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Beron Telvanni
Home Settlement Heimlyn Keep
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Beron Telvanni

Beron Telvanni is a Dark Elf of House Telvanni found in the settlement of Heimlyn Keep. He is the husband of Merarii Telvanni, and has a house located within the Keep. He and his wife are charged with caring for the Heimlyn Keep Reliquary, which their House has done for centuries.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Curse of Heimlyn Keep[edit]

He will be examining a Cursed citizen at the camp outside the keep:

"Damn the ancients, their hubris."

Speaking to him to find out that the Covenant has disturbed the Chimer spirits:

"Careful, traveler. A curse is loose on Heimlyn Keep. You walk her paths at your own peril."
What happened here?
"A troop of Covenant soldiers happened upon the Keep. They attacked, thinking we were a military outpost. We tried to fend them off, but they fought past our defenses and managed to enter the vault. They smashed a relic, and unleashed the curse."
Is there any way I can help?
"We've made a potion to help the afflicted, but we've run out, and we need components to make more.
Gather spectral essences by slaying cursed spirits, and collect tainted hearts from the dead. Then take them south to Merarii."
I'll see it done.

You can ask him further questions:

"I must attend to the afflicted here. My wife, Merarii, could use your assistance.
Disrupt the spirits and gather their dead hearts. It's grim work, but it must be done."
What is this curse?
"I'm not entirely sure. Some ghost of the past. Heimlyn Keep sits atop a reliquary. We tend a archive of ancient magics, weapons, and relics. Even we, her stewards, don't know all that lies below."
What does the curse do?
"It's like a disease that weakens and saps your life force. It's fast, and it's deadly.
And you don't just die. Your soul comes back as a dire apparition. That's foul, ancient magic."
This isn't a military outpost?
"That's the irony. We are researchers, scholars in pursuit of knowledge. We used our spellcasting might to hold our own against the Daggers. But if they had not released the curse, odds are we would all be dead."
Why are the Telvanni here?
"House Telvanni hasn't joined the Ebonheart Pact, but we still have responsibilities in central Morrowind.
We've kept watch over the reliquary under Heimlyn Keep for generations."

After finding the components:

"Excellent. Take those components to my wife, Merarii.
She's in the keep to the south."

While you are evacuating the civilians to safety:

"A totem? My wife has always been creative.
Save who you can. I'll take over treatment when they get here."

Before you rescue the Covenant soldier:

"A totem, eh? My lovely Merarii, innovating again.
Save who you can. I'll do what I can when they get here."

After helping Merarii get the civilians to safety and turning in the quest:

"Almalexia bless you for getting those people to safety.
Now head back to Merarii. By now, she doubtless has some new idea of how to deal with this curse."

What Was Done Must Be Undone[edit]

Beron Telvanni will be present with his wife outside the entrance to the reliquary vault after you've vanquished the curse.

"The curse has been driven back into the reliquary. The afflicted are recovering.
I assume we have you to thank for this?"
Yes. The spellplague curse is broken.
"Two of the Telvanni are grateful to you. I'll spread word of your deeds to the others.
Should you have need of us again, just ask. Until then, may Vivec guide your path."

After the quest is completed:

"The Telvanni are the last source of power and comfort here at Heimlyn. Our duty lies here, but I sense yours will take you elsewhere.
Walk with the Three."