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Keeper Vildras
Location Heimlyn Keep
Race Chimer Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Keeper Vildras' spirit

Keeper Vildras is a Chimer spirit and the guardian of the reliquary located beneath Heimlyn Keep.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

He will be waiting inside the reliquary:

"You shouldn't be here. A terrible curse afflicts these halls."
Merarii sent me to help.
"Then I welcome you, Telvanni-chosen.
The spellplague emanates from the hidden chamber. Normally a portal provides access, but the curse has disrupted it."
How do we open the portal again?
"We must force the dead mages who created this curse to help us.
Crack open the spell cages holding Rendrasa Malena and Adras Velae. Summon them, fight them, bind them. Then find me."
I'll summon, defeat, and bind the mages.

After agreeing to help, you can ask him about the curse.

"Open the spell cages of the ancient sorcerers. When they appear, defeat them."
Can you tell me the tale of the curse?
"Indeed. Long ago, when our people were still Chimer, this land was known as Veloth.
The Chimer revered the Daedra, but they despised the agnostic clans of Elves called Dwemer. The Chimer and Dwemer clashed again and again."
Go on.
"Terrible weapons were made and used. The spellplague was one such weapon. It was created by two mendicant mages who worshiped the Daedric Prince Namira."
That couldn't be good.
"This curse was terrible, and worse, uncontrollable. The Chimer lords bound the curse in a hidden vault, then slew Rendrasa Malena and Adras Velae and imprisoned them with their wicked creation."

Once you've defeated the sorcerers, you can return to Vildras.

"The creators of the curse have been invoked. Now we can put an end to this catastrophe."
I'm ready.
"When the portal is open, enter the hidden chamber. Dispel the remnant of the ancient magics. Confront whatever powers the curse.
Even I don't know what you must face within."
I'm ready to face whatever is in there.

Before going in the portal:

"The way is open.
Go on. End this."

After Mendicant Sulinor is defeated:

"I sense change. The curse retreats, broken. You've succeeded?"
It's done.
"The curse has been broken. No more will the spellplague corrupt the heart of Stonefalls.
Beron Telvanni must be told."
I'll spread the news.

He will then go back to his rest.