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Ordinator Tandasea
Daily Job Broker
Home City Necrom
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ordinators
Ordinator Tandasea

Ordinator Tandasea is a Dark Elf Ordinator daily job broker who can be found in Necrom. She is also a worshipper of Hermaeus Mora, though the Ordinators tolerate her due to her expertise in certain fields. Tandasea provides the daily Bastion Nymic quests.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Ordinator Tandasea will have a unique greeting the first time you start her quest:

"I was told to expect you, and here you are. Congratulations, traveler. You've been tended by the Gardener of Men. Plucked for a special task.
Hermaeus Mora requires your help in reclaiming a portion of his realm from his enemies."
What does Hermaeus Mora want with me?
"Hermaeus Mora's enemies assail Apocrypha. Specifically Bastion Nymic—a stronghold where dangerous names of power are stored.
The Golden Eye needs someone to rout these enemies and the Herald that leads them. The reward will be substantial."
How do I reach Bastion Nymic?
"Bastion Nymic is inaccessible except for one ancient gate. It only opens for the Seekers who guard the stronghold. But if you gather enough of their Daedric ichor, you can use it to activate the gate and get inside.
Are you willing to help?"
I'll open the gate to Bastion Nymic and defeat Hermaeus Mora's enemies.
"I'll mark your map with the location of the Chthonic Landing gate, as well as where the Seekers flock.
Mora's foes control these Seekers. Find them, kill them, and take their ichor. Once you have enough, you can open the gate and enter the Bastion."

After you agree to help, you can ask her further questions:

Tell me about the foes I'll face in Bastion Nymic.
"They serve the Daedric Princes Vaermina and Peryite. I know that dangerous champions lead the attack. But the real threat is the master of the Seeker heralds. It has subverted Bastion Nymic's defenses. Mora's own Daedra will try to stop you."
I'll have to fight Hermaeus Mora's own forces in the bastion?
"Yes. That's why Hermaeus Mora requires outside help to deal with this threat. He can't rely on his own Daedra in Bastion Nymic.
You can expect no mercy from Mora's former servants. Give them none in return. Eradicate them all."
How do you know all this? Do Ordinators normally serve Hermaeus Mora?
"No. But we must sometimes forge strange alliances. Our people have a long history with the Daedra, you'll recall. I have an understanding with Mora. We help each other, from time to time.
Especially when his affairs spill over into our world."
Your superiors in the Tribunal Temple don't mind?
"Let's just say they choose not to examine my methods too closely. The Lord of Secrets provides me with eyes and ears in many places. That can be very useful in my work. I repay that favor when he asks for help. Such as now."

As you approach the portal after collecting the ichor:

Ordinator Tandasea: "Good work! Pour the ichor on the gate to open the way to Bastion Nymic."
"You found the gate! Now the real battle begins.
A fearsome Herald has taken control of Bastion Nymic, subverting its defenses. The Golden Eye needs you to destroy this powerful adversary. But the Herald is protected by a barrier."
What kind of barrier?
"The Golden Eye called it a logonymic ward. A power of the bastion the Herald uses to defend itself. But the champions of Vaermina, Peryite, and Hermaeus Mora each hold part of the logonymic. You must release them to breach the barrier."
Tell me about these three champions.
"Each one occupies an outlying district of the bastion. Vhogor the Pestilent is Peryite's champion. Kynmarcher Strix serves Vaermina. And the Eater of Secrets served Hermaeus Mora, until the invading princes subverted it."
How do I get their logonymics?
"Kill them, of course. The logonymics are bound up in their very beings somehow—Daedric names are strange things.
Simple, right?"

After finishing Bastion Nymic:

"You're alive! And you seem to be of sound mind and body, more or less. Does that mean you were victorious in Bastion Nymic?"
I cleared Hermaeus Mora's enemies from Bastion Nymic and defeated the Herald.
"Excellent! It's said that knowledge is power, but sometimes brute strength is the remedy a situation requires. I suspect by helping Hermaeus Mora to defend his realm, you were protecting our world as well.
Here—your reward, as promised."

If you already completed her daily quest today:

"The attacks on Bastion Nymic have ceased for now. Enjoy this respite while you can—I'm certain it won't last. The Golden Eye will have need of your help again soon enough."
"While Hermaeus Mora's enemies are tireless in their plotting, it appears that for now Bastion Nymic is safe.
There is no threat for you to deal with today, but come back soon. I have a feeling that will change."