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Curate Gadayn
Home City Necrom
Location Apocrypha, Central Orphic Tunnels, Cipher's Midden, Necrom Necropolis, Northern Orphic Tunnels, Shrine of Vaermina, The Mythos
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Keepers of the Dead
Curate Gadayn

Curate Gadayn is a Dark Elf keeper at the Necrom Necropolis.

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Quest-Related Events[edit]


Keeper of the Fate[edit]

You can find Curate Gadayn outside the entrance to the Necropolis, having been ordered to keep visitors out:

Ovis Fels: "How can we honor our ancestors if the Necropolis is closed?"
Prelate Faram: "The abbot ordered the closure for your own good, citizen. Curate Gadayn, make sure no one enters."
Curate Gadayn: "Prelate? Oh, of course. No one enters the Necropolis."
Eleth Madon: "The Necropolis is closed? Whoever heard of such a thing?"
Curate Gadayn: "Something about this doesn't feel right."

Speaking to the Curate will reveal more information, and have him reveal his suspicions about Prelate Faram:

"Sorry, friend, but the Necropolis is closed today. And by order of the abbot, it seems. We've never turned away the families of the dead before, but if the rumors about illness are true ….
Plague isn't something to be treated lightly."
"When Prelate Faram and his aides arrived, my fellow Keepers of the Dead were plagued with a strange malady. I was away when the disease struck and I haven't been allowed back inside since.
The prelate said the abbot ordered the closure, but…."
It sounds like you don't trust the prelate.
"Prelate Faram arrived from the Temple and suddenly my fellow monks fell ill. We were never notified of a visit and besides, Faram isn't our usual prelate. Never even heard of him.
If you can help, I can make sure you're compensated. I think."
I can look into Prelate Faram for you.

You can ask further questions about the Necropolis:

"Fate must have led you here, friend. Prelate Faram arrived aboard the Stormwing. If you can find out where they boarded the ship, it might tell us something.
Talk to the port master at the harbor while I deal with any pilgrims that come by."
Tell me more about the Necropolis.
"This is the Necropolis of Necrom, perhaps the largest and oldest necropolis in all of Morrowind. For thousands of years, families have interred their revered ancestors in these catacombs.
It's my honor to serve as one of the Keepers of the Dead."
The Keepers of the Dead?
"Yes. We're a monastic order. We keep the crypts in good repair. We help families make funerary arrangements. And we guide those pilgrims who come to visit their ancestors. We never turned anyone away—until now."
You said you were away when the other keepers got sick?
"I was with Abbot Ilvel when Prelate Faram arrived. I was barely introduced when the abbot sent me to get tea from the market.
I'm worried about the abbot. He's always been kind to me. He and the monks raised me after … well, I had no other family."
Tell me more about the illness affecting the Keepers of the Dead.
"I think he brought this sickness to the Necropolis, yes. Perhaps he picked it up on the voyage to Necrom … although neither he nor his aides appear sick.
I wish I could ask Abbot Ilvel about it. But Prelate Faram won't let me inside to see him."
If the keepers are sick, isn't it prudent to close the Necropolis?
"Maybe? But if it isn't spreading to the prelate or his aides, is it really that dangerous? I have no idea."
Speaking of fate, anything happen here recently that could be connected to Hermaeus Mora?
"The Lord of Secrets? I hope not! I mean, I suppose Hermaeus Mora isn't bad as far as Daedric Princes go—he's not part of the House of Troubles, after all. But trafficking with any Daedra is dangerous business.
Everyone knows that."

With very clear evidence of the plot, including a plan written and signed by its leader, your next stop is to report what you discovered to Curate Gadayn. He will be happy to see you:

Curate Gadayn: "You're back! I was worried maybe you abandoned me."

Speak to him and reveal the plot:

"If I have to turn away one more family ….
Did you learn anything at the Stormwing about a sickness or a plague? And did the Temple really send Prelate Faram to the Necropolis?"
Prelate Faram is an impostor. He's the leader of the Hidden Kindred cult and a follower of Peryite.
"An imposter? Let me see what you found.
I knew there was something wrong the moment I saw the prelate, or I suppose I should call him Blightcrown. What kind of name is that? And what does a devotee of Peryite want in the Necropolis?"
The note doesn't say, but it does indicate they want to search the Necropolis for something.
"All sorts of relics and heirlooms are stored in the catacombs with the ancestors. And with Peryite cultists loose inside, Abbot Ilvel and the keepers are in terrible danger!
We need to get into the Necropolis, but how? The main door is locked!"
You must know another way to get into the Necropolis.
"I don't—wait! When I wanted to slip out after curfew, I used the cellar that connects to the city's underways. I doubt Blightcrown or his attendants know about it. Meet me in the tunnel behind the Necropolis. I think I can get us inside from there."
Good idea. I'll meet you in the tunnel.
"The entrance to the underways is on the west side of the Necropolis. You'll find the cellar door in an alcove on your right.
I'll post a notice about the closure and join you there. We can't let Peryite's cult rummage through the catacombs!"
What can you tell me about Peryite?
"Not a terrible lot. I'm not an expert on Daedric studies or anything.
I know he's the Daedric Prince of Pestilence, the Blighted Lord, the Master of Tasks. Some believe he isn't a very important Prince, but people get sick all the time."
People worship a god of disease?
"People worship all sorts of things. Peryite's followers see disease as a blessing. They revel in suffering and spreading plagues.
Blightcrown's attendants have pox scars. I should have suspected something when I first met them."
You seem very worried about the abbot.
"I was orphaned at a young age. No other family. Abbot Ilvel took me in and raised me. He … he's the father I never had. A kind and devout servant of the Necropolis, but maybe too trusting.
It never occurred to him to question Blightcrown's story."
Blightcrown, as the prelate, said the Necropolis was closed by order of the abbot.
"I only have Blightcrown's word about that. I'm not even sure if the abbot and the keepers are really sick. When I returned, the place was already locked tight and I was ordered to stay at the door and turn pilgrims away."
What about the city guard? Can they help?
"As Prelate Faram, Blightcrown has the authority of the Temple. The Necrom Guard would never make a move against a Temple prelate or the orders of the abbot. No, we need to get inside and find the abbot ourselves. Before it's too late."

As you part, he will remind you where to go:

Curate Gadayn: "I'll meet you in the underways."

As the Curate said, you will find him in the underways, and he will show you to the trapdoor needed to infiltrate the Necropolis:

Curate Gadayn: "Over here, friend. A rarely used trapdoor."

<He will unlock the trapdoor.>

Curate Gadayn: "You go first."

Speaking to him before going inside:

"Go on. That trapdoor is our way into the Necropolis."

After you enter, he will comment on the situation inside:

Curate Gadayn: "No one around, just as I hoped. The chapel is through the doorway and up the stairs."

He will point out the direction to the chapel:

Curate Gadayn: "To the right, friend. The door to the chapel is at the end of the hall."

When you approach the door, it will be locked:

Curate Gadayn: "Locked? The chapel is never locked! Can you pick it? If not, Curate Zankan leaves his key on a shelf to the northwest."

He will advise either finding the key or lockpicking the door:

"This must be where the keepers are being held. Why else would the chapel door be locked?
I read somewhere that adventurers can pick locks. Is that true? If not, Curate Zankan sometimes leaves his key on a shelf in the far corner of this hall."

When the door is finally be able to be open, speaking to him before entering inside:

"Now that we can enter the chapel, let's go find Abbot Ilvel."

Speaking to him will have him provide a more detailed explanation:

Curate Gadayn: "We should head for the chapel. If they actually set up a quarantine, that's the best place to do it. The chapel is through the door and up the stairs. We'll need to be careful, though. The false prelate brought a lot of attendants with him."

You will discover censers emitting contagions that are making the keepers sick:

Curate Gadayn: "Those censers! Whatever they're emitting reeks!"
Curate Gadayn: "Destroy the censers! They're sickening these keepers!"

Speaking to him at this point:

"There's something foul inside those censers! This must be how the Peryite cultists made everybody in the Necropolis ill. We need to destroy the censers!"

After freeing all of his companions:

Curate Gadayn: "That's all of them. Let's go check on Abbot Ilvel."

When you examine the evidence from reading the note from Blightcrown:

Curate Gadayn: "Blightcrown is with the abbot? His chambers are to the north when we're done here."

Speaking to Gadayn before finding the abbot:

"We need to get to Abbot Ilvel's chambers. If he's also in the grip of these foul censers, we need to save him!"

Gadayn will point you in the direction of the abbot's office, where you will find him also being poisoned by a Censer of Contagion.

Curate Gadayn: "The abbot! Destroy that foul censer, friend!"

Before destroying the censer:

"Another censer! Blightcrown must have sickened all the keepers in the Necropolis with those foul things.
Destroy it, friend. I can't bear to see Abbot Ilvel in such pain."

Rescue him and he will reveal what the Hidden Kindred are looking for:

Abbot Ilvel: "No … prelate, stop. Fulcrum Obscura? Durdryn's tomb … in the lower catacombs."
Curate Gadayn: "Poor Abbot Ilvel, he's delirious! What did he say about the lower catacombs?"

Speak to the Curate to formulate your new plan.

"How insidious! Blightcrown made the Keepers of the Dead sick so he could question them in their fevered state.
And all so he could find some old relic hidden in the Necropolis? Why go to all the trouble?"
It's part of a plot to attack Hermaeus Mora. I was told that fate sent me here to stop it.
"Hermaeus Mora? The Keepers of the Dead have nothing to do with the Lord of Secrets! And I never heard of anything called the Fulcrum Obscura—wait!
How do you know all this? Are you a cultist, too?"
No. I agreed to hlep because the threat to Hermaeus Mora also endangers Nirn.
"Endangers Nirn? I'm just a minor curate working in the Necropolis! Feuds between Daedric Princes are beyond me. Still … I want to help.
Finding anything in the catacombs will take time. We might be able to catch up with Blightcrown if we hurry."
What kind of relic would be in Prior Durdryn's tomb?
"Hmm. Prior Durdryn founded the Necropolis and our order. Abbot Ilvel idolized him. Told me the prior was obsessed with Necrom's history and had received a special charge from Lord Vivec.
There's a key to the catacombs in the desk. Hurry, friend."
'I'll get the key and head into the catacombs."

Asking further questions:

"Take the key from the desk and head to the catacombs. The door is through the chapel and to the north. I'll stay with Abbot Ilvel. Do what I can until he recovers.
Just be careful. We know Blightcrown didn't arrive at the Necropolis by himself."
What else can you tell me about Prior Durdryn and his tomb?
"Prior Durdryn established the Keepers of the Dead as a religious order and built this abbey over the ancient necropolis. He lived and died here centuries ago."
Do you know anything about the relic, the Fulcrum Obscura?
"Hmm. I don't remember that coming up in any of the abbot's lectures. But Prior Durdryn possessed many talents. Legend has it he could command powerful Daedra and resist their lures. And he was given some sort of charge by Lord Vivec personally."
And where will I find Prior Durdryn's tomb?
"I only visited it once, with Abbot Ilvel when I was very young. It's somewhere in the lower catacombs, at the very deepest point in the Necropolis.
Remember, Blightcrown brought the Hidden Kindred with him. You might have to fight to get there."
Tell me about the catacombs.
"Since the founding of Morrowind, Dark Elves have interred their dead in necropolises. Necrom is one of the oldest. Maybe the oldest.
Here our people can visit their revered ancestors. Seek their guidance. Remind them they haven't been forgotten."
Are there many relics in the catacombs?
"It depends what you mean by relic. Many families choose to honor their dead by entombing them with trophies or keepsakes. Some of those might be valuable … or dangerous. But no Dark Elf would think of stealing from their ancestors."
Are Abbot Ilvel and the other keepers going to be all right?
"The ancestors watch over us. I have faith that in moments of need, my prayers will be answered. Although it certainly helps that the censers were destroyed and that foul miasma is dissipating.
I'll do what I can while you deal with the imposter."

Before you depart to the catacombs:

Curate Gadayn: "The door to the catacombs is through the chapel and to the north. Prior Durdyn's tomb is deep inside."

Once the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura has been recovered, return to Curate Gadayn. He will be waiting for you with the recently recovering Abbot Ilvel:

Curate Gadayn: "You're back! Look! Abbot Ilvel is awake and feeling much better."
Abbot Ilvel: "Is this the one, Gadayn? You saved many lives, friend. Come, talk with me."

Speaking to Gadayn first will have him say:

"I told Abbot Ilvel all about Blightcrown and the plot to steal the Fulcrum Obscura. And I told him everything you did for us. He wants to talk to you.
But not too long. He needs to rest."

After speaking to Abbot Ilvel:

Abbot Ilvel: "Gadayn, go with this adventurer. Retrieve the stolen piece of Fulcrum Obscura. You need to see more of the world, anyway."
Curate Gadayn: "Go? But … yes, abbot. I'll do it. Friend, a word please?"

Speak to Gadayn as requested:

"I never traveled far from Necrom. Barely left the Telvanni Peninsula and that was just one trip to Mournhold with Abbot Ilvel.
The abbot has given me a mission, though, and I mean to complete it. Just tell me what to do and I'll follow your lead."
Meet me at the old Necrom Bindery. I'm working with someone named Leramil the Wise.
"The Necrom Bindery? I thought that place was abandoned. Of course I'll meet you there.
Oh, and the abbot authorized me to give you this. For exposing Blightcrown and saving the Necropolis. They got away with part of the relic, but we'll get it back."

This will conclude your investigation in the Necrom Necropolis, and Curate Gadayn will give you the reward he promised you before. Speaking to him again before leaving will have him express his feelings about the current situation:

"This is all so strange. A little exciting, but also nerve-wracking. I'll meet you at the Necrom Bindery, friend."

Leramil will arrive in the Necrom Necropolis via a portal:

Leramil the Wise: "Your work here is done, proxy. Still, we—hmm. That Dark Elf also bears the mark of fate. I shall speak with you momentarily, curate."
Curate Gadayn: "Talk? To me? I—of course. Go on, friend. I'll see you soon."

Fate's Proxy[edit]

Once you have completed Keeper of the Fate, Spirit of Fate, and Fate's Lost Dream, Leramil will tell you to return to the Bindery to plan your next move. You will see your assembled allies on the balcony overlooking Necrom with the notable exception of Scruut, Curate Gadayn, Meln the Mouthless, and Leramil the Wise. While here, you can find a copy of A Feast Among the Dead on the table. Your still living associates will be conversing among themselves:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn of Necrom, you tend the archive of corpses?"
Curate Gadayn: "Never heard it called that before. But yes, yes I do. Would … would you like a tour of the catacombs?"
Leramil the Wise: "Perhaps … later. Hermaeus Mora's proxy returns."
Curate Gadayn: "Ah, of course. I'm sure the two of you have much to discuss."

Before speaking to Leramil:

"Leramil is a remarkable woman. So intelligent and vibrant. But she won't tell me anything. She says we had to wait for you to return.
Talk to her, friend. Put in a good word for me and see if you can get her to tell me what this is all about."

Before you turn in the quest to Leramil:

"Everything that happened at Necrom Abbey was only part of someone's master plan? I don't like the sound of that.
What's Leramil going to do about it?"

A Hidden Fate[edit]

If you exit out of the conversation with Leramil before proceeding to start the quest, he will say:

"Leramil wouldn't tell me much, but we had a pleasant enough conversation. She told me about the spirit, Meln. And the Watchling Scruut. And she's very interested in what the keepers do in Necrom. Fascinating woman.
She's been waiting to talk to you."

After this conversation Leramil will give Gadayn a chance to back out:

Leramil the Wise: "Curate Gadayn, are you certain you wish to accompany us?"
Curate Gadayn: "Absolutely! The relic is my responsibility. Let me just grab a few essentials. I'll be right back!"
Leramil the Wise: "Fate provides the aid we need, proxy. We will meet you at Cipher's Midden."

When you reach the center of Cipher's Midden, both him and Leramil will come out of a portal. You can speak to him before Leramil although he is trying his best not to vomit:

"Traveling by portal is…disconcerting. I'm doing my very best not to spew right now.
Please, talk to Leramil while I compose myself."

With your task now declared impossible, it is time to regroup with Leramil. You can meet her in her study. Head outside, and Gadayn will tell you Leramil had the same issue:

Curate Gadayn: "Friend, Leramil is waiting for you in her study."

Speaking to him before going inside:

"Leramil had the hardest time extracting anything useful out of these stacks. And every time she found something promising, it crumbled to dust or burned to ash.
Anyway, she's in her study. You should go in and let her know if you fared any better."

You can speak to him when he's inside Leramil's study and before speaking to Leramil:

"Is Scruut correct? Were you able to acquire the information that eluded Leramil? If so, you should tell her what you learned."

After speaking to Leramil, she will give Gadayn the charm for protection which he finds flattering of her to do so:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn, take this charm. It shall mark you as my guest in Apocrypha and keep you safe."
Curate Gadayn: "That's … most thoughtful, Leramil. Thank you."
Scruut: "The Infinite Panopticon is kept hidden for a good reason, Leramil."
Leramil the Wise: "Which is why we must locate it and protect it from the enemy."
Scruut: "This is the sort of quandary that makes my tentacles twitch …."

Speaking to him at this point:

"What a kind gesture. Leramil … she's special, isn't she, my friend?
Well, I have Leramil's charm and I have the piece of the Fulcrum Obscura. I suppose I'm as ready as I'll ever be to traipse across a realm of Oblivion."

While travelling through Apocrypha to find the cairns to activate, he will occasionally comment about Leramil:

Curate Gadayn: "Do you think Leramil has read all these books?"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil's amazing! Who else could help us find the Panopticon?"
Curate Gadayn: "The other keepers are never going to believe this. Usually when we misplace a relic, we find it behind a couch in the abbey."

When in combat, he will activate the charm to protect you:

Curate Gadayn: "Leramil's amulet can protect us both!"
Curate Gadayn: "Get closer to me, friend!"
Curate Gadayn: "Stand close and let me shield you!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil's gift protects us both!"

You can pass through the tunnels to to travel to Chroma Incognito, where the cairns you need are located. When you approach one Gadayn will attempt to activate it with the relic:

Curate Gadayn: "I suppose I just need to hold the relic out like so …."
<The cairn begins to glow.>
Curate Gadayn: "It … it almost feels alive in my hand …."
Curate Gadayn: "It worked! Look how it glows!"
Meln the Mouthless: "Very smart. Leramil's tapping into the realm's currents of fate to find the Panopticon.

Speaking to him:

"The cairn is glowing, just as Leramil said. Let's find the others and finish this."

With this cairn activated, head to the next one. Gadayn will call it out as you approach:

Curate Gadayn: "Look, another cairn!"

When activating the second cairn:

Curate Gadayn: "Give me a moment to focus the Fulcrum Obscura …."
Meln the Mouthless: "I know how dangerous this sort of ritual can be. Leramil's brave, I'll give her that."

Speaking to him:

"Two cairns activated, one more to go."

Now head the final cairn. Gadayn will once again call it out:

Curate Gadayn: "There's the final cairn!"

Activating the final cairn:

Curate Gadayn: "Dust applied. Now to use the relic …."
Curate Gadayn: "Oh my! It wriggled in my hand!"
Curate Gadayn: "All done! Let's return to Leramil's study and let her know she can proceed."

Speaking to him after activating all the cairns:

"The cairns have been activated. Let's return to Leramil's study so she can complete the ritual."

With the cairns taken care of, return to Cipher's Midden. You will find Leramil waiting for you in her study, along with Scruut. Gadayn will take the lead once you enter:

Curate Gadayn: "The cairns have been activated, Leramil!"
Leramil the Wise: "Well done. Now to complete the ritual."
<Leramil will start casting a spell.>
Leramil the Wise: "I feel the ebb and flow of Apocrypha … some guide me … others try to …."
Curate Gadayn: "Oh Leramil, do be careful!"
Scruut: "I told you. Apocrypha doesn't give up its secrets without a price."
<Leramil successfully casts the ritual but is fatigued.>
Leramil the Wise: "Got it!"

Leramil will double over in pain momentarily, and will still be clutching her side in pain. You can speak to Gadayn before Leramil:

"Poor Leramil! That seemed to take a lot out of her. You should check on her, my friend."

Fearing that Gadayn will be in further danger if he continues to accompany the group, she will ask Scruut to take him home despite his protests:

Leramil the Wise: "Scruut, please make sure Curate Gadayn returns safely to Necrom. His work here is done."
Curate Gadayn: "But we still haven't recovered the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura!"
Scruut: "Listen to Leramil, mortal. Your mind would melt the moment you stepped into the Infinite Panopticon."
Curate Gadayn: "I … but … oh, very well. I'll return to Necrom and see if I can learn anything more about the Hidden Kindred or Master Shelreni. Do be careful, my friends."

Speaking to him before you head out:

"I'll return to Necrom with Scruut if Leramil thinks that's for the best. Just stay safe, my friend. And keep Leramil safe, too.
I'll protect this half of the relic and see what more I can learn about Master Shelreni."

Conclave of Fate[edit]

While the group was separated, Gadayn and Scruut investigated a different angle of the problem—Master Shelreni Baro. Back at the mortal world, Curate Gadayn will be waiting for you with Scruut:

Scruut: "The mortal returns. I thought I recognized that wrinkle in the fabric of fate."
Curate Gadayn: "Hmm, I hoped Leramil would be with you. We have news!"

Converse with Gadayn to learn what he has learned:

"Scruut and I uncovered the most interesting news. The Assembly of Masters learned of Master Shelreni's recent activities and has called for a conclave. They plan to strip her of her rank and expel her from the house!"
What's the difference between an assembly and a conclave?
"It's complicated. The Assembly of Masters consists of just their mouths. The actual masters rarely leave their towers, and never to meet with their rivals. A conclave, however, is a different story. The masters themselves are compelled to attend."
And how does that help us locate Master Shelreni and recover Meln's Black Book?
"Don't you see? When they convene the Masters Conclave, Shelreni must be on hand to contest the charges. So, we know where we can find her and when!"
So where is this conclave going to take place?
"At Tel Huulen, the tower hall in Ald Isra. As a curate, I think I can get us into the conclave by claiming official Necrom business. House Telvanni prefers to stay on our good side, so they rarely ask too many questions of the Keepers of the Dead."
All right, I'll meet you in Ald Isra.

Before speaking to Meln:

"I defer to Meln regarding the inner workings of House Telvanni. See what he has to say on the matter."

After speaking to Meln and before heading to Tel Rendys:

"While you go to Tel Rendys to create Meln's enchantment, I'll head to Ald Isra and make sure we're on the list to attend the conclave. Find me inside Tel Huulen when you're ready to proceed. In the meantime, I'll try to learn more about Shelreni."

After getting the Cloak of Omission at Tel Rendys and getting clearance into Tel Huulen Assembly Antechamber, you will see Gadayn is stuck in a conversation with Mouth Elar:

Meln the Mouthless: "There's Curate Gadayn."
Curate Gadayn: "Really, I must …."
Mouth Elar: "I insist, curate. You do realize I wield considerable influence as Master Norvora's mouth?"
Curate Gadayn: "Of course, but …."
Mouth Elar: "I could do much for you and the keepers. Now, tell me. What you think of my book?"
Meln the Mouthless: "That's Master Norvora's mouth. We need to extract Gadayn this instant."

After you get Elar to leave, Gadayn will ask to speak to you privately in the assembly study:

Curate Gadayn: "Thank you, my friend. Follow me. I know a place where we can talk privately."

Once inside the study:

Curate Gadayn: "We can speak freely here."

Speaking to him to find out that Magister Gothren placed a ward on the door which has expell everyone except the masters:

"You arrived not a moment too soon, my friend. Before they decided to seal the hall and I was trapped in that dreadful conversation with Mouth Elar, I found what we needed. Master Shelreni is here and being held under guard until the conclave begins."
Shelreni's here? I saw her mouth outside. He said the masters are in danger. Let's go get Shelreni!
"Ah, and now we come to the problem. Magister Gothren arrived from Sadrith Mora to oversee the Masters Conclave. He immediately expelled all but the Telvanni masters and placed a ward on the door. There's no way to get into the assembly hall."
There must be some way to get inside.
"Sadly, disabling a ward placed by a magister is beyond my capabilities. If you have any ideas, please share them. Otherwise, I fear the masters are on their own in there."
Meln is a magister. Maybe he can help us get past the ward.

Before heading out to find a way to disable the ward:

"Do you really think Meln can assist us in circumventing the magister's ward? So few of the ancestor spirits I deal with are particularly helpful."

After you disabled the anchors to the ward:

"Whatever you and Meln did, it seems to have worked. We can enter the main hall now."

When you step into the conclave, Gadayn will join you. You can speak to him before speaking to Magister Gothren:

"Go ahead, my friend. Talk to the magister and warn him of the danger they face."

Gadayn will be by the meeting room:

Curate Gadayn: "There's a meeting room just to the right."
Curate Gadayn: "This must be where they're holding her."

Speaking to him before you go in:

"Go on and take a look. I'll stand watch out here in case Magister Gothren sends someone to expel us."

After witnessing the vision of Shelreni taking advantage of Marena, Gadayn will alert you to the current state of the conclave:

Curate Gadayn: "Something's going on to the north. I think the conclave is starting."

Inform him of your discovery:

"It sounds like the conclave has started. Did you find Master Shelreni?"
Master Shelreni did something to Master Marena. We think she headed to the conclave.
"That can't be good. We better hurry to the masters private hall. It's through the north corridor."

Despite your efforts to warn the masters of Shelreni's use of Master Marena, Shelreni will quickly render you unconscious. You will wake up in the company of Gadayn and Gothren:

Meln the Mouthless: "Come on, get up. I am not ready to die a second time."
Curate Gadayn: "You're finally awake! Thank the ancestors! I thought Shelreni killed you!"
Magister Gothren: "We should talk, mouth of Meln."

Speaking to him before Gothren:

"I was still in the access corridor when Master Shelreni unleashed her attack. By the time I reached you, you were unconscious and Shelreni was gone.
I think Magister Gothren can explain all this better. He wants to talk to you."

Before you chase Master Shelreni through the portal:

"I'm with you, friend. We have to stop Shelreni, with or without the help of House Telvanni."

With Shelreni's attack against Telvanni a failure, pursue her through the portal. Gadayn will accompany you, and note that you have appeared in a ruin that was dedicated to Vaermina:

Curate Gadayn: "This ancient ruin … those markings … this place is dedicated to Vaermina!"

Speaking to him:

"Look, see those markings? They indicate that this ancient ruin was dedicated to Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Dreams and Nightmares. We should proceed with caution."

He will also call out an area you should search for information about what is going on here:

Curate Gadayn: "This chamber appears promising. We should look around."

Speaking to him as you're looking for clues:

"Hidden Kindred fill this cavern, but still no sign of Master Shelreni. Let's see if anything in this chamber might suggest where she got off to."

You can find a note from Master Shelreni revealing she is restoring a statue to Vaermina, and another one about how she met Torvesard:

Curate Gadayn: "Anything relevant in those papers?"

Talk with Gadayn about the notes:

"Was there anything in those papers about Master Shelreni or where we might find her?"
These pages talk about master Shelreni's arrangement with Torvesard.
"Hmm. She writes about how Torvesard came to her, indoctrinated her into Vaermina's service. How he was consumed with restoring something that was either stolen or lost. And how he insisted they find this ancient shrine. Interesting."
And here she writes about the work they did to restore a Vaermina statue.
"So they sent the malachite mined from the Alavelis quarry here. And she discusses how the Hidden Kindred were formed to provide the workers needed to accomplish the restoration.
Somehow, rebuilding a Vaermina statue is the key to Torvesard's goal."
In the Panopticon, Torvesard altered Mora's memory by restoring a Vaermina statue.
"This must be where that original memory took place. Where Vaermina and Peryite think Hermaeus Mora wronged them and stole whatever it is they now seek.
Let's keep going. That restored statue and Master Shelreni must be somewhere in this old ruin."

Speaking to him as you proceed further into the ruins:

"Come on, we're close. The restored statue and Master Shelreni must be somewhere nearby."

Proceed deeper into the ruin, where you will find a space that matches Hermaeus Mora's memory. Blightcrown, Torvesard, Master Shelreni, and Master Marena will be next to the restored statue of Vaermina. Your adversaries will be standing on the base of the statue, while Marena is in a magic circle, with a beam emitted from the statue passing through the Black Book and hitting Marena:

Curate Gadayn: "There's Shelreni! And Master Marena! We need to free her!"
Meln the Mouthless: "My Black Book! Looks like Shelreni got past my safeguards."

Speaking to him before engaging the Aspect of Vaermina and rescuing Master Marena:

"I think we need to stop that monster and rescue Master Marena."

After you defeat the Aspect of Vaermina:

Curate Gadayn: "Now, friend! Free Marena from the binding!"

Before freeing Master Marena, you can speak to him:

"Master Shelreni is performing a rite from Meln's Black Book! You were supposed to stop that from happening! Let's hurry and see what we can do."

After breaking the binds of Master Marena, there will be a chance to close the Black Book. You can speak to him before closing it:

"I'm not sure what's still happening, but that awful book looks ominous. Maybe if you close it, that will interrupt the flow of energy?"

After you take the Black Book, Master Shelreni will begin threatening you from the statue, but still will not come down to fight. Blightcrown, deciding that their own Telvanni Master is a perfectly good substitute sacrifice, will backstab Shelreni:

Master Shelreni: "Taking the Black Book won't stop us. And one of you will serve just as well as a sacrifice."
Blightcrown: "No need to involve outsiders, Shelreni."
Blightcrown: "Prince Vaermina accepts your sacrifice and deems you a worthy vessel!"

<Blightcrown stabs Shelreni from behind.>

Torvesard: "I regret the bloodshed, but soon Mora's injustice will be undone."

<Vaermina takes over Shelreni's body.>

Vaermina: "With this vessel, I can enter Apocrypha and strike at Mora's heart! With me, my faithful!"
<Vaermina enters Apocrypha with Blightcrown, while Torvesard leaves through his own portal.>
Curate Gadayn: "We have to warn Apocrypha! Let's return to the Necrom Bindery and find Leramil."
Meln the Mouthless: "Hold still and I'll open a portal back to Necrom."

If you speak to Gadayn before departing he will resummarize what just happened:

"This is bad! Blightcrown killed Master Shelreni and Vaermina took possession of her body! And she walked into Apocrypha!
We should return to the Necrom Bindery. We must tell Leramil what happened here. She'll know what we need to do."

Once you go through the portal back to the Necrom Bindery, he will join you. You can speak to him before Leramil:

"Leramil needs to know what happened at the conclave and the Vaermina shrine.
You tell her, friend. I'm too nervous to speak coherently."

A Calamity of Fate[edit]

Before speaking to Leramil, he will reflect upon on what happened previously:

"The scene we witnessed at Vaermina's shrine…I've never seen anything so horrifying! First Blightcrown sacrificed Master Shelreni. Then her corpse got up and walked through a portal into Apocrypha!
This is beyond what they taught me as a keeper!"

With Shelreni dead, the new plan from Leramil is to contact her spirit. Meln the Mouthless will speak up to voice his support for this plan but Gadayn will object to this plan:

Meln the Mouthless: "Leramil's idea is a good one. Master Shelreni has the answer we seek and I know how to reach her."
Curate Gadayn: "Meln! We can't just summon the dead whenever we please! It's forbidden."
Meln the Mouthless: "Yes, yes. Summoning is an affront to your order. But if the spirit is already there …."

Speaking to Gadayn before Meln:

"Dealing with spirits can be dangerous! Even more so when the spirit is newly deceased! Working alongside Meln is one thing, but bringing back Master Shelreni ….
Be careful where this path leads, my friend."

After Meln suggested that the group could simply find Shelreni' spirit at Tel Baro, Gadayn relucantly agrees on following with this approach:

Curate Gadayn: "If I help you, I could jeopardize my standing."
Leramil the Wise: "We would not ask this of you if the situation was not dire."
Curate Gadayn: "I … of course I'll help, Leramil."
Scruut: "I'll return to Apocrypha. See if I can find Vaermina while you chase spirits. Not like I've got anything better to do."
Leramil the Wise: "Good luck at Tel Baro, my friends. Return here with whatever you learn."

Speaking to him to hear his thoughts on the matter:

"Dealing with displaced spirits is very much frowned upon by the Keepers of the Dead. I'll help because the stakes are great, but it goes against every iota of my training."
Isn't ancestor worship all about communicating with those who have passed on?
"That's an aspect of our beliefs, but not the primary component. And it's different when you visit the catacombs and a spirit appears before you.
I suppose if Shelreni decides to speak to us, that shouldn't violate the codex too badly."
Meln thinks your expertise might come in handy if we do find Master Shelreni's spirit.
"Indeed. The recently departed are often confused. And that confusion can turn violent.
I much prefer to deal with the spirits of our ancient ancestors. They may be cantankerous, but they've had enough time to reconcile to their undead existence."

Returning to Tel Baro, you find it locked up:

Meln the Mouthless: "Where's the keeper? He should have been here by now."
Curate Gadayn: "The tower's locked tight. We need another way inside."
Meln the Mouthless: "Telvanni towers always have more than a single ingress and egress. Look around."

Speaking to him before trying to find a way inside:

"The main entrance was definitely sealed by a powerful mage. We won't get in that way. Well, since we're here, we might as well look around."

After Meln breaks the lock of Master Shelreni's Study, speaking to the curate before going in:

"Well, there's our way in. I'm still not sure about this, but I promised Leramil I'd help. Lead on, friend."

Before you use Meln's ghost sight to contact Shelreni, Gadayn will caution you:

"Meln is right. I sense a malignant presence here. Be very careful."

Once you use the ghost sight, an unnatural mist will appear. It will start out as white, before taking on a dark red hue. Gadayn will take the lead here, and use his training to make her appear as a ghost in a form that matches her past appearance:

Curate Gadayn: "Careful, my friend."
Master Shelreni: "Blightcrown! He killed me! I'll destroy them all!"
Curate Gadayn: "Such rage and suffering! Let me try to calm her."
Master Shelreni: "Have you come to gloat? To see how far the mighty Shelreni has fallen?"

Speaking to him before Shelreni:

"I've done what I can. Talk to her and see if you can convince her that she hates her betrayers more than she despises us."

Once you have finished speaking with her, Curate Gadayn will attempt to put her to rest:

Curate Gadayn: "I can't absolve you of your transgressions, spirit, but I can grant you peace."
Master Shelreni: "Eternal disappointment, more likely!"
<Master Shelreni disappears.>
Curate Gadayn: "Let's return to Necrom and tell Leramil what we learned."

Speaking to him before heading back to Leramil:

"That was much more intense than the ancestor visits I've participated in at the catacombs.
Anyway, let's go find Leramil and tell her what the spirit said. She'll be able to make sense of it, I know she will."

Once back at the Necrom Bindery, you can speak to him before Leramil:

"You tell Leramil what we learned from the spirit of Master Shelreni. I'm still trying to make sense of it and I'll just ramble and confuse everything.
Sort of like this, see?"

You will be heading back to the Infinite Panopticon. Leramil will try to get Gadayn to stay behind:

Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn, this will be dangerous. I would feel better if you remain here, out of harm's way."
Curate Gadayn: "I swore to retrieve the relic. And I can't stand the thought of you facing this danger without me—um, all of you, really."
Scruut: "Vomitous."
<Scruut disappears in a portal.>

You can also say check in with Gadayn before departing:

"Prior to this, my most complicated day involved misplaced grave urns, obnoxious relatives, and the occasional ancestor spirit who was out of sorts.
I'm not sure what I have to offer once we return to Apocrypha, but I'll help in any way I can."

Return to Apocrypha, specifically the Chroma Incognito portion in which you previously found the portal to the Infinite Panopticon. You will find your allies here, but the portal will not be present:

Leramil the Wise: "As I feared, the entrance to the Infinite Panopticon has moved."
Scruut: "As is its nature. Which means we have failed and reality is doomed."
<Leramil begins casting a green spell to open a portal.>
Leramil the Wise: "I refuse this outcome. Fate, bend to my will!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, be careful!"
Leramil the Wise: "There is no time. The Panopticon … must exist … here. I command it!"
<Leramil successfully opens the portal to the Infinite Panopticon but is drained.>
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, you did it! The Panopticon is open!"

He will express concerns about Leramil overexerting herself before you go inside:

"Leramil … she opened a door that shouldn't exist here, but not without an extreme effort. I hope she's all right, friend."

Although Leramil pushed past her limits to get you in, she will still accompany you into the Infinite Panopticon. Gadayn will force the issue, and insist she returns home. Eventually she accepts his advice:

Leramil the Wise: "Oh no! Vaermina, her presence is destroying the Panopticon!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, look at yourself. You're in no shape to continue!"
Leramil the Wise: "Nonsense, I … no, you are right. Proxy, you must deal with Vaermina. Gadayn will help me return to Cipher's Midden."
Scruut: "You can't face Vaermina alone. I don't believe I'm saying this, but I'll go with you …."
Meln the Mouthless: "This is more than just the presence of a rival Daedric Prince. Something else is happening here."

Speaking to him before stopping Vaermina:

"I hate the idea of abandoning you and Scruut, but Leramil needs time to recover. I'll stay with her. Get her back to Ciphers Midden. You and Scruut go on ahead.
May the ancestors guide you, my friend."

Things are still bad. The Ciphers are normally protected, but with Hermaeus Mora weakened and the Daedra maddened, they are in danger. Inside Leramil's study, you will find Gadayn, Leramil, and Scruut. If you talk to Gadayn before Leramil:

"Leramil says she's feeling better, but I'm not so sure. She's eager to find out what happened after we separated at the Infinite Panopticon, though. You better talk to her and let her know all the details."

After completing the quest:

"How do you do this, friend? Face the unknown and unknowable on a daily basis? Both you and Leramil are certainly braver than I am.
I'm with you to the end, but I must admit I long for the peace and quiet of the chambers of the dead."
If this is too much for you, Gadayn, we can get you to the portal back to Necrom.
"No, no. Just thinking out loud. I need to see this through. I promised to recover the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura, and I really want to help Leramil. Oh, and you, too, friend.
The end of reality as we know it is not something to take lightly."

An Unhealthy Fate[edit]

Curate Gadayn will be back in Leramil's Study. He will stay behind to take care of Leramil while you are investigating Cipher's Midden:

"I think I'll stay with Leramil. See if I can be of any help with her research.
You tend to get into fights, and that's not something I'm very good at."

Return to Leramil's Study after you investigated Cipher's Midden, and the situation has gotten worse. Leramil and Scruut have both collapsed:

Curate Gadayn: "Friend, the corruption has gotten worse! See to Scruut while I do what I can for Leramil!"

Speaking to Gadayn before checking up on Scruut:

"Shortly after you departed, both Leramil and Scruut fell ill. It has to be the corruption. It's growing stronger.
Check on Scruut while I see if there's anything I can do to ease Leramil's suffering."

After speaking to Scruut, Torvesard will demonstrate his ability to appear and disappear at will by walking out of the other room:

Torvesard: "Your allies suffer needlessly, mortal. Allow me to aid them."
Curate Gadayn: "This affliction is beyond my skills, friend. See what the Dremora has to offer."

Speaking to him before Torvesard:

"This affliction is beyond my meager healing talents. If Torvesard has a solution, we at least need to hear what he's offering. We can't let the corruption take Leramil and Scruut. We just can't."

After Torvesard temporarily heals Leramil and Scruut, you can speak to Gadayn before heading out:

"I don't like this any more than you do, but Torvesard went out of his way to show good faith. At least for a Dremora. And he helped Leramil. I appreciate that.
I wonder if I can get him to tell me where to find the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura."

Once you have spoken with Mora, he will summon the rest of your allies:

Hermaeus Mora: "I call forth all whose fates are intertwined with yours, chosen. Only together can you save reality."
<Scruut, Curate Gadayn and Meln appear.>
Curate Gadayn: "Have I mentioned how much I detest teleportation?"
Meln the Mouthless: "You certainly do tend to collect an odd assortment of companions."
Torvesard: "The path to the Mythos awaits, mortal. Let us not linger too long."

Curate Gadayn will confess he is worried, but will refuse to abandon you, or Leramil:

"When I embarked on this quest with you, I never expected to be working alongside Daedra—let alone be marching into the very heart of Apocrypha.
I admit I'm afraid, but I'll stand by you. By you and Leramil both. You have my word."
You don't have to do this, Gadayn.
"Are you offering me a way out? Thank you, friend, but I'll pass. I promised the abbot I'd recover the Fulcrum Obscura, and Torvesard assured me Blightcrown has the relic."
Is that the only reason?
"Well, how can I turn my back on saving reality? Or abandon Leramil? As long as the corruption threatens her, she's going to need someone to lean on.
Wait a moment … what are you implying?"

Going through the portal will begin the final battles of this quest series, do any necessary preparations you need to beforehand. On the other side of the portal you will appear within sight of Blightcrown and Vaermina possessing Master Shelreni's body. Torvesard will immediately break off on his own. Gadayn and Scruut will head off to destroy the Blightcrown's manufactories through the western portal, while you, Meln, and Leramil go through the eastern portal to handle the manufactories on that side.

When you deal with your own manufactory, Leramil will send you ahead to save Gadayn and Scruut, who she fears are in danger. This will be accurate. You will find them surrounded by Spider Daedra, only still alive thanks to a protective barrier thanks to Leramil's gift to Gadayn. There is also a shifted Spider Daedra with them that would have ensured they would not have been able to fight them without you:

Scruut: "Here comes fate's chosen. Probably going to gloat."
Curate Gadayn: "Over here! We could use some help! But where's Leramil?"

Scruut will explain that there is no path to the western manufactory from here, and open a portal to take you to it. However, this will also push her to her own limits, sidelining her as well:

Curate Gadayn: "Thank goodness you showed up. We were set upon as soon as we arrived."
Scruut: "We never reached the manufactory. The way is blocked. Let me summon a portal."
<Scruut opens a portal.>
Scruut: "Ugh … I'm exhausted! Here comes Leramil. You and Gadayn go on ahead. I'll stay with her."
Leramil the Wise: "Stay safe, proxy. And you, too, Gadayn."
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil, when this is over—"
Leramil the Wise: "Now is not the time, Gadayn. Go!"

You can speak to him before going in the portal:

"Another portal, ah well. I guess if it gets us to the foul device we must destroy, so be it. Lead on, my friend."

Speaking to him after you head into the portal to the western manufactory:

"Poor Leramil! I hate to see her suffering like that! She'll be all right, won't she?
I know, I know. Now is not the time. We need to find the manufactory. Right, right."

As you progress towards the western manufactory:

Curate Gadayn: "You already destroyed one of those manufactories? Then you know what to look for."

When approaching the western manufactory:

Curate Gadayn: "By the ancestors! That's horrible!"

After destroying the crystal, speaking to him:

"I have no idea where we're going. I'm just following you.
If you're lost, too, I'd rather you keep it to yourself, all right?"

Proceeding to the final manufactory:

Meln the Mouthless: "Blightcrown! Time to end that plague dog, I think."
Blightcrown: "Come, fool of fate, face Peryite's high priest!"
Curate Gadayn: "Blightcrown has the Fulcrum Obscura!"

Pass through another portal, and you will come across the final manufactory, and Blightcrown. This evasive foe will finally decide it is time to fight you himself. You can speak to Gadayn before fighting:

"Blightcrown! He's positively disgusting! Deal with him, friend. I'll use the amulet Leramil gave me to aid you in the battle. Stand close to me and its power should protect you, too."

With Blightcrown finally dead, and his manufactories destroyed, Gadayn will take back the Fulcrum Obscura. Also, Leramil and Scruut will catch up with you. While the poisoning of Apocrypha has been stopped, the greater threat is still ahead, Vaermina. Gadayn, Leramil, and Scruut will stay behind, as they would either stand no chance or are still clearly very winded from the journey so far. However, Meln will accompany you.

Meln the Mouthless: "Well done! Of course, it may take a week of hot baths to get his stink off you."
Curate Gadayn: "The Fulcrum Obscura, just as Torvesard said! Now I can return it to the abbey."
Scruut: "Look, Leramil! We found them!"
Leramil the Wise: "When you are ready, proxy, this portal shall take you to Vaermina."
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil! Thank the ancestors you're all right!"

Speaking to him before facing Vaermina:

"You ended that disgusting Blightcrown and I recovered the other half of the Fulcrum Obscura. Now you must face Vaermina. She's still wearing Master Shelreni's body, right?
Good luck, my friend. I'll watch over Leramil and Scruut until you return."

After defeating Vaermina, you will reunite with the others in Leramil's Study:

Leramil the Wise: "Proxy, I am glad to see you unharmed. I look forward to hearing about your encounter with Vaermina."
Meln the Mouthless: "Oh, let me! We defeated Vaermina!"
Scruut: "I didn't get to see you beat the Dreamweaver? How unfair is that?"
Curate Gadayn: "So we can relax now? Ah, friend? You have that look. What terrible news are you about to tell Leramil?"

Speaking to him before giving the news to Leramil:

"I don't like the looks on your and Meln's faces. Something went wrong, didn't it? There's still some terrible danger that needs to be dealt with?
Well, don't tell me about it! Talk to Leramil!"

Chronicle of Fate[edit]

If you haven't started the quest through Leramil, you can speak to Gadayn in Leramil's Study:

"I really should return the Fulcrum Obscura to Necrom, but I also promised to see this through. I'll do whatever I can to assist."

Before speaking to Scruut, you can speak to Gadayn to hint at his growing relationship with Leramil:

"Did I hear Leramil correctly? We can soon return to Necrom? That would be splendid! I can't wait to put the Fulcrum Obscura back in its proper resting place in the Necropolis.
Still, if we're almost finished … I might not see Leramil again."
You've really come to care about Leramil, haven't you Gadayn?
"Um, well, now that you mention it—do we really need to talk about this? I don't think we should talk about this.
Um, aren't you supposed to be talking to Scruut right now?"

Once you finish conversing with Scruut, Gadayn and Leramil will speak together shortly:

Curate Gadayn: "Can I get you anything, Leramil?"
Leramil the Wise: "No thank you, Gadayn. I am mostly recovered from our ordeal."

Before you head out to find Torvesard:

"I'm both relieved and a bit disappointed that we can't accompany you, my friend. I'll stay with Leramil and Scruut until you return.
I'd pray that the ancestors walk beside you, but now that I think about it, you have Meln. So they already do."

At the Cipher's Midden Hall, he will be in attendance of your ceremony. You can speak to her before Meln:

"Did you do it? Did you find Torvesard and recover the second glyphic? Wait, don't tell me. Not yet. Meln seems like he has something important he wants to discuss with you."

After speaking to Meln, who will direct to Scruut, you can speak to Gadayn before Scruut:

"I'm not sure what all this is about, but an inscribing ceremony for the Chronicle of Apocrypha certainly sounds exciting!"

Gadayn will invite you to attend the completion of his own quest.

"The time has come for me to return to Necrom and complete my mission for the abbey. When I present the Fulcrum Obscura to the abbot, I'd like you to be at my side. Er, our side. Leramil wants to come, too.
Isn't that … nice?"
I'll go with you, Gadayn.
"That's good. That's very good. I appreciate it. Besides, I want to let the abbot know what you did. You preserved Nirn as well as Apocrypha through your actions.
By the way, did you find Torvesard? Leramil has been dying to know what happened."
Torvesard opened the glyphic and got away. There's still danger, but Mora said it wasn't imminent.
"All right, all right. Not imminent is better than imminent … if the Prince of Fate needs you, he can find you on Nirn as easily as here in Apocrypha.
I'm sure there's more to it, but that's your business. I'll leave it to you and Leramil."
I'll meet you in Necrom, Gadayn.

Teasing Gadayn about his infatuation with Leramil:

"I must consider the best parts of the Necropolis to show to Leramil. She wants to see everything!
We'll meet you in Necrom, friend. At the Necropolis."
So Leramil wants a tour of the catacombs now, does she?
"Yes, she's being quite insistent on … wait a moment, are you having a jest with me?
Leramil is a special person—as I'm sure you already know! We're just friends. I think. Oh, I don't know what I'm saying. We'll meet you back in Necrom."

Leramil will interject after this to confirm her desire to tour his catacombs:

Leramil the Wise: "Now that the immediate danger has passed, I would like that tour of your catacombs now."
Curate Gadayn: "You … you would? Um, we'll meet you in Necrom, friend!"

When you arrive in the Necropolis, Gadayn receives encouragement from Abbot Ilvel to speak:

Abbot Ilvel: "Well done, curate! With the sacred relic returned, I feel it's safe to once again open the necropolis. Now, why don't you say a few words about your adventures."
Curate Gadayn: "Say a few words? Me?"

Speak with Gadayn who feels nervous about speaking:

"The abbot insisted on the immediate return of the relic, friend. Sorry you missed that part of the ceremony. But now he wants me to give a speech?
I'd rather go back to Apocrypha with you and face a horde of corrupted lurkers!"
Just tell the crowd what's in your heart. You'll do fine, Gadayn.
"Right. What's in my heart. Helpful to the end, that's you. Well, I might as well get this over with.
Oh, while I pull my thoughts together, Leramil wants to talk to you."
You've got this, Gadayn.

After encouraging him to speak, he will write down notes before you speak to Leramil:

"Talk to Leramil while I gather my thoughts.
Say a few words indeed."

After your conversation with Leramil, it is time for Gadayn's speech:

Leramil the Wise: "Say what is in your heart, Gadayn."
Curate Gadayn: "Right. Thanks, Leramil. The abbot asked me to tell you about my adventures. How I recovered the sacred relic and saved the Necropolis. But the truth is, I couldn't have done any of it without fate's champion. Someone I'm proud to call … my friend. Thanks to them, we saved the relic. We saved Nirn. We saved all of reality! All hail fate's champion! All hail my friend!"
Leramil the Wise: "Well said, Gadayn."
Curate Gadayn: "Thanks, Leramil. I couldn't have done any of this without you, too."
Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn …."

You can ask Gadayn about his relationship:

"Did I do all right, friend? I didn't seem too nervous or ramble or anything, did I? No, but I'm doing it now, aren't I? Of course I am.
If your travels ever bring you back to Necrom, please come and visit. I'll never forget our adventures!"
So, Gadayn … you and Leramil?
"What? Did Leramil say something? Was I too forward? Not forward enough? Oh, I am so not good at this!
How could I keep a secret from you? Leramil has agreed to stay in Necrom. At least for a while."
That's a great idea! Just make sure to pay attention, Leramil isn't one to hide her expectations.
"Leramil has expectations? What sorts of—oh!
I see. Yes, I shall endeavor to monitor not only her words but her gestures. I must seem like a country bumpkin to someone as sophisticated and traveled as Leramil. Oh, what's the use! I am a bumpkin!"
Just be honest and be yourself, Gadayn. You'll do fine.
"You … you really think so? Thank you, my friend. It means a lot for you to say that.
And I meant what I said. If you ever need my help or a place to stay or anything, don't hesitate to call on me. I … I learned so much at your side."

Gold Road Prologue[edit]

Prisoner of Fate[edit]

Leramil the Wise will have summoned you to investigate various locations around Tamriel visited by Torvesard who is trying to find the third Glyphic so he may free his Prince. After following up on the leads, she will suggest that you meet up with Curate Gadayn who is visiting Vvardenfell to ask about the Good Daedra and their stories.

You will be teleported to southeast Vvardenfell where Gadayn is happy to see Leramil:

Curate Gadayn: "Leramil! You've returned, but I know that look. What's wrong?"
Leramil the Wise: "Torvesard once more moves against Apocrypha. He seeks to restore the Forgotten Prince. I'll let our friend explain."

Talk to Gadayn to catch him up on what has been happening:

"I finally resolved to see the world beyond Necrom … with some assistance from Leramil, of course. Then Hermaeus Mora called her away again. I'm glad to see you're still helping her, friend.
Did I hear correctly? Torvesard has returned?"
Torvesard plans to use relics of Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala to locate Prince Ithelia.
"What I know about Daedric Princes and relics I learned at Leramil's side. If she doesn't know what it means, I can't add much more. The Good Daedra haven't been widely worshiped in Morrowind for ages.
How do you think they're involved?"
Torvesard said they conspired with Hermaeus Mora against Prince Ithelia.
"Hmm. I've never heard any such story, but Holamayan Monastery is just north of here. The monks there preserve the old Velothi traditions. If we're dealing with ancient myths about the Good Daedra, they might be able to help."
All right. Let's go to Holamayan Monastery.
"Go on ahead. I just need a moment to, er, confer with Leramil.
We'll meet you at Holamayan shortly. We may need to convince the monks that we come in good faith. They rarely welcome visitors who don't share their beliefs."

The entrance to Holamayan Monastery will be nearby, but when you arrive it will be sealed:

Curate Gadayn: "It's sealed. I suppose we could … knock?"
Leramil the Wise: "We have no time for this. I shall open a portal."
<Leramil begins to cast a spell, but halts when Abbot Andor Indoril appears out of thin air.>
Abbot Andor Indoril: "No need for that. The Golden Eye foretold your coming. Welcome."
Curate Gadayn: "The abbot! Forgive our intrusion and listen to what our friend has to say."

Speaking with Gadayn before the abbot:

"Abbot Andor is renowned throughout Morrowind for his scholarship in ancient myth and lore. I'm sure he'll be able to help us. Speak with him, friend."

After speaking with the abbot, he will give you and your companions permission to browse monastery's library for information. You will find Leramil and Gadayn already in the library by the time you get there. You will soon find a place to use the Echonir. Speaking with Gadayn before using it:

"Um, what's an Echonir? It has something to do with the strange glowing mist that appeared the moment you walked into the room, doesn't it?
Never mind. Just do whatever you're going to do and I'll catch up later."

Using the Echonir, you will witness a Dunmer, Khajiit and Orc standing around the table in the room. They will be discussing plan that requires absolute secrecy and Mora, when the vision stops, Leramil will recognize the book on the table is the same as the one in the vision.

Speaking with Gadayn before reading the Testament of Dandera Helas:

"Incredible! Those priests certainly looked ancient! Merethic Era, I'd say. And that old book, it's the same one we saw in your Echonir vision! Just incredible!"

Speaking with Gadayn after reading the Testament of Dandera Helas, but before speaking to Leramil:

"Imagine how long that testament has been here! Centuries upon centuries. I hope Leramil can make sense of it."

After reading the book, Leramil will suggest talking to the people in the monastery to ask about stories of a lost shrine to Hermaeus Mora. Speaking with Gadayn before leaving:

"No, I haven't heard of this place either, and I thought I knew most of the shrines and holy places in Morrowind. Go on and ask around. I'll see if I can find a map or a book or something."

After asking around, you will learn that the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets was said to be located at the now ruined city of Anudnabia, to the north of the monastery. Gadayn will be waiting for you with Leramil in the entrance hall:

"Anudnabia is a place with a bad reputation, friend. Old Daedric ruins, half-drowned in the Inner Sea. It's hard not to see it as something of an ill omen if your path leads there. Be careful."

Head north to the ruins near Sadrith Mora, Leramil and Gadayn will be waiting for you and there will be some visible threads of fate. You can speak with Gadayn before using the Echonir:

"That manifestation is like the one in the library at Holamayan. It appeared the moment you came into sight. Who knew there were so many ancient memories just lying around everywhere?"

Viewing the vision, you will see the three ancient priests be possessed by their Princes and then walk into the Inner Sea. Speaking with Gadayn before Leramil:

"Those ancient priests just … walked into the sea? I hope Leramil can think of an alternative. I'm not much of a swimmer."

Leramil will cast a protective spell and asks that you walk into the water. Once you enter the Inner Sea, you will be able to walk along the sea bed and the ruins, protected by a bubble:

Curate Gadayn: "This is incredible! Look at us, strolling along the seabed like it was a street in Necrom!"
Leramil the Wise: "Stay alert and move straight ahead, both of you. And watch out for any large, predatory sea life."

Speaking with Gadayn along the way:

"I've seen many strange wonders since I became tangled up in you and Leramil's business, but this is surely the strangest. I just hope that once we reach the shrine things are a little … drier."

Eventually you will come across the shrine:

Curate Gadayn: "Up ahead! I think I see the shrine!"
Leramil the Wise: "This is it. After you, proxy."

Once you have entered the portal, you will emerge from a pool in the Shrine of Inevitable Secrets. But you will soon see that you have company:

Curate Gadayn: "An island? Where are we? And who are those warriors?"
Leramil the Wise: "A demiplane, not an island. We are no longer on Nirn."
Curate Gadayn: "Torvesard must be near. I doubt the Recollection reached this place without his help."
<Leramil then staggers.>
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil is exhausted! Go on, find Torvesard. We'll catch up."

Fighting your way through the Recollection, you will catch up with Torvesard who uses Boethiah's relic to access the portal to the Mythos which closes behind him. Gadayn and Leramil then arrive before Hermaeus Mora arrives asking to speak to you. Speaking with Gadayn before Mora:

"You'll have to forgive me. The presence of a Daedric Prince is not something I'm ever going to get used to.
You'd better see what Hermaeus Mora wants."

Hermaeus Mora reopens the gate and bids you to chase Torvesard. Talking to Gadayn before leaving:

"I had a feeling this was going to end up with another journey into Apocrypha. At least it's not overrun by the minions of Vaermina and Peryite anymore. I hope.
Go on. I'm right behind you."

After entering the portal to the Mythos, you can talk to Gadayn:

"Be careful, friend. Even with Hermaeus Mora's blessing, this is a dangerous place for mortals. The sooner we find Torvesard, the sooner we can return to our own world."

As you fight your way through the Mythos, you will encounter Dremora calling themselves the "Shardborn":

Curate Gadayn: "Shardborn? Who in Oblivion are they?"
Leramil the Wise: "I do not recognize these Dremora. Perhaps Torvesard is not the only one beginning to remember the Forgotten Prince."

Speaking with Gadayn after defeating Dexxiuk the Glass Mantikora:

"Torvesard must be getting close to the glyphic he's looking for. We'd better hurry, friend."

h When you enter the Mythos Vaults, you will find Torvesard who activates the final glyphic. The scene that plays out shows Azura, Boethiah and Mephala helped Mora imprision Ithelia within the Mythos itself and then everyone was made to forget. Speaking with Gadayn before you continue:

"Hermaeus Mora imprisoned Ithelia right here in the middle of Apocrypha? Incredible! What happens if she gets out?
Never mind. I guess that's exactly what we're trying to stop."

When you follow Torvesard to Ithelia's prison, you and Torvesard will find it is already empty. Once Torvesard leaves, Hermaeus Mora will want to talk to you. Speaking to Gadayn after the Prince leaves:

"This is all quite beyond me. You'd better talk to Leramil—she'll know what to do. I hope."

Once you have spoken with Leramil she will open a portal to Grahtwood. Speaking with Gadayn before leaving:

"I guess we're done here, right? I know I'll feel a lot better about things once we're back in our own world."

The portal will bring you to a camp south of Elden Root along the road, and Beragon will be nearby. You can speak with Gadayn before talking to Leramil and completing the quest:

"This is Grahtwood? Why, these trees are almost as big as the mushrooms back home!
For what it's worth, I don't see any signs of reality unraveling. I'll take that as a good sign."

When you have completed the quest, you can talk to Gadayn some more:

"I suppose Leramil and I won't resume our sightseeing in Vvardenfell any time soon. Don't worry, friend—I understand.
I'll return to Necrom and see if there are any rumors about strange new Daedric Princes."

Secrets of Apocrypha Epilogue[edit]

Ithelia's Fury[edit]

After you have completed both of the Shadow Over Morrowind and Recollection of Ithelia story lines, you will have unlocked the epilogue in West Weald. This starts with Scruut arriving at Beragon's Townhouse and announcing everything is doomed.

Speaking to Scruut, she explains that Hermaeus Mora has detected several instabilities across reality, where the threads of fate fray. You will be asked to gather the relics that previously lost power during The Untraveled Road and investigate the reported West Weald instability with Scruut and Leramil.

After you have gathered the relics, Scruut will open a portal which leads to outside Faro's Cavern in northern West Weald. The nearby man, Levus Livonius will describe what he witnessed. A dark crevasse appeared in the air and his friend was sucked into it and disappeared. Your little group go inside the cave to investigate, Leramil will confirm it is a tear in reality and Scruut will say it the fault of Ithelia.

Scruut then tells you to take the relics to various locations around Tamriel where the reality tears have been detected and use them to restore the relics. One of your companions will meet up with you when you arrive in the area. When you arrive Fathoms Drift, the location of the Reality tear in Apocrypha, Curate Gadayn will be waiting for you:

Curate Gadayn: "This way, friend! Scruut told me to meet you here, but I wasn't expecting all the spirits!"

Speak with him to see what he knows:

"It's good to see you, friend. I was surprised when Scruut appeared, and I hoped she would send me somewhere not quite so otherworldly, but I never hesitated. I'm happy to assist you.
Still, if we can avoid those reality tears, I'd be grateful."
Did Scruut tell you what we need to do here?
"Yes, but I'm not sure I understood it all. Apparently, you have a map that's also a Daedric relic? Scruut says you need to get it to something immersed in the energy of Mephala. That will restore its power.
Have … have you seen Leramil recently?"
I have. Leramil asked me to give you her regards, Gadayn.
"Her regards? She did? What were Leramil's exact words, friend?
No, not now. We're in Apocrypha and we have a task before us. We must get your map to something sacred to Mephala."
Where are we going to find something of Mephala's here in Apocrypha?
"As luck would have it, Scruut knows of a ship here in Fathoms Drift called Stormspinner. It was carrying items sacred to followers of Mephala and she thinks you can use them to restore the relic.
The ship should be to the north. Let's go find it."

You can continue talking to Curate Gadayn and ask him some more questions:

What sorts of sacred items was the ship carrying?
"Scruut said that the ship was overloaded with amulets, statuettes, and other Mephala paraphernalia, but we're looking for bolts of silk cloth spun by devout worshipers of the Lady of Whispers. The ship was lost at sea and wound up here."

Gadayn will comment as you explore Fathoms Drift:

Curate Gadayn: "Fathoms Drift … imagine the horrors that have washed upon its shores."

When you reach the bolts of silk cloth in the wreck:

Curate Gadayn: "Those bolts of cloth! That must be the Mephala silk that Scruut wanted us to find."

Speaking with Curate Gadayn here:

"Scruut said to hold the map close to those bolts of silk. That should restore—what did she call it?—the Skein of Secrets?"

When you hold the Skein of Secrets to the silk, the following will happen:

<The Skein of Secrets glows red.>
Curate Gadayn: "Did it work? I think it worked! The relic is restored!"
<Torvesard appears nearby.>
Torvesard: "Lower your weapons, I only want to talk."

If you talk to Gadayn before Torvesard:

"Torvesard? Were you expecting him, friend? He did help us in the end, against Peryite and Vaermina the last time we were in Apocrypha.
Maybe he's had another change of heart? It appears he only does want to talk to you."

Speaking with Torvesard, he gives you a final chance to stand aside and let Ithelia do what she needs to do to restore her realm and position in reality. When you refuse, he leaves saying that you may have a different answer once a new Mirrormoor is created.

You can talk with Curate Gadayn once more before you leave:

"Was that the last relic? I was told to meet you and Leramil in Skingrad. Scruut provided me with a way to get there, so don't wait for me."

After you have restored the relics, you can return to Beragon's Townhouse and speak with Leramil. She has had the idea to return the remains of the Loom of the Untravelled Road to look for clues for what Ithelia will do next. Afterwards, there will be a last minute arrival:

Leramil the Wise: "This portal will take us to Fargrave."
Scruut: "Watch yourselves. Who knows what dangers still lurk near the Loom."
<Curate Gadayn arrives in a hurry.>
Leramil the Wise: "Gadayn? I—I did not expect you so soon."
Curate Gadayn: "I came as quickly as Scruut's trinket allowed. I want to help, however I can. Let me accompany you."
Leramil the Wise: "I … of course. Let us make haste, proxy."

Speaking with Gadayn before you leave:

"I came … as fast as I could. Scruut's trinket got me from Apocrypha to Nirn, but it deposited me some distance from this location.
And I meant what I said. I want to help, anyway I can."

Once you enter the portal to the Fargrave Inner Quarter, Gadayn and Leramil will appear next to you. Talking to Gadayn before you continue:

"Another corner of Oblivion I never expected to visit. And it makes me just as uncomfortable as the other places we've traveled.
I suggest we make haste, my friend."

You will have to get through all the atronachs to reach the portal to the Loom of the Untraveled Road. Gadayn and Leramil will have a small conversation:

Leramil the Wise: "The path to the Loom is below us. I shall open a way down."
Curate Gadayn: "By the ancestors, look at this place! I remember when the walls of the Necropolis were my entire world …."
Leramil the Wise: "Tread carefully, Gadayn. I prefer not to see any harm befall you."
Curate Gadayn: "I still have the amulet you gave to keep me safe. I … I couldn't bear to part with it."
Leramil the Wise: "I … I am glad it has been helpful. And that you still have it. More than I can say."

At the remains of the Loom, there will be place where you can use the Echonir. Speaking with Gadayn before using it:

"Scruut told me what happened here. Imagine, an apparatus that could change fate and alter history! How could even a Daedric Prince control such power?"

Viewing the memory, it will show a conversation between Ithelia and Torvesard. The enraged Ithelia says she will rebuild her realm on the corpse of Apocrypha. Understandably Leramil is very concerned and asks to speak with you. You can talk to Gadayn before her:

"I can't say I followed all that, but after everything that happened in Necrom, I know a threat to Hermaeus Mora can spill into the mortal plane. And Ithelia looked very angry!
Talk to Leramil. She must have a plan."

Talking with Leramil, you argue with her about the idea that Daedra are unchanging and suggest using the concept of the multiple Ithelias on the Many Paths to find a way for your Ithelia to change her perspective. Leramil is intrigued with your idea, and suggests you talk to Scruut about it when you return to Skingrad. Speaking with Gadayn before entering the portal:

"Back to Tamriel? Thank the ancestors! As much as I enjoy traveling with Leramil … and you, too, friend … I think I've had my fill of Oblivion planes."

When you return, you can talk to Gadayn before Scruut:

"Uh, I always feel unclean after traveling through a portal from Oblivion. But enough of my problems, go talk to Scruut."

After explaining Ithelia's plan to Scruut, you put forward your idea to do something that can allow Ithelia to change once more, using her Many Paths reflections as a basis. Scruut gets an idea about creating a special mirror, but asks you to retrieve a shard from the Primordial Shattered Titan that Ithelia created to use as a basis. Beragon, Tribune Alea and Curate Gadayn will accompany you to Ceyond:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "I know those ruins. They're west of Skingrad."
Beragon: "Then let's not waste time. Let's go get this shard!"
Curate Gadayn: "Agreed. We'll meet you there."

Speaking with Gadayn before you leave:

"These ruins sound dangerous. We should be prepared for trouble, friend."

Once inside Ceyond, Tribune Alea will order Beragon and Curate Gadayn to guard the entrance, while you and her go find the Primordial Shattered Titan. Speaking with him before moving on:

"Beragon and I will be here if you need us."

Throughout the ruin, you will find Shardborn and reality tears. The Primordial Shattered Titan will be waiting for you in the main chamber. Once you have defeated the Shattered Titan, the following will happen:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "An excellent battle! Gather a fragment of the titan and we can return to the others."
<Curate Gadayn and Beragon run up behind you.>
Curate Gadayn: "Friends, we need to get out of here!"
Beragon: "Tears are opening up throughout the ruins. We barely made it here to warn you."

Speaking with Curate Gadayn before collecting the fragment:

"No matter how many times I assist you or Leramil, I don't think I'll ever get used to all the Daedra."

However, once you pick up the large crystal fragment, something unexpected will happen:

Tribune Alea Idolus: "What's happen—"
<Torvesard will appear out of a mirror nearby.>
Torvesard: "I warned you against interfering, mortal, but you refused to heed me."
<A reality tear appears in the air nearby.>
Torvesard: "A reality tear? How fortuitous. Let this be the end of fate's chosen!"
<Torvesard uses his magic and somehow moves the reality tear directly in front of you. Your vision will be filled with black cracks and become monochrome.>
<Gadayn leaps between you and the reality tear.>
Curate Gadayn: "Friend, look out! Agghh!"
<Curate Gadayn is sucked into the reality tear and Torvesard leaves through a portal.>
Beragon: "Curate Gadayn! He's … gone."
Tribune Alea Idolus: "Mourn later. We must get this fragment back to the others."

You will then have to return to Skingrad and break the news to Leramil who will be devastated. Scruut however, will be focused on the bigger picture and takes the fragment from you. She then explains you and Leramil will have to work together in the ritual to create the artifact. Leramil will create the ritual circle and pump power into it. You will first add the relics around the circle and then join your power with hers. The floating shards in the circle will become the Mirror of Truth.

With all that has happened, it is time to go and confront Ithelia in Apocrypha.

In Memory Of[edit]

During the events of Fate of the Forgotten Prince, after you have defeated Ithelia and Torvesard and allowed Ithelia to recognise the danger she was to reality, you will follow the Princes into Ithelia's Prison where she was to be imprisoned once more. With the acknowledgement that imprisonment was a temporary solution to the threat of Ithelia's power, they ask for your advice. You suggest Ithelia travel to a world with no Daedra or Magicka and stay there. The Princes agree to this and search for such a reality, before Ithelia leaves, Leramil will come forward and asks for help with Gadayn. Ithelia allows Leramil to briefly see the Many Paths as she does which gives her knowledge of a Gadayn that can be reached.

While you are at a gathering with your companions, you will be called away by Scruut to speak with Hermaeus Mora one more time. Leramil will go with you and talk to Hermaeus Mora first, and asks for his assistance in retrieving Curate Gadayn with the knowledge Ithelia provided to her. Mora agrees, but says that he will take his price from her at a future time.

After Leramil agrees to the terms, she will asked to leave and Mora will speak with you. He reveals that his last act for this matter will be to remove Ithelia's memory from the world once more, though Mirrormoor and its forces will be remembered but altered. However, as a final boon, you are the only being other than him that will retain their full memories of Ithelia and what happened.

When you return to the party, you will witness Curate Gadayn appear out of nowhere:

Leramil the Wise:' "Gadayn! The One Who Knows spoke true!"
Curate Gadayn: "Leramil? Friend, wha-wa-what's going on?"

Talk to Curate Gadayn to see what he remembers:

"The last thing I remember, friend, we were exploring an Ayleid ruin, looking for … something. To stop … hmm. The more I try to remember, the less I can recall.
What happened to me, my friend?"
You fell through a tear in reality. Leramil asked Hermaeus Mora to bring you back.
"I did what now? I fell into a pit of some sort? And Hermaeus Mora brought—
No matter. Since this seems to be a celebration, I take it we accomplished … whatever it was we were up to in that ruin?"
Yes, Gadayn, we saved West Weald and all of reality.
"Well, that's good. I knew we could do it. Never doubted it for an instant. I'm glad we won, my friend. And that we're all here to celebrate our victory.
I see Leramil over there. You should go and talk to her. I'll join you in a moment."
Speak with Leramil. I'll wait for my speech after that.

Speaking with Leramil, she also will no longer remember Ithelia and will reward you for your deeds. At this, Beragon will finally be able to give his speech. Afterwards, Gadayn and Leramil will head over to a corner to talk to with each other. You can talk to Gadayn again and ask what he remembers about Ithelia:

"I can't believe we did it! We saved Apocrypha and West Weald! If you told me we'd do anything like this back at the necropolis, I would have asked how much sujamma you had to drink."
It's been an adventure, that's for sure. Do you remember … Ithelia?
"Who? Is that someone we met along the way? Sorry, I have no memory of … what name did you say again?
Anyway, I can't believe Beragon threw a party! We didn't have many of those back at the Necropolis."
So, what's next for Curate Gadayn?
"Back to Necrom, I suppose. Eventually. After I get to spend a little time with Leramil. At least, I hope we can spend some time. She's very busy, you know. With all the forbidden knowledge research and everything. I'm rambling again, aren't I? Sorry!"


After the completion of the Secrets of Apocrypha storyline, Gadayn can be found with Leramil in her lodgings in Cipher's Midden:

"We were just talking about you friend! I'm glad you could make time to visit. And I'm glad I was here to see you! Leramil's been showing me around Apocrypha, but I need to return to my duties at the Necropolis soon.
Well, soon-ish."
It's been an adventure, that's for sure. Do you remember … Ithelia? (Same as above)