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Home Settlement Senie
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Rorygg is a Nord found in the settlement of Senie. He's standing at the eastern end of the bridge outside of town.


"Amazing. This is what it takes to get the Dark Elves working with the Argonians? An erupting volcano?"

Why are the Dunmer and Argonians arguing?

"Bad blood. I thought everyone knew that. Back before the Ebonheart Pact was formed, Dark Elves enslaved Argonians. They raided the Black Marsh and brought the captives up here to work."

The Argonians must still resent that.

"Sure, but the bigger problem is the Dunmer. They used to be lords and masters until the Pact was formed. Now all of the sudden, the Argonians are free and everyone is equal."

So the former slaveholders are having trouble adjusting.

"Ha! Spoken like a courtier. You know, just saying everyone is friends doesn't make it so. Forming the Pact was a battle, and there are still many sides to it."

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