Parasol Lichen
I gathered the lichen from an emperor parasol. I should meet with Tilenra near Menaldinion's clinic.
Objective: Talk to Tilenra
Apparently, Tilenra's mysterious potion is a potent cat lure. Given that Menaldinion is violently allergic to cats, things should get interesting. I need to only pour the mixture over the High Elf's plants and observe the results.
Objective: Pour the Potion on the Plants
Tilenra's potion worked perfectly. Menaldinion fled from the cats, sneezing all the while. I should talk to Tilenra about what to do next.
Objective: Talk to Tilenra
Tilenra gave me a tea that should alleviate Menaldinion's symptoms, but I'm only to give it to him if he agrees to make a public apology.
Objective: Talk to Menaldinion
Finishes quest☑ Menaldinion agreed to apologize. I should tell Tilenra that a public apology is forthcoming.
Objective: Talk to Tilenra
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