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Varo Hosidias
Home City Lilmoth
Location Ixtaxh Xanmeer
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Cyrodilic Collections
Varo Hosidias

Varo Hosidias is an Imperial warrior and member of Cyrodilic Collections, he can normally be outside the Guild Hall, near Bolu. While he isn't taking part in Famia Mercius' expeditions, he is either at the tavern or handing out work to adventurers.

Related Quests[edit]


Sunken Treasures[edit]

Varo is one of the expedition members heading to the Ixtaxh Xanmeer and be first encountered at the western gate.

"Hmm. Good to see a recruit with a few notches in their shield. Still don't want to know your name, though. No point in getting attached until you've survived your first hunt.
Attachments slow you down. And in Murkmire, you keep up or you die."

After Famia arrives and lays out the plan:

"Take care of Famia, would you? I sometimes get the feeling she doesn't really grasp the danger here."

Varo and the other expedition members can be found at the entrance to the xanmeer, trying to unlock to the door. The following conversation will occur:

Kirstaleth "Is it working?"

<Famia will approach and use the vakka stones.>

Famia Mercius: "See there? The door awakens! Try opening it now, Zadaza."
Zadaza "Ziss'vo! Zadaza has been picking at this for—! What did you do, Famia?"
Famia Mercius: "Scholarship in action, my friends! Now, let's make some discoveries!"
Varo Hosidias: "Yes, let's get to it. We're crocodile bait out here."

After the xanmeer is entered, a trap will be set off which separates the group, Varo breaks his leg in the fall and can be found fighting off spiders in the Skittering Chamber:

Varo Hosidias: "Stay back, you beasts!"
Famia Mercius: "Hold on, Varo! We're on our way! Aim for the abdomen!"

Once the spiders are killed or driven off:

Varo Hosidias: "That all of them? Good."
<Zadaza enters from a door leading to the Stone Furnace.>
Zadaza: "Jone's bumpy arse, what happened in here?"
"The crystal is near! Come!"
Kirstaleth: "Varo! Don't move! I'll get down there to heal you—somehow."

Varo can be spoken to at this point:

"I took a real beating during the fall—leg broke like a dry twig. Want some advice? Don't get old.
Hopefully Kirstaleth can patch it up well enough for me to walk. In the meantime, you should be looking for a way out of here. And hey … thanks."

While you are fighting off the Ixtaxh Voriplasm, Varo will arrive and yell "What in Stendarr's name is that?"

Once the voriplasm is killed and you have escaped the xanmeer, Varo can be spoken with again.

"I owe you my life, friend, and that's a debt I take very seriously.
To be honest, I think this was my final adventure. Even with Kirstaleth's help, my leg is mangled for good. But I'll find a way to repay you. Count on it."

After you spoken with Famia and agreed to meet her in Lilmoth, the following conversation will happen between the other expedition members.

Xukas: "Farewell, everyone. Please, do not make me do this again."
<Xukas leaves.>
Famia Mercius: "Well, that was exciting, right?"
Varo Hosidias: "I have never seen more spiders."
Kirstaleth: "Are you joking? We nearly died!"
Zadaza: "Welcome, my friend, to exploring with Famia."
Famia Mercius: "Oh, that is hardly fair! Our last expedition was—"
Zadaza: "Spike pit."
Famia Mercius: "Well, yes. But before that—"
Zadaza: "Angry Naga heart-eaters."
Famia Mercius: "Ah, but what about that trip north? That wasn't—"
Zadaza: "Many, many crocodiles."
Varo Hosidias: "Madus lost his hand to one. Remember Madus?"
Zadaza: "Zadaza mostly remembers his screams."
Famia Mercius: "Yes, yes. But need I remind you, we acquired the Kajin-Jat Crystal?"
Kirstaleth: "Good for you. As for me? I'm out. This Elf is sticking to woodland adventures from now on."
Varo Hosidias: "Smart. I'm sitting the next one out, too. Here, Elf. I'll walk you home."
Kirstaleth: "Are you certain you're up to it?"
Varo Hosidias: "Ale's cheap in Lilmoth, and there's not a beast alive that's going to stand between me and a tankard right now."
Kirstaleth: "Fair enough. Just take it slow, all right?"
Zadaza: "A one-legged Imperial and a Wood Elf fresh out of the cradle go wandering into the swamp. What could go wrong?"

Delve Dailies[edit]

When he spoken to, he has a variety of greetings.

If a new daily quest is available:

"Welcome to Lilmoth, meat. There's not much to see in this dump, but if you don't mind getting soggy, I might have work for you."
"Exciting place, right? If you need an excuse to get out of this pit, the outfit I work for is looking for bodies. In more ways than one.
Interested in a job?"
"Hey, swamp-bait. There's some work that needs doing that I can't get around to. Interested?"
"Not from around here I see. Don't know why you'd come to this hole, but I'm guessing you're looking for an opportunity. Might have one. You up for it?"

When a daily quest if available after meeting Famia Mercius:

"Famia hasn't gotten you killed yet? Well, in that case, let me have a go at it. Got a lead on a job that's right up your alley."
"Bah, leg's aching again.
If you're looking to keep busy, I've got something for an able body."
"Suppose I'll have to get used to seeing you around. Unless this work finally gets you, too.
Got a job if you're willing."
"I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. Not that being in Lilmoth is anything to celebrate. Steady work though.
For you too, if you're interested."

If you have completed his daily quest:

"No other jobs right now, but I'm not going anywhere. I'll yell if I need you."
"That's all I've got for you right now, but come around tomorrow and I'm sure there'll be something that needs doing."
"We're done here. I'll flag you down if something else comes up."
"Nothing else needs doing right now. Take a break or something."

Tsofeer Cavern[edit]

Antique Armor[edit]
What kind of work are we talking about?
"Cyrodilic Collections relies on the generosity of benefactors to fund our expeditions. In return, we sometimes take on odd jobs related to historic inquiries and antiquities.
Take Tia Doran, for example. She needs someone to enter Tsofeer Cavern."
What does she want me to find in Tsofeer Cavern?
"Armor. Specifically, Imperial armor from the First Era. According to Tia, the cavern should literally be filled with the stuff. Helmets, breastplates, whatever you can find. Then bring it back to me and I'll compensate you for your efforts."
I'll take a look

After accepting the quest:

"Armor. Specifically Imperial Armor. From Tsofeer Cavern. If there's even any to find in there, which I somehow doubt.
Look, if you have other questions, go talk to Tia Doran. You can find her at the Mages Guild."
"So, about that armor. Did you recover any from Tsofeer Cavern?"
Here's what I found in Tsofeer Cavern.
"Let me have a look. Definitely Imperial. Most certainly First Era. And the armor is in excellent condition, except for a few unseemly dents and cracks.
Here's your pay. But don't get too comfortable. I'll probably have more work before too long."
Sacred Candles[edit]
What kind of work are we talking about?
"Cyrodilic Collections can't outfit our expeditions without the generous donations of benefactors. In return, we sometimes perform services for these benefactors. Services related to historic investigation and research.
For example, take Tia Doran."
What kind of service does Tia Doran require?
"A local Argonian tribe has a tradition. To cleanse an area of evil influences, they place sacred candles beside unburied remains. Tia wants us to enter Tsofeer Cavern and place the candles next to any Imperial remains we find. And by we, I mean you."
I'll place the sacred candles in Tsofeer Cavern.

If spoken to again he will say:

"I'm not sure why Tia wants us to perform this Argonian ritual, but as long as she keeps donating to Cyrodilic Collections, I won't complain. At least not to her.
If you want to ask her about it, feel free. You can find her at the Mages Guild."

Once the candles have been placed you can return to Varo and report your success.

"You're back. I suppose I need to ask. Were you able to place the sacred candles in Tsofeer Cavern?"
I placed the sacred candles in Tsofeer Cavern.
"So there were Imperial remains in the cavern? I suppose that will make Tia happy. From a historical perspective, of course. Not because there are dead Imperials.
Anyway, here's your payment. If you're lucky, I'll have more work soon."
Old Scrolls[edit]
What kind of work are you talking about?
"One of our benefactors, a scholar named Tia Doran, needs someone to explore the newly opened Tsofeer Cavern. She believes the old Imperial scrolls dating back to the First Era might be scattered throughout the caves."
Enter the cavern and find some sealed scrolls. Is that it?
"Imperial documents from that era were often written in code. See if you can also find a cypher ring or the scrolls will be worthless to Tia. Then bring whatever you find back to me."
I'll go look for the items you requested.
"You can find Tia Doran at the Mages Guild. You know, in case you want to ask any additional questions before you head into a mysterious and probably dangerous cavern in search of Imperial antiquities that may not even exist.
If you want."

Quest turn-in:

"Can I assume that your presence here before me indicates that you found something worthwhile in Tsofeer Cavern?"
Here's what I found in Tsofeer Cavern.
"Let me see. Yes, yes, these look to be Imperial. And they appear to belong to the right era. Very good. Tia Doran will be pleased.
Here's your pay. If you're interested, I might need your help again later."

Teeth of Sithis[edit]

Quests that involve the Teeth of Sithis will have the same optional questions:

What can you tell me about Solni?
"She's a member of one of the local tribes. Black-Tongue, I think. Has a powerful interest for all this Sithis stuff. Kind of off-putting, but it works in our favor.
Like I said, if you really want to know, ask her yourself."
What can you tell me about the Blackguards?
"Outlaws who make their living out in wilderness by preying on travelers, looting, and the like. They aren't so much a unified force as a loose collection of gangs with common ancestry. Sons and daughters of escaped prisoners, for the most part."
Any idea why they took over the Teeth of Sithis?
"Money, I'd guess. Must be something at those temples they think is worth the effort. Been stealing Argonian antiques a lot lately—real pain in our asses. Must not have found what they're looking for, or they'd have split long ago."
Tools of Slaughter[edit]
What do you have in mind?
"Saving some priceless antiquities from being looted.
Nobody really knows why the Blackguards seized the Teeth of Sithis, but this wouldn't be the first time they've gone after priceless relics. The pieces in those temples are irreplaceable."
What's so special about them?
"Unlike most of the old ruins around here, the Teeth of Sithis site was still being used. Not for its original purpose—more like a museum of ancient Argonian faith—but the ritual objects there are in better condition than we'll ever see again."
I'll recover these ritual objects for you.
"Try to be quick about it. If the Blackguards get away with those items, tracking them down will be next to impossible.
If you need more to go on, find Solni—here in town. She's the one who tipped us off."

Once you have recovered the artifacts you can return to Varo and give them to him.

"Did you make it in time, or did those Blackguards make off with the relics?"
I've brought ritual objects recovered from the Teeth of Sithis.
"Hope none of this stuff is cursed. You don't want to hear the stories about what they were used for.
Here's your gold. Try not to get buried with it."
Grave Subject Matter[edit]
What do you need done?
"Cyrodilic Collections needs someone to gather old remains from the Teeth of Sithis. Something about a theory and live sacrifices. I didn't ask. All you need to do is poke around the xanmeers and bring back anything that might have walked on two legs."
You want me to rob graves?
"No, no, no. This is archeological. Besides, the bones you'll be looking for didn't get a proper burial anyway. Don't worry about that.
What ought to concern you are the Blackguards that took the place over. Criminal scum. Best poke around quickly."
All right, I'll gather the remains for you.
"Better you than me.
If you want to get a better idea what you're walking into, there's a local by the name of Solni who's got more than a passing interest in Sithis. She's here in Lilmoth if you decide to speak with her."

Once you have recovered the remains you can return to Varo and give them to him.

"How's it coming with those remains? Famia's going to be disappointed if we can't verify her theories."
I brought the remains that you asked for.
"Well, someone will be very pleased. If they're pleased, I'm pleased. When I'm pleased, you get gold.
I think you'll find this worth digging through old bones.
The Weight of Words[edit]
"Got a lead on some ancient Argonian texts preserved at the Teeth of Sithis. Problem is, the temple got overrun by Blackguards recently. Whatever those scum are doing there, it won't involve keeping old tablets from crumbling to dust."
You want me to retrieve these tablets for you?
"You're catching on.
If you can get past the Blackguards and bring those texts back in one piece, there'll be a fair bit of gold in it for you."
I'll return once I've found the tablets.
"That's all I've got for you. If you want to know more about what you're getting into, you can talk to my source. A local by the name of Solni. Whether her information is good, I can't say, but she seems to know what she's talking about."

Once you have recovered the tablets you can return to Varo and give them to him.

"You've been gone awhile. You find those tablets or just get stuck in the mud?"'
I have a tablet from the Teeth of Sithis for you.
"I do not miss hauling glorified bricks out of sinking deathtraps. I do miss the weight of a bountiful reward in my hand though.
Check back later. Sure to be more where that came from."

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