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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help Famia Mercius find missing expedition members.
Zone: Murkmire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Famia Mercius at Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters, Zadaza
Location(s): Lilmoth, Alten Meerhleel, Dragonstar Stockade, Blackguard Caravan
Previous Quest: Sunken Treasure
Next Quest: Whispers in the Wood
Reward: Helm of the Schemer
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6266
Retrieve sensitive documents from the Dragonstar Stockade
My companion from the xanmeer, Famia Mercius, needs my help. Several of her employees have gone missing in recent days, and she fears the worst. I need to try to find out what happened to them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Xukas at Alten Meerhleel.
  2. Talk to Lozwug and distract him, then talk to Xukas about the documents.
  3. Infiltrate the Dragonstar Caravan Company Depot and find more evidence- preferably without killing anyone in the depot.
  4. Bring the documents to Xukas.
  5. Warn Famia and meet Kassandra.
  6. Meet Xukas outside of Bright-Throat Village and meet with the Dead-Water warrior, Jaxsik-Orrn.
  7. Follow Jaxsik-Orrn and convince her to let you help her track the Blackguards.
  8. Burn the Blackguard wagons, destroy the supply crates, and free the prisoners.
  9. Return to Jaxsik-Orrn and interrogate Hostia.
  10. Decide Hostia's fate, then return to Famia and tell her what you've learned.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Continuing Famia Mercius's conversation from the end of Sunken Treasure will begin this quest.

"Now then, are you ready to discuss my offer? I certainly hope so!
I honestly don't know what I'll do if you turn me down. It's grave business, you know? Not trying to apply undue pressure or anything ... but, yes. Serious business."
What do you need me to do?
"It's my missing companions, Eshraf and Dinia—the explorers whose bags we found out in the marsh. Remember?
I told you I sent them to recover vakka stones, but that wasn't all they were looking for. They were looking for the Remnant of Argon."
The Remnant of Argon? What's that?
"A legend. Some say it's a massive gem. Others a magical egg. Either way, I fear Eshraf and Dinia's disappearance is linked to their search.
Xukas agreed to look into it, and it seems he's found something. Could you speak with him?"
All right, I'll meet with Xukas and find out what he knows. Where can I find him?
"Xukas's message said to meet him at the teeba-enoo field in Alten Meerhleel.
Teeba-enoo's a local sport. I've no idea how it's played. There's a ball involved, I know that. I'm babbling. Sorry! I do this when I'm nervous. Please, be careful!"

You can ask Famia some additional clarifying questions. Before leaving for Alten Meerhleel, read the lorebook Lost Tales of the Famed Explorer: Fragment I located on the table behind Famia.

Xukas can be found at the teeba-enoo court just north of Alten Meerhleel. On approach, an Orc will be shouting at the players on the court.

Lozwug:"C'mon! Why are you just standing there? Let's go!"

Xukas is located near a ramp behind the Orc.

"Ah, sun's blessings, beeko. You come to discuss friend-Famia's missing explorers, yes?"
Yes. What have you discovered?
"Only the scent of conspiracy. But for now, the scent is enough.
The Dragonstar Caravan Company—a dishonest flock of thugs and traders—funnels information to someone outside Lilmoth. Notes on Cyrodilic Collections' business dealings, I think."
Did you get your hands on any of this correspondence?
"Not yet. But that is soon to change.
The Orc, Lozwug, who watches my egg-kin play teeba-enoo—he serves the Dragonstar Caravan Company. A courier, I think. He carries a letter filled with his trade-kin's secrets. With your help, I will take it."
How can I help?
"I do not need to convince you? That is good, if a little disconcerting.
Lozwug shows loud, obnoxious interest in our game, teeba-enoo. Ask him to explain the rules. While he growls and rants, I will take the letter from his pocket. Simple, I think."
All right, I'll ask Lozwug about the game.

Speaking to Xukas again will prompt him to say:

"Keeping Lozwug's attention will not be difficult. He is desperate to unload his belly-aches on someone. The hard part will be trying not to laugh, I think."

Lozwug will continue loudly complaining as you exit dialogue.

Lozwug:"Are you gonna play or what? What's the hold up?"

Speak with him, and he'll continue to complain.

"Teeba-enoo! More like teeba-e ... stupid! This game's a joke! No tusk-jabs, no eye-gouges! Just a bunch of rolling around and tail swinging!"
I never heard of teeba-enoo. How is it played?
"I have got no tusking idea and neither do these lizards!
When I got here, they were all just lying there. Then, all of a sudden, half of them stood up and start slapping their tails—croaking like mad and kicking balls around!"
How many balls?

During the conversation, Xukas will approach and pick the letter from the distracted Orc's pocket. You can choose to continue listening to Lozwug's impassioned description of teeba-enoo, or you can leave the conversation outright and speak to Xukas, who is waiting near a boat.

"Very well done. You must be half river-boa, beeko. Lozwug looked hypnotized! No ... no, I give you too much credit. He has a brain like a bone-trout.
But my tongue wanders, let me read this. Oh. This is .... Yes, this may rattle the cattails."
What does it say?
"It is not just notes on business dealings. It is a description ... of friend-Famia. Where she walks, who she speaks with, what she eats, and so on.
I had no idea she ate so many snails."
So the Dragonstar Caravan Company has been spying on Famia?
"On Famia and her explorer-kin also, I think. We cannot be sure, though. Simple Lozwug carried only this letter.
I know a place where more information can be found, but you will have to go alone."
What is this place?
"The Dragonstar depot in Lilmoth. I leased them the land. They were pleased ... until it sunk. Now they slop around in there like angry mud-moles. No one is welcome. Least of all me.
If you sneak into the depot, you may find more clues."
All right, I'll search the depot for more clues.
"I should tell you—the Dragonstar dryskins are not overfond of uninvited guests. If they see you, they will probably shout, or ring bells, or run in silly circles. So be cautious.
And please try not to kill anyone. It always leads to headaches."

Continuing the conversation with Xukas will reveal his history with the Company. One of the options will offer you an easier entry to the depot:

Why can't you just sneak into the depot with me? You just pick-pocketed that Orc. / Fair enough. Why can't you sneak into the depot with me? You just pick-pocketed that Orc.
"In the chilly lake we call negotiation, a good reputation is like a sturdy raft. A bad reputation is like a stone tied to your tail. Saxhleel do not drown, but it is very difficult to see at the bottom of a lake.
I am sorry. This is a poor metaphor."
Any tips on infiltrating the depot?
"Yes. As the depot is sinking, the fence up against the swamp is in poor repair. There is a spot near the back of the camp where you can get in, but not out. This may be better than going in the front, yes?
Here. I'll mark the spot on your map."

Before leaving the area, be sure to grab the copy of A Culinary Adventure, Volume 2 in the boat furthest from Xukas.

The Dragonstar Caravan Stockade is located on the northern edge of Lilmoth. If Xukas has marked your map, the quest marker will lead you to a damaged fence. Keep in mind that you will now be trespassing. Invisibility potions and other sneaking items will make the job easier, especially if you want to avoid killing anyone, but they are not required. Entering through the fence will place you on a ledge, behind a building at the very back of the compound. This Sunken House holds the "Gather Any Other Clues" quest item. Be wary of the sentry that patrols the area just below the ledge, as well as the associate near the building's stairs.

On entering the Sunken House, a Dragonstar Caravan Company employee, Gromjolf, will spot you.

Gromjolf:"Hey you! Who are you? What are you doing in there?"

That's as far as he gets, however, before a sneaking Argonian kills him. The Argonian will speak to you in Jel before fleeing.

Jaxsik-Orrn:"Eenu kaal tsohu ... hoto greel."

Grab the Cracked Dead-Water Knife from the chest and exit the Sunken House. From there, head left towards the Static Pitcher and then up the ramp above the Scuttlebloom. There is an associate leaning on the railing near the chest containing the Varo Dossier, as well as an associate that patrols the entire upper walkway. There is a Hiding Spot next to the chest if needed. Head south from the walkway and enter the Dragonstar Hut on the left. There are no associates in here, so pilfer the few containers and bait bags to your heart's content. The chest containing the Newcomer Dossier is at the very back on the right. Head west from the hut, avoiding the associates on the way. Zadaza's dossier is located on a ground-level platform near the stockade's entrance. There is one associate that patrols this area, but a Hiding Spot is available next to the dossier chest. Loot the chest and leave through the unguarded front door.

Xukas can be found near a well just outside the stockade.

"Success? Do not let my lack of dancing and cheering fool you—I am very impressed. I did not think you would secure the clues we need so quickly.
How did you fare in there?"
If you didn't kill anyone:
If you did kill someone:
I retrieved the clues without killing anyone.
"That is good. Taking a life closes more doors than it opens—a valuable lesson that goes largely unheeded by the Lilmoth ojel and my Naga cousins.
But again, my tongue wanders. We should discuss Famia's lost friends. What did you find?"
I retrieved the clues, but I had to kill someone.
"I see. That is unfortunate, but your honesty is sun on my scales. I will prepare the usual denials and peace offerings. The Dragonstar's anger may cool in time. And if not, the tides will sweep them away eventually.
Now. Famia's missing friends."
I found spy reports. Many of them are addressed to a group called the Blackguards.
"The Blackguards? Kaoc. They are a cruel bunch. Mostly tribeless Nagas and dryskin ojels.
So, the Dragonstar Caravan Company provides spy reports to the Blackguards, then the Blackguards snatch up the explorers when they stray outside the city walls."
I found this unusual weapon, too. Any idea who it belongs to?
"It is Dead-Water make. But a Dead-Water Naga would never give up a weapon willingly.
Perhaps the Blackguards try to abduct Dead-Water warriors, too? I cannot be sure. I have heard nothing, but the Dead-Water tribe never admits weakness."
If the Blackguards are also harassing the Dead-Water tribe, maybe they'd agree to cooperate.
"My doubt-spine quivers, but there is only one way to find out.
I will send work to my Dead-Water friend, Jaxsik-Orrn. You should return to Famia. Tell her what we discovered and encourage her to stay indoors. She will be safer there, I think."

Either option here will eventually end the conversation. Speak to Xukas again and he will say:

"Please let Famia know I will arrange a meeting with the Dead-Water tribe very soon. You should attend, I think. When you are ready to go, meet me at Bright-Throat Village's southern gate.
See you soon, beeko."

Return to Cyrodilic Collections and speak to Famia.

"You're back! Excellent! Did you find Xukas? Any word on my missing explorers?"
We haven't found your friends yet, but we believe they were abducted by the Blackguards.
"Blackguards? Ooh, those ill-mannered brutes are the worst kind of trouble!
I have more unwelcome news. Our companions, Zadaza and Kirstaleth, have also gone missing! Zadaza went to conduct her own investigation. Kirstaleth decided to tag along."
We'll find them. Xukas thinks we might be able to get more information from the Dead-Water tribe.
"Really? I can't imagine that they'd be enthusiastic about helping us, but I suppose Xukas would know best.
Before you go, would you mind sharing what you've learned with someone else? Cyrodilic Collections primary benefactor is just upstairs."
Your benefactor? Who's that?
"Goodness, I never even mentioned her before did I? Her name is Kassandra—a wealthy antiquarian of great renown. She's been an invaluable partner. Just like you! If you'll just follow me upstairs, I'll—
Oh, wait. Here she is now!"

The dialogue will end. Speaking to Famia again gets:

"Please, don't keep Kassandra waiting. She's eager to meet you!"

Two Argonians, Kassandra and Whiptail, will have entered the room just behind you.

Kassandra:"So, this is the adventurer you mentioned, Famia? Excellent."

Speak to Kassandra.

"Greetings. I am Kassandra. I regret that it's taken me so long to make your acquaintance. Famia told me all about your heroics in the xanmeer. Speaking of heroics, thank you for trying to find our lost explorers. Abducted by Blackguards, were they?"
We believe so. We should know for sure soon.
"Very well. I do hope you will exercise caution. The Blackguards are not particularly bright, but what they lack in intellect, they make up for in brute strength.
Our friend, Xukas, for all his many virtues, is not a warrior."
We're going to meet with a member of the Dead-Water tribe named Jaxsik-Orrn. Perhaps she can help.
"Yes, I'm familiar with Jaxsik-Orrn. A very proud warrior. Hopefully not too proud. If we have common cause with the Dead-Water tribe, it only makes sense to cooperate.
Compromise and collaboration rest at the very heart of all great endeavors."
I'll keep that in mind. If you'll excuse me, Xukas is waiting. Farewell.

Your conversation will end, and Kassandra will address her companion.

Kassandra:"Blackguards. Hmm. Unwelcome news, isn't it, Whiptail?"
Whiptail:"I'll handle it. Give me two hours."
Kassandra:"No, no. Our new friend has the situation well in hand."

Speaking to Kassandra again will trigger:

"Please, don't let me keep you. You have important work to do."

Famia will say:

"Part of me wishes I could go with you, but I'm sure I'd just get in the way.
I can swing a book as hard as the next scholar, but I doubt even Wendel Castiene's prodigious Helstrom Codex could fell one of these Blackguards. Just be careful!"

Exit Cyrodilic Collections and make your way north to the Bright-Throat Wayshrine. Xukas will be waiting at the entrance to the village.

"Welcome to my home, beeko. You arrive just in time. I arranged a meeting with my Dead-Water friend, Jaxsik-Orrn.
She is very proud, so we must use a breeze-light touch. This will be a brief and probably bloody meeting if we do not."
I understand. I told Famia and her benefactor, Kassandra, the plan.
"Kassandra. Yes. You and Famia would have to speak to her, I guess.
I am glad she sees the wisdom in talking to the Dead-Water tribe. Kassandra has many flaws, but stupidity is not among them."
You know her well? What are her flaws?
"You need me to describe them? She wears her flaws like I wear my feathers.
Kassandra is vexu-vit. You would say persnickety, I think? Well, you would probably not say that. That is a very stupid word. But you take my meaning. She is very particular."
How so?
"For Kassandra, all the world is a mess. She loves clean angles, good posture, fitting things snug in tiny boxes ....
It is a very dry way to live, but who am I to judge? She probably thinks I am lazy because I sleep fourteen hours a day."
Thanks for the information. We should get going.

Speak to Xukas again and he will say:

"The meeting point is west of the village, beneath a great cypress. We should go quickly. I do not know how long my Naga friend will wait."

Turning to face the wayshrine, head down the rightmost path that leads west. There is a large tree at a slight bend in the path; Jaxsik-Orrn is waiting behind it.

Jaxsik-Orrn:"I see their approach. You make me wait too long, Xukas."
Jaxsik-Orrn:"The Dead-Water tribe goes to war with the Blackguards, yes. I hunt one of them even now. But we do not need or want your help.
Now, go back to your coast-town, ojel. The swamp will eat you if you do not."

Jaxsik-Orrn will not give you a chance to speak with her directly. She will run to the west and vanish. Speak instead to Xukas.

"So, it is true. The Blackguards take hostages from the Dead-Water tribe as well.
As I said, Jaxsik is very proud, but she would be a valuable ally if we could convince her to let us help. Too bad she runs away, yes? At least we have a lead."
"Yes. She said she was hunting a Blackguard even now, right? Did you see how her throat fins spread? How her pupils dilated and her tail stiffened as she turned to leave?
Her prey is very, very close. We only need to follow her."
How do you propose we do that?
"We hunt the hunter.
Scan the swamp for the bent reeds and broken fronds she leaves in her wake. The trail should eventually lead us to friend-Jaxsik and the Blackguard she hunts. Simple, I think!"
All right, stay close.
Xukas::"Crouch down, beeko. Look for bent stalks, torn leaves, or muddy prints. Should be easy. Jaxsik-Orrn rarely sneaks around danger—she goes through it, always."

Xukas can be talked to for additional guidance on following Jaxsik-Orrn's trail, though he's not much more helpful.

"I am right behind you, beeko.
While you focus on the plants, I will focus on the water. Many haj-mota and bog-blights lurk beneath. Good for Saxhleel who make wooden legs—not so good for people who want to keep their feet."
I lost the trail. Can you help me look for it?
"Of course. Take a deep breath and let your eyes adjust to the swamp. You will see where Jaxsik went."
All right, I'll clear my mind.

Face west and crouch, and a trail of reddish, clustered plants will be highlighted. The trail will lead you west into the water, north towards a Haj Mota, and then west again past a Wamasu and a Salamander. One last stint north and you will come upon a book-laden ruin and two Blackguards standing over a dead crocodile. From here head west, and you will eventually find Jaxsik stalking her prey. She's not particularly pleased to see you.

"I grind my fangs. Following a Dead-Water kaal is the act of a fool or a maniac. Tsojei says fools and maniacs both bleed red.
I will repeat myself. Once. I do not need your help. I hunt these Blackguards alone. Our business is settled. Leave."
We're not going anywhere.
"The ojel stands its ground? Brave. Or stupid.
A flock of flat-toothed Blackguards took refuge in this ravine. They snatched up some of my egg-kin—your allies too—and threw them in cages. Now, Tsojei and I will hack these greels to pieces."
If they have Famia's explorers, we have a common enemy.
"I narrow my eyes. You and the Bright-Throat wish to join me on this raid, rather than pick the bones when the work is done? Fine.
Burn the wagons. Smash their supplies. Kill any that oppose you. When all lies in ashes, we will speak again."

You can continue talking to Jaxsik to get more information about her, her tribe, and/or Xukas, or you can end the conversation and bring chaos to the Blackguards.

No questions from me. Let's start the raid. / No questions from me. Let's start smashing things.
"Finally, you speak sense. Bare your fangs, ojel. The hunt begins."
Xukas:"So it's a fight? Hmm. I fight best from the shadows, beeko. I leave the direct approach to you."

Xukas vanishes from sight and Jaxsik sprints into the camp, leaving you to follow. There are many Blackguards and many quest objectives here; simply work your way through the camp, burning wagons, destroying supplies, and freeing captives. As you approach the hostages, Jaxsik will appear, execute the paddock guard, and then disappear again into the shadows. Kirstaleth is the first to see you.

Kirstaleth:"It's you! Thank Y'ffre. Please, get us out of here!"

Destroy the gate and free the hostages.

Zadaza:"Run, you mud-legs! Zadaza is done with this place!"
Xureiik:"So, these dryskins are good for something after all."
Kirstaleth:"I hate this swamp! I'm never coming back!"


  • Despite pickpocketing being a feature in the game, and having been used in previous quests, you cannot pickpocket Lozwug yourself.
  • While Xukas says the alternate way into the depot cannot be used to exit back the same way, this is false, as there is a prompt on both sides to enter and exit whenever you wish.
  • Whiptail won't exist with Kassandra until she comes see you downstairs in the Cyrodilic Collections' office during the related objective.
  • During the objective to "Negotiate with Jaxsik-Orrn", the objective description states that she arrives after you reach the meeting spot, despite her already being there first before your arrival.
  • While displayed as a hint needed to progress the quest, rather than an optional objective, asking Xukas for help isn't mandatory.
  • Following Jaxsik-Orrn can be tricky, as the quest marker closest to the player character is over Xukas's head for hint he can provide. It will lead you in the wrong direction if you try to follow it.
    • Talking to him will remove the hint marker, and crouching will reveal individual quest markers for any damage plants nearby which can help clear things up.
  • The prisoners won't exist at the Blackguards camp before reaching the related objective.
  • No matter whether you let Hostia live or die at the end of the quest, a future sidequest (The Skin Taker) will guilt-trip you. If you spared Hostia, she will become the principal villain of that quest: if you allowed Jaxsik to kill her, her daughter will become the villain and have the motive for revenge. Sometimes you just can't win either way.


  • The quest marker showing the alternate way into the Dragonstar Caravan Company depot lacks an optional objective related to it in the objectives HUD, which does appear on the compass if you hover over the marker. ?
    • At said alternate entrance, you can use the prompt on the interior side of the depot while on the outside, which simply puts you back outside where you already are. ?
  • Xukas retains his follower icon during the meeting with Jaxsik-Orrn, and later when catching up with her, despite not being a follower anymore during those moments. ?
  • After freeing the prisoners from the pen, unlike the others, Xureiik remains in place inside the pen instead of fleeing. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Missing in Murkmire
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Famia informed me that Xukas has been looking for information on the people who went missing from Cyrodilic Collections. He may know something. I should be able to find him at Alten Meerhleel, outside Lilmoth.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas believes that a thuggish mercantile organization called the Dragonstar Caravan Company might have some information on the missing explorers. He needs me to distract one of the company's couriers—an Orc named Lozwug—so he can pickpocket him.
Objective: Talk to Lozwug
I should make small talk with Lozwug, long enough for Xukas to sneak up behind him and pickpocket the correspondence he carries.
Objective: Distract Lozwug
Xukas snatched a piece of correspondence from Lozwug's purse. I should speak to Xukas to find out what he stole and how it will help us find Famia's missing explorers.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
According to Xukas, the correspondence he stole from Lozwug contains copious notes on Famia—information vital to someone planning to kidnap her. Xukas thinks we can find more information in the Dragonstar Caravan Company depot in Lilmoth.
Objective: Get Varo Dossier
Objective: Get Zadaza Dossier
Objective: Get Newcomer Dossier
Objective: Gather Any Other Clues
Optional Step: Don't Kill Anyone at the Depot
I retrieved a number of interesting items from the Dragonstar Caravan Company depot. I should show them to Xukas and see what he thinks.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Optional Step: Don't Kill Anyone at the Depot
I told Xukas what happened when I infiltrated the Dragonstar Caravan Company depot. Hopefully the clues I retrieved will help us determine the whereabouts of the missing explorers.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
I learned that the Blackguards have been kidnapping Famia's friends. Xukas believes that the Dead-Water tribe might know more about the disappearances. He urged me to inform Famia while he sets up a meeting with his Dead-Water friend, Jaxsik-Orrn.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia urged me to talk to her primary benefactor, Kassandra. I should introduce myself.
Objective: Talk to Kassandra
Famia and Kassandra were relieved to hear that Xukas and I are making progress toward finding the missing explorers. I should meet up with Xukas outside Bright-Throat Village so we can continue our investigation.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas arranged a meeting with a Dead-Water representative just outside Bright-Throat Village. I should head to the meeting place.
Objective: Go to the Meeting Spot
Jaxsik-Orrn, a Dead-Water warrior, arrived to meet us. I should attempt to negotiate with her.
Objective: Negotiate with Jaxsik-Orrn
Our meeting with Jaxsik-Orrn was very brief. She told us the Dead-Water tribe would hunt the Blackguards alone, and urged us to leave. Maybe Xukas can provide some insight. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas believes Jaxsik-Orrn is stalking one of the Blackguards. We should track her to find out what she's planning.
Objective: Track Jaxsik-Orrn
Objective: Continue Tracking Jaxsik-Orrn
Objective Hint: Crouch to Look For Damaged Plants
Objective Hint: Ask Xukas For Help If You Lose the Trail
We found Jaxsik-Orrn observing a Blackguard caravan. I should talk to her to learn her intentions.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Jaxsik-Orrn reluctantly agreed to work with me—just long enough to deal with the Blackguards. I can ask her more questions about what we're up against, or begin my assault on the caravan.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Blackguard mercenaries abducted Dead-Water Nagas as well as Famia's explorers. I should help Jaxsik-Orrn burn the Blackguard's wagons, destroy their supply crates, and free all the prisoners.
Objective: Burn Wagons: 0/4
Objective: Smash Crates: 0/6
Objective: Free the Prisoners
I finished demolishing the Blackguard caravan and freeing the captives. I should rejoin Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas.
Objective: Find Jaxsik-Orrn
Jaxsik-Orrn captured a Blackguard who was trying to escape. Xukas seems to be holding her at bay. I should speak to Jaxsik-Orrn to see if she learned anything.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Jaxsik-Orrn wants to execute the Blackguard captive. However, the woman surrendered voluntarily and presents no threat. I should see what Xukas thinks about the situation.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas believes it would be better to release the woman, Hostia, so she can warn the Blackguards not to attack the Dead-Water tribe again. I should interrogate Hostia and find out what she knows.
Objective: Talk to Hostia
The Blackguards are abducting and interrogating explorers and local Nagas—looking for information on something called the Remnant of Argon. Now that I know the truth, I can encourage Jaxsik-Orrn to execute Hostia or let Xukas free her.
Complete one: Let Jaxsik-Orrn Execute Hostia or Let Xukas Free Hostia
(This text appears if you choose to let Hostia go)

I allowed Xukas to release Hostia, against Jaxsik-Orrn's wishes. Perhaps Xukas can tell me more about this Remnant of Argon.

Objective: Talk to Xukas
(This text appears if you choose to let Jaxsik kill Hostia)

I allowed Jaxsik-Orrn to execute Hostia, against Xukas's wishes. Perhaps Jaxsik-Orrn can tell me more about this Remnant of Argon.

Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn agree on one thing: the Remnant of Argon must not fall into the wrong hands. I should return to Famia and tell her what I learned.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia was pleased that I rescued her explorers, and urged me to speak to her benefactor, Kassandra. I should see what kind of offer Kassandra has for me.
Objective: Talk to Kassandra
Finishes quest☑ Kassandra wants to both reward me for the help I've given Cyrodilic Collections so far, and offer me another job to perform. I should collect my payment and learn what she wants of me.
Objective: Talk to Kassandra
* Any text displayed in angle brackets (e.g., <Alias=LocationHold>) is dynamically set by the game and will be filled in with the appropriate word(s) when seen in game.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in your journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain tasks may be done in any order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.

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