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Home Settlement Senie
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Soft-Scale is an Argonian standing in the remnants of Senie. He will offer his medicinal knowledge of making poultices for the injured townsfolk of Senie, and needs your help to distribute the potions.

Related Quests[edit]


Upon Approach:

"Stranger, you have come at a bad time. The ground bleeds, and many are hurt. If you wish my time, first you must help."
How can I help?
"I can ease the pains of those touched by the burning earth, but I cannot get the ingredients. And these guar brained Dunmer won't agree to help or be helped by an Argonian."
What kind of ingredients do you need?
"To fight fire, one must use fire. I need chitin from the shalks that came from the lava. They roam the village now. Bring the chitin to me. I will prepare it."
I'll collect some shalk chitin for you.
"Shalk wander the streets. That makes them easier to find, but harder to kill. If we aid his people, Girvas must admit we do not intend to kill and eat them."
Why don't the Dunmer trust you?/Why do the Dunmer think you want to kill them?
"Once my people were their slaves. They were not kind masters, and now they are not masters at all. Blood was spilled. Words and promises between our leaders is not enough to cleanse the stream."
The Dunmer enslaved the Argonians?
"Yes. Perhaps your elders didn't teach you these things. They stole us from Black Marsh so we could pick their saltrice, tend their kwama, and scrub their floors."
How did they justify this?
"You do not justify when you can just act. We had no armies, no roads, no crop fields...none of the accomplishments Dunmer call 'civilized.' We were beasts in the swamp, but now, they must share power with us."

Bringing him the chitin:

"You are not of Senie. Your scales bear stains of soot, and you smell of smoke and flame.
What brings you here?"
I have some shalk chitin for you.
"I offer my gratitude. Please wait. I'll make a poultice to soothe the burns of the injured. I'll need you to use it on them."
Why me? Can you apply it?
"The Dunmer don't trust Argonians, especially me and my egg sister, Walks-in-Ash. They fear we'll harm them.
You are a stranger, so they may let you heal their wounds."
That's all? Just heal people?
"There is more. When you are done, go to Spellwright Girvas. Let him now we made this salve to help. Perhaps he will see we are not his enemy."

If you speak to him after helping the peasants, he'll remark:

"You've cured the injured? Then speak to Girvas.
Tell him of the goodwill of my people. He is still in the center of town, or at least what remains of it."

Speak to him after speaking to Girvas and Soft-Scale will immediately defend his friend against Girvas' accusations:

"Girvas is wrong. Walks-in-Ash would never abduct a Dunmer.
If anything, she would slay the Dunmer and display its corpse with pride."

After the quest is complete, he'll say:

"The wind bears the scent of burning metal. I fear there are darker days ahead."


  • If another player triggers another instance of Soft-Scale, that instance will appear as Argonian Slave.[verification needed — see talk page]