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Spellwright Girvas
Home Settlement Senie
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Spellwright Girvas

Spellwright Girvas is a Dunmer standing in the remnants of Senie.

Related Quests[edit]


First encounter:

"Why are you here, stranger?"
Soft-Scale made a salve to heal the peasants.
"That scale-back? I kept my tongue when times were good, but now when the town is weakened, he's suddenly helpful? This is just a trick."
Why don't you believe him?
"Because his people have taken my daughter, Morvani! She was doing chores for me, and now she's disappeared. One of the farmsteaders saw that Argonian Walks-in-Ash watching her. Who else could it be?"
There was an eruption. Couldn't that be the reason?
"Nonsense. We've lived in the shadow of Ash Mountain all our lives. We know its dangers. It was those Argonian savages. Find Walks-in-Ash. Then ask that scale-back where my daughter is."
I'll find Walks-in-Ash and your daughter.
"Return Morvani to me. Then maybe I'll see what Soft-Scale wants. Look for Walks-in-Ash in the ruins. The Three only know what she's doing."
Aren't we all allies now?
"We are in words and treaties. The moot might meet in peace, but we remember what the Argonians were like when we dragged them out of the muck. We know what they really are."
Right now, shouldn't you work together? Senie is burning.
"That's the calm man's choice, stranger. Without my daughter at my side, I don't give a damn whether some scale-backs are bleeding out in the ash!"

If you speak to him before leaving, he'll say:

"My servants say Walks-in-Ash is still in the ruins southwest of here. See if she has anything to do with Morvani's disappearance."

If you speak to him after speaking to Walks-in-Ash, he'll only remark:

"Morvani is not with you. You must find her."

After you use Walks-in-Ash's signal, Grivas and the argonian appear and you hear the following exchange:

Walks-in-Ash : "You found Girvas' hatchling? Good."
Spellwright Girvas : "I've caught you bloody-handed, Argonian!"
Spellwright Girvas : "Morvani, are you … Lord, Mother, and Wizard! Are you all right?"
Morvani : "I'm going to be fine, father. Thanks to this traveler. Can we get me off of this rock now?"
Spellwright Girvas : "Hold on Morvani. I've got you."

After he's realized you've saved Morvani:

"Traveler you... you found my daughter. In the midst of all this, you found my Morvani."
I wouldn't have found her without Walks-in-Ash.
"The Argonian helped you find her? Pah. Self interest and cunning, I'm sure. I'm...grateful just the same. Morvani means the world to me. Ever since her mother was taken from us."
Why do you hate Argonians so much?
"They have beastly, baser urges. It makes them hard to trust. When the swamp calls to them, they rise up against their neighbors and strike them down. Even the kindest, the most gentle, are not spared from their wrath."
Argonians killed your wife?
"It was before the signing of the Pact. The Argonians of Senie still served my neighbors as slaves. Several of them made a break for freedom, and... my Rainisi... she was just out for a stroll.
Ahem. But today Morvani lives. Thanks to you."
I'm glad I could help.
"Yes, well. Ahem. I thank you for all you've done here today, traveler. My daughter is safe, and I must...reluctantly...admit that the Argonian may have played a part.
May Lord, Mother, and Wizard all guard you on your journey."

Speak to him once more before departing and he'll tell you:

"Thank you again, traveler."