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Master Shelreni
Location Tel Rendys
House Tel Baro
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Telvanni
Master Shelreni

Master Shelreni Baro is a Dark Elf and member of House Telvanni, she is quite young for a Telvanni Master and is ambitious to go even higher. She is first encountered at Tel Rendys along with her Dusksaber allies, where she is trying to access the tower.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Spirit of Fate[edit]

While completing Fate's Proxy, Leramil the Wise will have you investigate three locations around the Telvanni Peninsula. One of these locations will be Tel Rendys where she accompanies you herself. Once you arrive, you will find various atronachs roaming the area while the Dusksabers fight them off. You can head to the camp set up in the middle of the area, where you will find Master Shelreni in conversation with Dusk Captain Zenfis:

Dusk Captain Zenfis: "Master Shelreni, the tower's defenses continue to oppose us."
Master Shelreni: "Meln was thorough, I'll give him that. Any word from the tower?"
Dusk Captain Zenfis: "No progress yet. I'll keep you informed."
Master Shelreni: "See that you do, captain. You there, come forward. You aren't with the Dusksabers."
<Dusk Captain Zenfis walks away.>
Leramil the Wise: "A Telvanni master. Speak with her, proxy."

Speak with her to see what is going on:

"I expected to have Tel Rendys all to myself today. And you're certainly not one of Captain Zenfis's vampire mercenaries. So who are you and why have you come to this tower?"
I'm [PlayerName]. We heard the place was abandoned.
"Abandoned, yes, but not without its defenses. Tel Rendys is a dangerous place, f'lah. I advise you not to interfere with the Dusksabers. And it seems Meln the Mouthless left Tel Rendys well protected, as my mercenaries can testify."
Meln the Mouthless?
"Oh, the Telvanni magister who owned this place. He's been missing for decades. The old fool possessed a book that I very much want to add to my library. Scavenge if you will, as long as you understand the book is mine.
Now, why are you really here?"

You have the option of telling the truth or lying:

Hermaeus Mora sent us to investigate this place.
"Indeed? You don't look like a Daedric cultist. Running errands for Daedra is frowned upon in most lands, but I appreciate your honesty.
My Dusksabers are stymied. And Meln warded his tower against other Telvanni such as myself. Perhaps you can help."
What kind of help do you need?
"Find a way into the tower and breach Meln's defenses so I can recover the book I seek. You can then attend to your business … with the gratitude of a Telvanni master.
So what do you say? Do we have an agreement?"
We'll help find a way into the tower.
[Lie] Like you surmised, we're here to scavenge whatever we can from the abandoned tower.
"Hmm. A capable adventurer might be just what I need. The wards of Tel Rendys are intended to keep out other Telvanni wizards, myself included. And since my Dusksabers are stymied, I have a proposition for you."
What kind of proposition?
"Find a way into the tower and breach Meln's defenses so I can recover the book I seek. You can then attend to your business … with the gratitude of a Telvanni master.
So what do you say? Do we have an agreement?"
We'll help find a way into the tower.

After you agree to help, you can ask some more questions. Depending on previous quest completed, you will have additional options unlocked:

"I suggest you begin with the old Tel Rendys Hall, to the southwest of this camp. Captain Zenfis reports that his Dusksabers are having a difficult time there.
If you can succeed where they have so far failed, I will make it worth your while."
If you completed Eye of Fate:
The Dusksabers. Did you hire them to seize Hermaeus Mora's Emerald Glyphic? / I see Dusksabers here. Did you send them to seize Hermaeus Mora's glyphics?
"Hmm. I collect arcane relics, f'lah. It's something of an obsession of mine. I send the Dusksabers to recover a great many things.
A glyphic, you say? I'd have to check my ledger. There are so many items on my list."
The Dusksabers killed many of Hermaeus Mora's followers to attain the glyphic.
"Are you sure it was the Dusksabers? In my experience, it's hard to tell one vampire from another. It's why I insist that Captain Zenfis wear a name tag.
I never tell the Dusksabers how to do a job I hire them for. Mercenaries—what can you do?"
You're working with vampires?
"The Dusksabers? They're mercenaries, f'lah. Efficient, capable, and rather expensive, but I believe in hiring the very best.
No need to worry. They won't bite anyone unless I pay them to."
Tell me a little more about yourself.
"An appeal to my vanity? How charming. And clever. We Telvanni think highly of ourselves and enjoy sharing.
I'm an accomplished mage, as you might guess. And I have more than earned the right to wear a master's hood. In fact, I should be a magister."
A magister?
"The next rank up in the house, which will allow me to challenge the archmagister. I expect to be awarded the rank soon enough.
Now, don't you have a tower to break into?"
If you completed both Fate's Lost Dream and Keeper of the Fate:
Have not completed Keeper of the Fate or Fate's Lost Dream:
I found your instructions at Alavelis. What were you doing there?
"My business is my own, but if you must know, I recently purchased a shuttered malachite mine there and put it back into operation. I'm not surprised you found some of my correspondence. I regularly exchanged letters with the overseer I hired."
You instructed Hidden Kindred cultists to build a gate in the mine. The villagers wound up dead.
"I instructed my work crew to set up an arcane experiment. Nothing dangerous. If the overseer I hired employed Daedric cultists, it was without my knowledge or consent. And I rarely order my hirelings to commit violence, let alone kill anyone."
Do you know a Dremora named Torvesard? He stole a relic from the Necrom Necropolis.
"In some quarters it's impolite to ask about such things. I'm a Telvanni master—I know many Dremora. My dealings with them are not your concern. But if you must know, I had no part in whatever happened in Necrom.
Now, assist me or leave this place."
What do you know about Necrom Necropolis or the village of Alavelis?
"The Necropolis? My favorite ancestor is buried there. That reminds me. I owe her a visit. As for Alavelis, I recently bought the glass mine there. I'm trying to get it operational, but it may be a lost cause.
You ask the strangest questions, f'lah."

If you only completed Keeper of Fate:

Have you seen Hidden Kindred cultists here? Or a Dremore named Torvesard?
"There are no cultists here. Only my Dusksabers and the defenders Meln the Mouthless left behind. But I am curious about how you are acquainted with Torvesard. Where did you encounter him?"
Torvesard worked with the Hidden Kindred to steal a relic from the Necrom Necropolis. You know him?

"In some quarters it's impolite to ask about such things. I'm a Telvanni master—I know many Dremora. My dealings with them are not your concern. But if you must know, I had no part in whatever happened in Necrom.

You and Leramil then enter the tower and manage bring down the wards to the upper levels. Meln's spirit will be waiting to speak with you, and explains several things. Firstly, Master Shelreni murdered him several years ago while trying to steal the Black Book he had in his possession. He managed to kick her out and bring up the wards in his last moments. Secondly, you and Leramil just brought down the wards and he wants your help to keep the book from her.

After Leramil believes it is a good idea support Meln's plan, Master Shelreni will crash the party:

Leramil the Wise: "The thread becomes clear. Hermaeus Mora sent us to recover the Black Book."
Master Shelreni: "The Black Book is mine! And with this soul gem, I also have this miserable spirit. Meln comes with me!"
<Master Shelreni uses a soul gem to capture Meln.>
Meln the Mouthless: "And I thought this day couldn't get any worse."
<Meln is captured and Master Shelreni leaves.>
Leramil the Wise: "I knew a Telvanni master would be formidable. Come, proxy, we have plans to make."

You and Leramil investigate the sanctum and then head to Tel Vara where you find Shelreni's mouth, Mouth Vabdru. After helping him with an issue, he gives you access to the Tel Baro Insignia which let you enter Tel Baro. When you access the tower proper you will overhear Master Shelreni speaking with Torvesard:

Master Shelreni: "Meln is in my power, Torvesard. He'll unlock the Black Book soon enough."
Torvesard: "He better, Shelreni. We need the rite hidden within The Tormenting Eye or else all is for naught."
Master Shelreni: "Tell the Princes. I'll uphold my end of the bargain. I expect them to uphold theirs."

When you enter the sanctum, you will find Master Shelreni yelling at the soul gem that holds Meln:

Master Shelreni: "I have no time for obstinate ghosts. You will give me access to the Black Book when I return—or else!"
<Shelreni then leaves the room, Meln's spirit appears once she is gone.>
Meln the Mouthless: "Over here! Quickly, before Shelreni comes back!"

You then take Meln's Soul Gem and rescue him, which results in him being recruited to your cause.

Conclave of Fate[edit]

After the events of A Hidden Fate, you can return the Necrom Bindery where Curate Gadayn has some news. The Assembly of Masters has learnt of Master Shelreni's recent actions, and plan to call a conclave so they may strip her of her rank and remove her from House Telvanni. However before you can attend the conclave, Meln advises you need to hide your connections to Hermaeus Mora before you attend. You return to Tel Rendys where Meln assists you with creating the Cloak of Omission which will hid you from most forms of scrying.

When you enter Tel Huulen in Ald Isra, you will find a panicking Mouth Vabru who is barred entry from the conclave. Speaking with him, you learn he is trying to warn the conclave that Master Shelreni plans to kill all the master who oppose her with the assistance of the two Daedric Princes who she has ties to. Once inside, you meet up with Gadayn and Meln disables the wards so you can enter the Assembly room. Acting as Meln's proxy, you speak with Magister Gothren who takes your report but insists they have the issue handled.

After questioning some of the masters, you head to the side room where Master Shelreni is being held by Master Marena. However, the room is empty with only a vial covered in purple smoke remaining, when you examine it, Meln assists you:

Meln the Mouthless: "That's pure essence of dream. Let me cast a spell to see what happened here."
<He casts a spell, the world becomes blue tinged and a vision of Masters Shelreni and Marena can be seen. Master Marena is tied up while Shelreni is free.>
Master Marena: "What … what was that?"
Master Shelreni: "Just a little gift from the Prince of Dreams. Soon you will do exactly as I say."
Master Marena: "You … you won't get away with this."
Master Shelreni: "I already have. And with your help, I'll get away with so much more."
Master Shelreni: "Now let's go attend the conclave. My ascension requires participants—willing or otherwise."
The vision disappears.>
Meln the Mouthless: "We must get to the conclave! It's held in the masters' private hall to the north."

Entering the private hall, you will find the proceeding have already started and Master Shelreni is on the stand:

Magister Gothren: "Master Shelreni, you stand accused of conspiring against your fellow Telvanni, murdering Meln the Mouthless, and consorting with Daedric Princes. How do you plead?"
Master Shelreni: "A Telvanni doesn't plead."
<Master Shelreni points her hand and Master Marena rises from her chair covered in chains.>
Master Shelreni: "But I will kill you all before I take my sacrifice and depart."
Master Marena: "Help me, magister!"
Magister Gothren: "Shelreni! Cease your actions this instant!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Use my ghost sight to disable the wards and get down there!"

Once you get downstairs, Master Shelreni will turn to face you:

Master Shelreni: "You again? If these fools can't stop me, what hope do you have?"
<She first a wave of purple magic which knocks you over and you black out.>

After you regain conciousness, Magister Gothren will want to speak with you. He explains that he was able to deflect Shelreni's attack while the other masters escaped and has also stablised the portal entered with Marena. He does not care what happens to Marena but requests that you kill Shelreni. Entering the portal, you find it is the Shrine to Vaermina that you first visited as one of Mora's memories. Along the way you can find Shelreni's notes about Torversard and the restoration of Vaermina's statue.

Once entering the room housing the shrine, you will find Master Shelreni has started the Black Book ritual while using Master Marena as the sacrifice and the statue as the focus:

Blightcrown: "Ingenious, Torvesard! Using the restored memory to open a path to Apocrypha. All we need now is for Shelreni to finish the rite and perform the sacrifice."
Meln the Mouthless: "Shelreni's using the restored statue as a focus for her rite."
Master Shelreni: "Mora's minions! You will not interfere!"
<At this an Aspect of Vaermina is summoned.>
Meln the Mouthless: "An aspect of Vaermina? That's not good."
Aspect of Vaermina: "Away agents of fate! This vessel will help me restore what was taken from us all!"

Once you have defeated the Aspect of Vaermina, you will be able to free Master Marena:

Curate Gadayn: "Now, friend! Free Marena from the binding!"
<Master Marena is freed and immediately flees.>
Master Marena: "Daedric magic is unstable! Save yourselves!"
Master Shelreni: "No! Not when we're so close!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Close my Black Book and take it! That should end the rite."

You can then close the book and retrieve it, and see how your enemies react:

Master Shelreni: "Taking the Black Book won't stop us. And one of you will serve just as well as a sacrifice."
Blightcrown: "No need to involve outsiders, Shelreni."
<Blightcrown backstabs Master Shelreni and she dies.>
Blightcrown: "Prince Vaermina accepts your sacrifice and deems you a worthy vessel!"
<Vaermina possesses the corpse and she floats in the air as a poral to Apocrypha opens.>
Torvesard: "I regret the bloodshed, but soon Mora's injustice will be undone."
Vaermina: "With this vessel, I can enter Apocrypha and strike at Mora's heart! With me, my faithful!"
<Vaermina enters Apocrypha with Blightcrown, while Torvesard leaves through his own portal.>

A Calamity of Fate[edit]

With Master Shelreni dead and Vaermina wearing her body to do gods-know-what in Apocrypha, you return to Necrom to consult your allies for new leads. It is then suggested that you accompany Curate Gadayn to Tel Baro to see if he can summon Shelreni's spirit to question her.

You then arrive at Tel Baro and break in, heading to Shelreni's private study Meln and Gadayn attempt to make her manifest:

Meln the Mouthless: "Shelreni's private study. Her presence is strong here."
<Pale purple mist gathers near the work bench.>
Meln the Mouthless: "My ghost sight allows you to see it. Move closer and I'll try to get her to manifest fully."
Curate Gadayn: "Careful, my friend."
<The mist turns red and the room shakes.>
Master Shelreni: "Blightcrown! He killed me! I'll destroy them all!"
Curate Gadayn: "Such rage and suffering! Let me try to calm her."
<Curate Gadayn kneels down and prays, the mist coalesces into a white orb that becomes a ghostly Shelreni.>
Master Shelreni: "Have you come to gloat? To see how far the mighty Shelreni has fallen?"

Speak with Shelreni and see what she has to say:

"I would have led House Telvanni to new heights. Instead, I lost everything. All my work, unfinished. My legacy in ruins.
This is your fault, outsider. You and those duplicitous Daedric Princes!"
Blightcrown betrayed you and Vaermia stole your body. You can help us stop them.
"Now why in the name of my despicable ancestors would I even consider such a notion? You're my enemy! I'm content to sit back and watch as Vaermina and Peryite steal back whatever they think Hermaeus Mora took from them."
You're content to let Vaermina's betrayal go unpunished? That doesn't sound like the Telvanni way.
"You know nothing of the Telvanni, outsider! Or of me. But I will admit that I hate it when a greater power reneges on a mutually advantageous agreement. Frankly, my role in all this was more difficult than what I requested of the Princes."
What did you do for the Princes?
"I decrypted Meln's Black Book, perfected Blightcrown's subterfuge concoction, and performed the rite that gave Vaermina access to Apocrypha. And all for a simple favor—eliminate my competition and elevate me to the rank of archmagister!"
Instead Blightcrown betrayed you and Vaermina stole your body. Do you know where she took it?
"I see what you did there. Clever. I suppose I've been taken off the board. A bit of revenge on my part is probably called for.
The path to the memory Vaermina seeks lies through the Infinite Panopticon. Torvesard will lead her there."

After you learn of this, you can continue speaking with her spirit to ask more questions:

Why did you seek the help of Vaermina and Peryite in the first place?
"It started with Torvesard and his dream of something lost long ago.
He needed someone to acquire Meln's Black Book and perform the rite. In return, he would help me achieve my dream of becoming archmagister, as long as I pledged myself to Vaermina."
What about Peryite? Why is he working with Vaermina?
"Torvesard behaves like a broker, bringing disparate parties together for mutual benefit. In truth, I now believe this is all about Torvesard. He has his own agenda.
Anyway, he convinced the Princes to set aside their differences and work together."
Do you know anything more about the secret they're searching for?
"Truth be told, I never much cared. All I wanted was to do what was asked of me and get my reward. Instead, I got a dagger in the back from that disgusting Blightcrown.
They believe Hermaeus Mora stole something from them. From all of us, really."
What did Hermaeus Mora steal exactly?
"It involves Torvesard's dream. He had vague visions of a Vaermina shrine. Believed it was important. So he asked Vaermina to help him recall the entire dream. When she failed, he expanded his list of allies.
That's where the Hidden Kindred came in."
You don't know anything more specific?
"Look, maybe Mora stole Torvesard's favorite sweetroll recipe. I wouldn't put it past the Prince of Fate. He collects knowledge like House Hlaalu hoards gold.
All I know is Vaermina and Peryite want the memory back. But Torvesard wants it more."
Do you know why Hermaeus Mora has gone silent?
"Silent, you say? Then my enhanced subterfuge concoction worked? Hehe, I told Blightcrown I could do it!"
What did you do?
"I took Blightcrown's mix of disease and dream and, with a few adjustments to the rite, enhanced its ability to hide them a thousandfold! If Mora has gone silent, it means it affected him, too. Cut him off from his own realm!
Am I a genius or what?"
How do you fix this?
"Oh, fear not. You can't separate a Daedric Prince from their realm for very long. Should last just long enough for Vaermina to get whatever she's after.
Of course, who can say what will happen when a realm and its Prince are sundered, even briefly?"

Once you have finished speaking with her, Curate Gadayn will attempt to put her to rest:

Curate Gadayn: "I can't absolve you of your transgressions, spirit, but I can grant you peace."
Master Shelreni: "Eternal disappointment, more likely!"
<Master Shelreni disappears.>
Curate Gadayn: "Let's return to Necrom and tell Leramil what we learned."