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Repel the Ashlander attack on Iliath Temple.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Iliath Temple — Help defend Iliath Temple from Ashlanders.
Quest Giver: Brother Samel
Location(s): Iliath Temple
Prerequisite Quest: Divine Favor
Reward: Temple Keeper's Spaulders
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Ashlanders escaping the collapsing Illiath Temple Mines
The renegade Ashlanders have broken through a storage tunnel beneath Iliath Temple, taking the monks and their defenders by surprise. If the attack can't be repelled, the monastery is sure to fall.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Tirinaat and Ordinator Nethis
  2. Grab a pickaxe and weaken the support beams
  3. Defeat the Ashkhan and escape the tunnel

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

After you awaken the Ordinators, Brother Samel comes rushing in. The Ashlanders have dug under the walls! Ordinator Nethis leads the defense outside, but before you meet with him, Tirinaat would like a word. She gives you an artifact that will calm her kinsmen upon its use. She urges you to end this conflict without bloodshed.
You need to talk to Ordinator Nethis now. You can find him behind the Temple Shrine. Nethis tells you that the support beams holding up the Ashlanders' tunnel are weak, and advises you to grab a pickaxe and cave in the tunnel. Find a pickaxe in one of the buildings behind the temple, to the east, and start weakening the supports.
Use Hedranna's Artifact to calm the Ashlanders so that you may pass by unharmed as you weaken the supports. When you've weakened the fourth support, head into the final chamber and fibd the Ashkhan. Set the pile of timbers on fire to get his attention. He'll come in from the exit. Once he's dead, weaken the last support and leave the mines. Hedranna will be just outside. Speak to her for your reward.

Quest Stages[edit]

Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Farseer Tirinaat would like to talk to me before I leave to deal with the breach.
Objective: Talk to Farseer Tirinaat
Ordinator Nethis has taken command of the defenders. He can be found near the Ashlander breach southwest of the temple.
Objective: Talk to Ordinator Nethis
Ordinator Nethis wants me to weaken the timber supports holding open the Ashlanders' tunnel. To do that, I'll need a tool.
Objective: Collect a Pickaxe
I have the tools I'll need to weaken the tunnel supports. I should head underground now.
Objective: Enter the Ashlander's Tunnel
Wooden support beams hold up the ceiling. They're not well constructed. It should be easy for me to weaken them as I advance through the Ashlanders' tunnels.
Objective: Weaken First Support
Objective: Weaken Second Support
Objective: Weaken Third Support
Objective: Weaken Fourth Support
Objective Hint: Use Hedranna's Artifact to Calm Ashlanders
I need to use the Hedranna's Artifact. The Ashlanders should let me pass when I use Hedranna's Artifact near them.
I've eared the tunnels as far as the final room. Now I must search for the Ashkhan and defeat him.
Objective: Look for the Ashkhan
Despite everything I've done, the Ashkhan must be slain. Ashkhan Ziddak Dunhaki has to die.
Objective: Kill Ashkhan Ziddak Dunhaki
Objective Hint: Set the Pile of Timbers on Fire to get the Ashkhan's attention.
The Ashkhan has been defeated. It's time to pull down the last support before the cave collapses.
Objective: Weaken Last Support
Hidden Objective: Leave the Cave
☑Finishes quest I've defeated Ashkhan Ziddak Dunhaki, and the Ashlander tunnel has collapsed.
Objective: Talk to Hedranna Kaliki