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Ordinator Nelyn
Daily Job Broker
Home City Necrom
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ordinators
Ordinator Nelyn

Ordinator Nelyn is a Dark Elf Ordinator and daily job broker who can be found in Necrom. He provides the daily quests for world bosses.

Related Quests[edit]


When approaching him:

"Dangerous work for hire!"
"The Three has need of you!"
"The Tribunal pays well!"

He will say the following when greeting you with an new quest:

"Put your skills to use for the Ordinators of the Telvanni Peninsula. You'll be well-rewarded for your efforts."
"We're looking for able-bodied fighters who are unafraid to get their hands dirty. We can make it worth your while."
"We pay well for those who can handle themselves in a fight. Do you think you have what it takes?"
"We seek brave, skilled warriors who are looking to make a little coin. Does that describe you?
After starting a daily quest
"The Ordinators pay their debts. Do right by us, and we will do right by you."
"The sooner you get a move on, the sooner you get paid."
"This task isn't mysteriously going to take care of itself. You should get a move on."
"I have other business to attend to. You should attend to your tasks as well."

You can ask the following questions, during and after any daily quest:

It seems there is quite a bit of trouble around here.
"You're observant, my friend. We keep an eye on the Telvanni Peninsula and now Apocrypha as well for the Temple. It's more than anyone can handle alone. We've many dangerous, well-paying jobs available for teams of talented adventurers like yourself."
You're worried about Apocrypha?
"True servants of the Temple take all threats to the Three and their people seriously, including the Daedric Lord of Secrets. But our need is your gain, my friend. We pay well for others to take care of these issues."

When you come back from defeating the boss:

"Ah! You appear to still be in one piece! How did you fare?"
"You've returned, my friend. How did your assignment go?"
"I wasn't quite sure I'd see you again. I take it your task was successful?"
"Good to see you! You return with good news, I hope?"

When you've already done the daily quest and there's no more available quests to pick up:

"You're quite eager to help, but we don't have any other work for you at the moment. That will change, though, soon enough."
"I'm afraid I don't have any tasks for you now. Check with me later, though."
"We don't have any more work for you today. But that's likely to change soon."
"The Ordinators appreciate your help thus far. I'm sure there will be more work for you soon."

Quest-Related Events[edit]

An Ancient Omniscience[edit]

I'm ready for some work. What's available?
"There's an ancient Seeker that haunts the vast libraries of Apocrypha, one that knows everything that is in it. A Prime Cataloger, if you will. We would love some of that knowledge, but we've lost a number of people trying to gain it."
So, how can I get this knowledge?
"This Prime Cataloger has tomeshells that cling to it like leeches. If you can defeat the Prime Cataloger, and gather up the molted husks of these tomeshells, we could discover more about the library's contents.
What do you say?"
I'll collect the tomeshells. And I'll deal with the Prime Cataloger.

After agreeing to the quest, you can ask some questions:

What else can you tell me about the Prime Cataloger?
"The Prime Cataloger is a particularly obsessive Seeker that hoards forbidden knowledge—hiding secrets from everyone, even its fellow Daedra.
Over the ages, it has grown in size, cunning, and power, making it a particularly dangerous foe."
And that knowledge is in the tomeshells?
"The parasitic tomeshells feed off the Prime Cataloger and gain some of its knowledge. When these tomeshells shed their skins, these papery husks reveal that knowledge."

Arcane Residue[edit]

I'm ready for some work. How can I help you?
"Lord Vivec is interested in a powerful arcanist that has risen in Apocrypha. This arcanist, Runemaster Xiomara, grows stronger with each passing day, and many warriors have died at his hands."
An arcanist?
"Yes. We want to curtail his growing power, but also understand his abilities. You and your allies will need to gather arcane residue from the warriors he's defeated. I have a device you can use to gather this residue.
May the Three guide your hand."
I'll defeat this arcanist and return with arcane residue for Vivec to study.

After agreeing on the quest, you can find out more about the arcanist:

What else do you know about this powerful arcanist?
"Regrettably, we don't know much about Xiomara. He wields power unlike any we have seen. Not only of souls and magicka, but of knowledge. Without access to his tomes and codices, we are left to wonder.
Such blind spots are unacceptable."
Why does Vivec want to learn about this power?
"Lord Vivec wishes to understand all potential threats to the Tribunal Temple and its people. The power this new arcanist wields is such a threat, and it must be dealt with now. Before it gains purchase in Tamriel."

After defeating Runemaster Xiomara:

I defeated Runemaster Xiomara and collected the arcane residue from the warriors.
"Lord Vivec will be most pleased. This arcanist gained too much power. This arcane residue should allow Vivec to understand his new power and devise proper countermeasures.
The Ordinators thank you. Check in with me often for additional work."

Breaking the Chains[edit]

I could use some work. What do you need done?
"Corlys the Chainmaker ships exotic creatures into the region and pits them against those willing to pay to fight them. He often lets his beasts loose to drum interest.
We want to put Corlys out of business and track his network of suppliers."
How do you plan to track them?
"Sotha Sil, the Light of Knowledge, provided our order with clockwork oddities we call mystic trackers. We need someone to defeat Corlys and place these trackers on his wagons to uncover his contacts."
All right, I'll deal with Corlys the Chainmaker and place these mystic trackers on his caravans.

Asking some questions about Corlys the Chainmaker:

Tell me about Corlys the Chainmaker.
"Corlys the Chainmaker is a showman who runs a fighting club of sorts. He imports rare and dangerous creatures. Would-be warriors pay him to fight them."
Is that illegal?
"No, but he sometimes turns his creatures loose on the countryside to drum up business. We want him stopped, and we want to know who his suppliers are."

After defeating Corlys:

I killed Corlys the Chainmaker and placed your mystic trackers on his caravan.
"Excellent. Corlys was no better than the beasts he trafficked in. By the grace of the Three, his suppliers will share the Chainmaker's fate soon enough."

Devourer of Dreams[edit]

What do you need?
"Have you heard of Valkynaz Dek? He's a powerful Dremora operating in Apocrypha. Alas, he recently captured some of our investigators."
You sent investigators in Apocrypha?
"Yes. A powerful Dremora like Dek operating in Apocrypha merits our interest. But Dek is crafty, and captured our agents. I hope they're still alive.
Fair warning: even a warrior of your stature may struggle to best him. You should bring allies."
I'll deal with Valkynaz Dek and free any captives I find.

Asking more about Valkynaz Dek:

What can you tell me about Valkynaz Dek?
"Dek is a high-ranked leader among the Dreamcarver Clan. He's set up a base of operations in Apocrypha with a host of his less-powered Dremora. Efforts to discover what he is up to have so far failed."
There is a problem with Dremora in Apocrypha?
"The Dreamcarver Clan swears allegiance to Vaermina, Prince of Dreams and Nightmares, one of Hermaeus Mora's rivals. Why would Hermaeus Mora allow these minions within his domain? Our people could not find out."

After defeating Valkynaz Dek:

I defeated Valkynaz Dek and rescued the captives.
"You've done well, my friend. Defeating Valkynaz Dek and rescuing our people is a great service to the Tribunal.
Here is the reward as agreed upon. And check back for more work soon."

Reenactment Gone Awry[edit]

What seems to be the problem?
"One of Lord Vivec's favorite tales is the time he bested Vro-Kuul-Sha the Deepreaver. Well, several Buoyant Armigers went into Apocrypha recently to reenact this great victory. Sadly, they were no match for the creature."
How can I help?
"We'd like someone to avenge these ambitious Armigers. Defeat Vro-Kuul-Sha and collect the personal effects of Vivec's devoted warriors so they may be properly honored."
I'll deal with Vro-Kuul-Sha and recover the Armigers' personal effects.

Asking further questions about Vro-Kuul-Sha:

Tell me more about the Vro-Kuul-Sha the Deepreaver.
"He is one of Hermaeus Mora's strongest servants who lurks in a cavern in Apocrypha.
He tested Lord Vivec's mettle ages ago. Of course, our lord prevailed, but Vro-Kuul-Sha forgets nothing. Now, he's unleashed eons of hatred on these Armigers."
How long ago did Vivec defeat Vro-Kuul-Sha?
"This was before Vivec's apotheosis, when he still labored under the burdens of mortality. The stories say it was a brutal fight, and Vro-Kuul-Sha almost bested him. But in the end, even a mortal Vivec was unbeatable."

After defeating Vro-Kuul-Sha:

I defeated Vro-Kuul-Sha. Here are the personal effects of the fallen Armigers.
"It is done? You've beaten Vro-Kuul-Sha? The Buoyant Armigers are good warriors, but they tend to bite off more than they can chew. At least we can now put their souls to rest.
Here's the promised reward."

Tracking Nightmares[edit]

I'm up for a challenge. What do you need done?
"One of our scholars was tracking an ancient creature—the Walking Nightmare—in hopes of driving it from these lands. Unfortunately, he got too close and the beast killed him. We need to recover this scholar's notes."
What is a Walking Nightmare?
"It is a Daedric Prince's dreams made manifest, which escaped into our world.
Can you defeat this creature and recover the scholar's research notes? You may need to bring others to help, but you'll be well-compensated for your efforts."
I'll deal with the Walking Nightmare and recover any research notes I can find.

Asking more about the Walking Nightmare:

What can you tell me about this Walking Nightmare?
"It's a powerful minion of Vaermina, Daedric Prince of Dreams. It's made of warped dreams incarnate, with insect-like legs and an eyeless skull. We need to know more about it."
Who was the researcher?
"Rathas Favel, a young scholar that had recently joined our ranks. He was a headstrong youth, and I think he was just a bit too eager. I hope he was able to make some decent observations before he met his untimely end."

After defeating the Walking Nightmare:

The Walking Nightmare has been taken care of, and I collected the research notes.
"That's what I was hoping to hear. It's a pity that young Favel didn't survive, but these notes should come in handy.
The Ordinators appreciate your assistance. We'll have other jobs for you in the future."