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Tythis Nirith
Location Forgotten Wastes
Race Dark Elf Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ordinators
Tythis Nirith

Tythis Nirith is a Dark Elf ordinator who can be found near the entry in the Forgotten Wastes.

He has come to the ruins to look for his sister Nevena, who is on the run after she allegedly murdered a priest of the Tribunal Temple in Vivec City.

Related Quests[edit]


If you started the quest through Trilam Rindo:

"Didn't expect anyone else out this far … you another relic hunter? The last find didn't cause enough harm? Needed another go?"
You must be Tythis. Trilam told me the situation with your sister.
"What happened—with her mentor—with me … that wasn't Nevena.
I came out here to prove her innocence. That might not be possible now."
Looks like you were injured.

If you start the quest through Tythis:

"Didn't expect to see anyone else out this far. Not a relic hunter, I hope. Caused enough trouble already. Tythis Nirith. I'm not … not here, officially. Came seeking my sister, but that didn’t go as planned."
What happened?


"This is where I caught up to Nevena. I begged her to come back. Swore I'd make this all right … but I couldn't.
She felt so heavy in my arms. The only thing she said … she whispered 'kill me.'"
She wanted you to kill her?
"I should have listened. Before I knew, my Nevena was gone. Something changed in her eyes. Made my blood run cold. I never even saw the knife.
Managed to stop the bleeding, but I'm not going anywhere soon. I've lost her. Maybe for good."
I'll look for Nevena.
"Be wary. I saw shapes in the ash. Robed figures.
That's not the blood loss talking … I don't think."

You can continue to ask him questions:

Why is your sister here?
"She's wanted … for murder—but it wasn't her. Not my Nevena."
So she's on the run.
"Looks that way to most, but it's not that simple. Her mentor bought a statue. A relic from out here. Nevena was studying it.
Now he's dead and she's gone. That statue's the only motive. It's the key."
She could have stolen it.
"Not Nevena. She's too timid. And why kill for it when she could have just walked away? It doesn't add up.
That thing brought her here—to whatever's out here. She didn't do this. It did."
You mentioned robed figures. Who else is out here?
"I couldn't make them out, just saw them from afar before I spotted Nevena. Seemed to be searching for something. That statue maybe?"
Where did the statue come from?
"Lots of our history is buried in ash. Out here, there was Kogoruhn. The seat of the Lost House. Traitors against the Three who were wiped out ages ago.
That statue preserved their evil. Save my sister from them. Please."
What do you know about this place?/Do you know anything else about this area?
"Ruins, tombs, fire, and ash. All forgotten and lost to time.
Whatever the relic hunters found here, it was better left that way."

Return to him and he'll say:

"Did you find Nevena? Where—that's her diary … she's been carrying it around for weeks. Never left her side ….
She's gone, isn't she?"
She didn't leave me any choice. I'm sorry. <Give Tythis the diary and clues.>
"That wasn't Nevena. She died here. You fulfilled her last wishes. I don't know that I could have done it, even without the gut wound.
Thank you for bringing her peace."
"When I'm able to fight, I'll find the truth. I won't let what happened to her happen to anyone else."
Her diary and those records I recovered may be able to help you.
"This will be a painful journey, but thank you for sharing these with me.
Did … did they offer any truth in this madness? Any glimpse of reason?"
You should know this wasn't an accident. Cultists were interested in your sister for her bloodline.
"Bloodline? You don't mean …? That's impossible."
She said she belonged here. It was her birthright.
"That fallen, disgraced House … that is not who she was. That is not who I am. It can't be. It was some spell the statue held over her. A curse, or enchantment placed by these heretics."
I'm only relaying what I uncovered.
"I hope you're wrong … the truth's too ugly. If these cultists entrapped my sister, who else will they come for? I need to see for myself, but … I'm afraid.
It might be wiser to turn back."
You don't want to share her fate.
"Face a truth that could destroy me, or wait for it to find me too. It's a lot to take in. Three watch over me ….
I hope I see you again, friend."