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Home Settlement Senie
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Morvani is a Dunmer and the daughter of Spellwright Girvas, the mayor of the settlement of Senie. Since the eruption of Ash Mountain, she has been missing.

Related Quests[edit]


Upon finding her:

"Someone came! Did Father send you?
I fell and twisted something. Damn my ankle!"
Lady Morvani, I presume?
"Are you mocking me? Yes, of course I am.
I'm trapped by lava flows and flaming shalks, and I can't walk. If I ever get home, I'm going to drink a whole bottle of sujamma."
Why are you out here?
"This was a shrine to the Three. I come out here to pray for Mother. She was taken from us a few years ago. She was the sweetest woman I've ever known. Some days I swear I can still hear her voice... anyway. I was out here when the eruption began."
Your father is very worried.
"Of course he is, the overprotective guar. Since we lost Mother he's tried to run my life for me.
I think I'll need two bottles of sujamma when I get home. Forget what Father says."

If you speak to her again before leaving, she'll say:

"Whatever you're going to do, just do it."

After you use Walks-in-Ash's signal, Grivas and the argonian appear and you hear the following exchange:

Walks-in-Ash : "You found Girvas' hatchling? Good."
Spellwright Girvas : "I've caught you bloody-handed, Argonian!"
Spellwright Girvas : "Morvani, are you … Lord, Mother, and Wizard! Are you all right?"
Morvani : "I'm going to be fine, father. Thanks to this traveler. Can we get me off of this rock now?"
Spellwright Girvas : "Hold on Morvani. I've got you."

Grivas will teleport Morvani off the islet and to him. Speak to her before speaking to her father and she'll say:

"Oh, great. This is all I need."

Speak to her after speking to her father, and she'll remark:

"It's almost funny, I've never seen Father frightened before. He even corrected great Vivec once!
Thank you again."