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Aid a town in the wake of a volcanic eruption.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Senie — Restore trust between Argonians and Dunmer in Senie.
Quest Giver: Soft-Scale, Guraf Hroason, Rorygg, or Aeridi
Location(s): Senie
Reward: Cured Kwama Leggings
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 3592
Aid the injured peasants
A volcanic eruption and an infestation of shalks have devastated the town of Senie. The townsfolk are wounded, but distrust between Dark Elves and Argonians delay efforts to heal them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to any of the four quest givers in Senie.
  2. Hunt down six shalk and collect their chitin.
  3. Talk to Soft-Scale and collect the poultices.
  4. Heal six peasants.
  5. Speak to Spellwright Girvas.
  6. Speak to Walks-in-Ash.
  7. Find and rescue Morvani.
  8. Return to Girvas for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Shalk Hunting[edit]

Upon arriving in the town of Senie, you'll find it to be little more than a charred ruin. The recent eruption of nearby Ash Mountain destroyed the town, leaving many injured. Speak to Soft-Scale to begin this quest. Alternatively you can also talk to Guraf Hroason, Rorygg, or Aeridi. They all inform you that you need to collect six samples of shalk chitin so that Soft-Scale can create some poultices to treat lava burns. As the shalk now roam the streets, collecting the chitin should be easy. Return to Soft-Scale, and he will ask you to help heal the injured Dunmer peasants, as they don't trust the Argonians.

Healing the Peasants[edit]

Injured peasants are scattered around town, although it may be difficult to get to them due to the shalk. Each one is being treated by an apothecary. When you heal a peasant, they will say, "An Argonian savage made this?" and both they and the apothecary will run off. Don't bother trying to follow as they will disappear shortly. Repeat until you have healed six.

A Missing Daughter[edit]

After healing the peasants, speak to Spellwright Girvas, who is unappreciative of Soft-Scale's help and is convinced that another Argonian, Walks-in-Ash, is responsible for his daughter Morvani disappearing. Speak to Walks-in-Ash to learn that Morvani was seen walking out of town just prior to the eruption. Walks-in-Ash will give you a signal fire to use once you've found Morvani. Follow your map marker away from town and you'll eventually find Morvani stranded on an island in a lake of lava, next to a large shrine to Almsivi. Talk to her to learn that her ankle is twisted, and use your signal to summon Walks-in-Ash. She will come running, followed closely by a suspicious Girvas. Girvas will then cast a spell to bring his daughter to safety. Speak with him to earn your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Proving Trust
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
An Argonian named Soft-Scale knows of a salve that will soothe the burns of injured Dunmer. He needs the proper ingredients to make it. The key ingredient is chitin from the lavawalker shalks infesting Senie.
Objective: Collect Shalk Chitin: 0/6
I've recovered the chitin required for the cure. I should deliver it to an Argonian named Soft-Scale. He's in the temple on the north side of Senie.
Objective: Talk to Soft-Scale
Soft-Scale has ground the shalk chitin I collected into medicinal poultices. Injured Dunmer are suffering throughout Senie. I need to use the medicine on them. Soft-Scale also instructed me to speak with Spellwright Girvas.
Objective: Heal Peasants: 0/6
I've used the Argonian poultice to heal a number of Dunmer injured by the eruption and the shalk invasion. I should seek out Spellwright Girvas and tell him of the aid the Argonians provided.
Objective: Talk to Spellwright Girvas
I told Spellwright Girvas of the aid the Argonians provided, but he's paranoid and suspicious. He fears an Argonian shaman named Walks-in-Ash has taken his daughter. If I can reassure him, he'll talk to the Argonian leaders in Senie.
Objective: Talk to Walks-in-Ash
Walks-in-Ash thought she saw Morvani walking out of town before the volcano erupted. I should go west to the base of Ash Mountain to see if I can find her.
Objective: Find Morvani
I've found Morvani. I should use the signal near Morvani's location so Walks-in-Ash can find us.
Objective: Use Walks-in-Ash's Signal
I set off the signal. I should wait for Walks-in-Ash to arrive.
Objective: See Morvani Safely Off the Island
I've found the missing Morvani. Both her father Girvas and the Argonian shaman Walks-in-Ash arrived when I used the signal. I should speak to the Spellwright.
Objective: Talk to Spellwright Girvas
☑Finishes quest Girvas and his daughter have been re-united. I should speak to him again.
Objective: Talk to Spellwright Girvas