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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Join the Cyrodilic Collections expedition to an ancient xanmeer in Murkmire.
Zone: Murkmire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Famia Mercius or Stories section of Collections
Location(s): Lilmoth, Ixtaxh Xanmeer
Next Quest: Missing in Murkmire
Reward: Tribal Weapon Crate
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High
ID: 6246
An explorer named Famia Mercius is recruiting adventurers to join her on an expedition into a sunken Argonian xanmeer. Ancient treasures and mortal danger both await within this mysterious ruin.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Famia Mercius in Lilmoth.
  2. Meet up with the other members near Lilmoth gates.
  3. Help Famia find the missing explorers.
  4. Meet and talk to Xukas.
  5. Enter and explore Ixtaxh xanmeer.
  6. Rescue the other expedition members.
  7. Defeat a dangerous creature.
  8. Escape the xanmeer before the time runs out.
  9. Return to Lilmoth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You will then need to defeat the Websnare Spider Matriarch.

Quest Stages[edit]

Sunken Treasure
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should talk to the expedition's leader, Famia Mercius, at the docks of Lilmoth.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Latest start According to Famia, the other members of her expedition are already assembling near Lilmoth's western gate. I should go there and meet my fellow explorers.
Objective: Go To Lilmoth's Western Gate
A member of Famia's team flagged me down as I approached the gate. I should talk to her and see what she has to say.
Objective: Talk to Zadaza
The Khajiit called Zadaza has been on a number of expeditions with Famia and implied this journey may be very dangerous. I can ask her more about Famia, Murkmire, and prior expeditions, or tell her I'm ready for the expedition to begin.
Objective: Talk to Zadaza
Famia arrived at the gathering area. I should speak with her before we start our expedition.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Before we set out for the xanmeer, Famia needs to meet up with some of her associates out in the swamp. Apparently, they hold vakka stones that can help us enter the xanmeer. I should accompany her and make sure she doesn't come to harm.
Objective: Find Famia's Explorers: 0/2
Famia indicated that her fellow explorers might have returned to a hut they often use as a meeting spot. She also plans to meet a friendly Argonian there named Xukas. I should accompany her to this hut to ensure she doesn't come to harm.
Objective: Go to the Gathering Hut
Famia and I arrived at the hut, but Xukas has not arrived yet. I should take a look around to see if I can find any sign of Famia's associates, Eshraf and Dinia, while we wait.
Objective: Search Hut for Clues: 0/2
It sounds like Famia's friend, Xukas, is approaching. I should see what he wants.
Objective: Listen to Famia
After searching the hut, a colorful Argonian named Xukas approached. I should speak to him.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
I should talk to Famia to learn our next move.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia indicated that she'd like to hang back and talk to Xukas about her missing explorers. I should make my way to the xanmeer. Famia should meet me there soon.
Objective: Meet Explorers at the Xanmeer
Famia used the vakka stones we collected to open the door to the xanmeer. Now we can enter the ancient Argonian temple to seek out the Kajin-Jat Crystal and other treasures.
Objective: Enter the Xanmeer
We entered the Ixtaxh Xanmeer. The temple almost certainly bristles with traps. We should be cautious.
Objective: Explore the Xanmeer
Famia and I inadvertently triggered a trap that dumped us into a hidden vault beneath the entrance chamber. We should take stock and come up with a plan for escape.
Objective: Gather Your Wits
The trap scattered our party throughout the xanmeer. I should explore the temple with Famia and look for the other explorers. But first I need to pick the lock before we can leave this room.
Objective: Pick the Lock on the Door
Famia and I managed to escape the collapsed chamber. Now we can begin our search for the other members of our party.
Objective: Find the Missing Explorers
I discovered an ancient drawbridge. Unfortunately, there is no obvious way to lower it. In order to progress, I need to decipher the clues embedded in the bridge mechanism. Once I solve the puzzle, the bridge should lower.
Objective: Lower the Ancient Drawbridge
I solved the puzzle and lowered the drawbridge. I should resume my search for the missing explorers.
Objective: Find the Missing Explorers
I found Kirstaleth, but she's in serious danger—stranded on a small ledge overlooking a yawning chasm. Famia suggested gathering a sturdy plant called flint vine. We can use the vine to make a ladder.
Objective: Gather Flint Vine: 0/4
I gathered a bundle of flint vine growing in the xanmeer. I should return to Famia and wind the vines into a ladder so we can rescue Kirstaleth.
Objective: Lower the Flint Vine Ladder
I should keep watch while Kirstaleth climbs to safety.
Objective: Rescue Kirstaleth
Varo Hosidias, the party's warrior, is still missing. Kirstaleth said she heard shouting from deeper in the xanmeer. Famia and I should go investigate.
Objective: Search for Varo
We found Varo, but he appears too injured to move. Giant spiders approach from every side. I should leap to the Imperial's defense.
Objective: Defend Varo
The giant spiders are preparing to devour Varo. I need to drive back the waves of these beasts until they give up or I kill them all.
Objective: Defeat the Spiders
We finally reunited with Zadaza. She said the Kajin-Jat Crystal is nearby, and urged me to follow her.
Objective: Explore the Xanmeer
We found a large room with strange masonry. Zadaza urged me to drop down into this peculiar pit and open the door to the next room.
Objective: Navigate the Stone Furnace
Dropping into the pit triggered a series of flame traps. Luckily, Zadaza was able to disable the traps and open the door. I should enter the treasure vault to see what's inside.
Objective: Enter the Treasure Vault
Famia arrived ahead of us, having found another secret door that bypassed the furnace. I should follow her into the treasure vault. The Kajin-Jat Crystal is finally within reach.
Objective: Join Famia By the Statue
Famia took the Kajin-Jat Crystal from its resting place and triggered a bizarre ooze trap. I need to kill this abomination before it devours my companions.
Objective: Kill the Ixtaxh Voriplasm
The xanmeer is filling with poison gas! My companions and I must escape before we succumb to the noxious fumes.
Objective: Escape the Xanmeer
Optional Step: Gather Treasure and Escape
Xukas led the expedition to a safe room, but it could fill with gas at any moment. We must escape the xanmeer quickly!
Objective: Return to the Surface
We escaped from the xanmeer. I should speak to Xukas about his reasons for aiding us.
Objective: Talk to Zukas
I should speak to Famia outside the xanmeer about my payment and what happened during our expedition.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia implied that she wants to hire me for another job. She asked me to meet her back in Lilmoth to discuss the opportunity.
Objective: Meet Famia in Her Office
☑Finishes quest Famia complimented me for my work in the xanmeer and implied she wants to hire me for another job. I should talk to her.
Objective: Talk to Famia

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