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Cyrodilic Collections camp in Stormhold.

Cyrodilic Collections is an organization dedicated to recovering Argonian relics and artifacts stolen from Black Marsh and returning them to their owners. They have a camp on the outskirts of Stormhold and operate regular expeditions to Murkmire.

The society also has an office in the city of Lilmoth, Murkmire, and is planning an ambitious expedition into a sunken xanmeer near the city.


Prologue Quests[edit]

  • Ruthless Competition: Help a group of treasure hunters find an Argonian relic before their competitor.
  • The Cursed Skull: Help Cyrodilic Collections locate the cursed skull of Beela-Kaar.

Main Quests[edit]

Daily Quests[edit]

  • Repeatable A Taste for Toxins: Capture a poison-eating lizard for Cyrodilic Collections' expeditions to Murkmire.
  • Repeatable Anti-Venom Agitation: Create an anti-venom for Cyrodilic Collections' trips to Murkmire.
  • Repeatable Bug Off!: Collect ingredients to make bug repellent candles for the expedition to Murkmire.
  • Repeatable Reeling in Recruits: Help recruit new adventurers for Cyrodilic Collections' expeditions to Murkmire.
  • Repeatable Salty Meats: Help gather food supplies for Cyrodilic Collections latest Murkmire expedition.
  • Repeatable The Winds of Kyne: Supply accurate weather forecasts for Cyrodilic Collections' Murkmire expeditions.


Named Members
Alouis Metivier
Concordia Mercius
Dinia Sestius
Famia Mercius
Margus Derius (former)
Varo Hosidias
Vicca Sestius