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Enter the Reliquary and end the curse of Heimlyn Keep.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Heimlyn Keep — Break the curse of Heimlyn Keep.
Quest Giver: Merarii Telvanni
Location(s): Heimlyn Keep
Prerequisite Quest: The Curse of Heimlyn Keep
Reward: Telvanni Spellhood of the Sun
Average Leveled Gold
Adras and Redrasa facing the source of the Spellplague
I've helped the survivors at Heimlyn Keep. Now I need to end the curse. Its mystical corruption emanates from a Telvanni reliquary.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Keeper Vildras
  2. Open the Soul Cages of Adras Velae and Rendrasa Malena and defeat them
  3. Use the Shattered Ritual Focus in the Relic Chamber and defeat Mendicant Sulinor
  4. Talk to Keeper Vildras
  5. Talk to Beron Telvanni

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Now that the civilians have been taken care of, it's time to dispel the curse once and for all. Merarii instructs you to go into the reliquary and speak with the vault's awakened guardian, a spirit by the name of Keeper Vildras. Enter the reliquary, find him, and speak with him.
Keeper Vildras is just inside the reliquary. He warns you of the curse, but telling him you were sent by the Telvanni puts him at ease. He tells you that the source of the spellplague is within the reliquary's hidden chamber, but the portal that provides access to said chamber has been disrupted. You need to open the spell cages of both of the mages responsible for the curse, defeat them in battle to bind them, and return to Vildras.
Each progenitor is down a hall in their own room. Their rooms are right next to each other, so they're hard to miss. Defeat them and return to Keeper Vildras. The three spirits will open the portal to the reliquary's hidden chamber. Enter the portal and use the Shattered Ritual Focus to reveal the source of the spellplague, Mendicant Sulinor, so that you may defeat him. Once the Mendicant is defeated, speak with Keeper Vildras, who tells you that you must spread the news that the curse has been broken. Go outside and let Beron Telvanni know that the ordeal is over, and accept your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

What Was Done Must Be Undone
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Merarii Telvanni believes the key to unraveling this magical corruption lies with Keeper Vildras, the guardian of the reliquary. I should enter the reliquary and seek him out.
Objective: Enter the Reliquary
Merarii Telvanni believes the key to unraveling this magical corruption lies with Keeper Vildras, the guardian of the reliquary. I need to seek him out and find out if he will help us.
Objective: Talk to the Reliquary Keeper
Keeper Vildras believes the way to cleanse the curse is by summoning and defeating its creators, Rendrasa Malena and Adras Velae. I need to open their soul cages to summon and disrupt them.
Objective: Defeat Adras Velae
Objective: Defeat Rendrasa Malena
Objective Hint: Open Rendrasa's Soul Cage
Objective Hint: Open Andras' Soul Cage
Keeper Vildras and the mages who created the curse are in position. I need to speak with Keeper Vildras.
Objective: Talk to Keeper Vildras
I can use the Relic Chamber to travel to the hidden vault.
Objective: Use the Portal to the Relic Chamber
I must destroy whatever creature or power is fueling the spellplague curse.
Objective: Confront the Power Behind the Curse
I need to disrupt the remaining ritual components to summon the power behind the spellplague.
Objective: Use Shattered Ritual Focus
I've defeated the power fueling the spellplague. I should return and speak to Keeper Vildras.
Objective: Talk to Keeper Vildras
I should head back to the Keep to let people know that the curse is broken.
Objective: Exit Reliquary
☑Finishes quest The spellplague has been dispelled, and Keeper Vildras bade me farewell. I should speak with Beron Telvanni before I leave Heimlyn.
Objective: Talk to Beron Telvanni