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Find a desperate Dunmer's kidnapped sister and foil the plot of a cult.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Forgotten Wastes — Find Tythis's lost sister in the Forgotten Wastes.
Quest Giver: Tythis Nirith in the Forgotten Wastes;
Trilam Rindo in Vivec City
Location(s): Forgotten Wastes
Reward: Nirith's Bulwark of the Defiler
Dreamer's Chime
Average Leveled Gold
Bell Puzzle
Tythis Nirith has come to the Forgotten Wastes searching for his sister, Nevena. It seems she has fallen under the sway of some artifact. I've volunteered to help Tythis find her. [if accepted from Tythis Nirith]
A relic hunter told me of a young Dunmer who fled Vivec City after committing murder. Her brother has gone north to search for her in the Forgotten Wastes. No one has seen either of them since. [if accepted from Trilam Rindo]

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Use the scattered clues to locate Nevena.
  2. Solve the puzzle.
  3. Defeat Wakener Maras.
  4. Return to Tythis Nirith.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Upon entering the forgotten wastes you will meet an injured Tythis Nirith, who tells you about his predicament. Nevena Nirith is wanted for murder. She killed her mentor after he gave her a strange statue from this area to study. Tythis followed his sister Nevena here, and she attacked him. Now that he's injured, he can't go any further to look for Nevena. He asks that you continue the search for him.

Once you've spoken him make your way south into the forgotten wastes. Once you hit a fork in the road make a right. Make your way east until you see the entrance to the Drinith Ancestral tomb and enter. Upon entry be wary of a flame trap triggered by a pressure plate a little past the entrance, as well as multiple blade traps with similar pressure plates throughout the tomb. Make your way south and grab the Diviner's Journal. Make your way back to the north then take a right follow the hall to the east. Be wary that the hall is patrolled by a hunger as well the usual cultist groups. at the end of the hall take a left and go down the stairs take a left and watch out for another pressure plate blade trap. Pick up the Wakener's Sermon.

You will now find yourself at the entrance of a large ritual room full of cultists in the middle of a sacrificial summoning ritual. Once you engage the cultists they will finish their ritual which will summon two hungers. Once you finish off the enemies make your way into the caverns grab the shyshard near the hive guardian near the top of the caverns and make your way down. In the camp near the bottom of the cavern, you can read the Excavation Orders. Head south and enter the forgotten depths.

In the main room, you will find a bell puzzle. The solution to the puzzle is on the wall in front of the puzzle, and each letter will illuminate after the correct bell is rung. To solve the Sixth House bell puzzle, you must spell the word "DREAMS" out of the Daedric tiles. From left to right, the letters are as follows: D-R-A-E-S-M (1-2-4-3-6-5). Once the puzzle is finished the door to Wakener’s Hall will be unlocked. Once inside you will confront Wakener Maras as well as a hostile Nevena Nirith. Once they are defeated pick up Nevena's Diary and head back to Tythis Nirith.


  • Nevena's Diary lacks the typical golden glow of readable notes.
  • Upon returning to Tythis at the end of the quest, the dialogue states that you hand him the clues as well. However, none of the clues investigated earlier in the quest are physically picked up or present in your quest items.


  • The bell puzzle can be interacted with while not being on the quest. However, the runes on the arch won't glow even if the correct combination is performed and nothing occur if the full combination is completed. ?
    • During the quest, after successfully inputting the full correct combination, the puzzle remains interactable. Activating any of the bells again resets the puzzle as if you were still on the previous objective but the door remains unlocked. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Echoes of a Fallen House
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should travel north through the Ashlands into the Forgotten Wastes. I might be able to find some sign of Tythis or Nevena there.
Objective: Find Tythis Nirith
Latest start I need to search the ruins and tombs dotting the Forgotten Wastes for clues as to where Nevena might be.
Objective: Find Clues to Nevena's Whereabouts: 0/4
I learned that Nevena is being held inside the Wakener's Hall by the leader of the Sixth House cultists in this area. The hall is sealed by some sort of device. I need to find a way inside if I'm going to help Nevena.
Objective: Find a Way Inside the Wakener's Hall
Wakener Maras has Nevena. I'll have to defeat him if I hope to rescue her.
Objective: Defeat Wakener Maras
I defeated Wakener Maras, but had to kill Nevena after she attacked me alongside him. I can see a diary nearby that they were attempting to burn. I should collect it for Tythis.
Objective: Take Nevena's Diary
Finishes quest☑ In the end, Nevena gave me no choice but to end her life along with the cult leader's. I should report back to Tythis and deliver the news.
Objective: Talk to Tythis
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