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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Help Famia Mercius find missing expedition members.
Zone: Murkmire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Famia Mercius at Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters, Zadaza
Location(s): Lilmoth, Alten Meerhleel, Dragonstar Stockade, Blackguard Caravan
Previous Quest: Sunken Treasure
Next Quest: Whispers in the Wood
Reward: Helm of the Schemer
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6266
Retrieve sensitive documents from the Dragonstar Stockade
My companion from the xanmeer, Famia Mercius, needs my help. Several of her employees have gone missing in recent days, and she fears the worst. I need to try to find out what happened to them.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Meet Xukas at Alten Meerhleel.
  2. Talk to Lozwug and distract him, then talk to Xukas about the documents.
  3. Infiltrate the Dragonstar Caravan Company Depot and find more evidence- preferably without killing anyone in the depot.
  4. Bring the documents to Xukas.
  5. Warn Famia and meet Kassandra.
  6. Meet Xukas outside of Bright-Throat Village and meet with the Dead-Water warrior, Jaxsik-Orrn.
  7. Follow Jaxsik-Orrn and convince her to let you help her track the Blackguards.
  8. Burn the Blackguard wagons, destroy the supply crates, and free the prisoners.
  9. Return to Jaxsik-Orrn and interrogate Hostia.
  10. Decide Hostia's fate, then return to Famia and tell her what you've learned.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • Following Jaxsik-Orrn can be tricky, as the quest marker closest to the player character is over Xukas's head. It will lead you in the wrong direction if you try to follow it.
  • Also, if you lose the trail (which is very easy to do), Xukas will tell you that you need to crouch down and search for broken plants and muddy footprints. This is misleading, as there is no way to examine anything by passing the cursor over it. What you need to do is go into hidden mode; you will then be able to see a number of person-sized glowing plants. They will not attack if you approach them. Go from glowing plant to glowing plant and you will eventually find Jaxsik-Orrn.
  • No matter whether you let Hostia live or die at the end of the quest, a future sidequest (The Skin Taker) will guilt-trip you. If you spared Hostia, she will become the principal villain of that quest: if you allowed Jaxsik to kill her, her daughter will become the villain and have the motive for revenge. Sometimes you just can't win either way.

Quest Stages[edit]

Missing in Murkmire
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Famia informed me that Xukas has been looking for information on the people who went missing from Cyrodilic Collections. He may know something. I should be able to find him at Alten Meerhleel, outside Lilmoth.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas believes that a thuggish mercantile organization called the Dragonstar Caravan Company might have some information on the missing explorers. He needs me to distract one of the company's couriers—an Orc named Lozwug—so he can pickpocket him.
Objective: Talk to Lozwug
I should make small talk with Lozwug, long enough for Xukas to sneak up behind him and pickpocket the correspondence he carries.
Objective: Distract Lozwug
Xukas snatched a piece of correspondence from Lozwug's purse. I should speak to Xukas to find out what he stole and how it will help us find Famia's missing explorers.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
According to Xukas, the correspondence he stole from Lozwug contains copious notes on Famia—information vital to someone planning to kidnap her. Xukas thinks we can find more information in the Dragonstar Caravan Company depot in Lilmoth.
Objective: Get Varo Dossier
Objective: Get Zadaza Dossier
Objective: Get Newcomer Dossier
Objective: Gather Any Other Clues
Optional Step: Don't Kill Anyone at the Depot
I retrieved a number of interesting items from the Dragonstar Caravan Company depot. I should show them to Xukas and see what he thinks.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Optional Step: Don't Kill Anyone at the Depot
I told Xukas what happened when I infiltrated the Dragonstar Caravan Company depot. Hopefully the clues I retrieved will help us determine the whereabouts of the missing explorers.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
I learned that the Blackguards have been kidnapping Famia's friends. Xukas believes that the Dead-Water tribe might know more about the disappearances. He urged me to inform Famia while he sets up a meeting with his Dead-Water friend, Jaxsik-Orrn.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia urged me to talk to her primary benefactor, Kassandra. I should introduce myself.
Objective: Talk to Kassandra
Famia and Kassandra were relieved to hear that Xukas and I are making progress toward finding the missing explorers. I should meet up with Xukas outside Bright-Throat Village so we can continue our investigation.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas arranged a meeting with a Dead-Water representative just outside Bright-Throat Village. I should head to the meeting place.
Objective: Go to the Meeting Spot
Jaxsik-Orrn, a Dead-Water warrior, arrived to meet us. I should attempt to negotiate with her.
Objective: Negotiate with Jaxsik-Orrn
Our meeting with Jaxsik-Orrn was very brief. She told us the Dead-Water tribe would hunt the Blackguards alone, and urged us to leave. Maybe Xukas can provide some insight. I should talk to him.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas believes Jaxsik-Orrn is stalking one of the Blackguards. We should track her to find out what she's planning.
Objective: Track Jaxsik-Orrn
Objective: Continue Tracking Jaxsik-Orrn
Objective Hint: Crouch to Look For Damaged Plants
Objective Hint: Ask Xukas For Help If You Lose the Trail
We found Jaxsik-Orrn observing a Blackguard caravan. I should talk to her to learn her intentions.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Jaxsik-Orrn reluctantly agreed to work with me—just long enough to deal with the Blackguards. I can ask her more questions about what we're up against, or begin my assault on the caravan.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Blackguard mercenaries abducted Dead-Water Nagas as well as Famia's explorers. I should help Jaxsik-Orrn burn the Blackguard's wagons, destroy their supply crates, and free all the prisoners.
Objective: Burn Wagons: 0/4
Objective: Smash Crates: 0/6
Objective: Free the Prisoners
I finished demolishing the Blackguard caravan and freeing the captives. I should rejoin Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas.
Objective: Find Jaxsik-Orrn
Jaxsik-Orrn captured a Blackguard who was trying to escape. Xukas seems to be holding her at bay. I should speak to Jaxsik-Orrn to see if she learned anything.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Jaxsik-Orrn wants to execute the Blackguard captive. However, the woman surrendered voluntarily and presents no threat. I should see what Xukas thinks about the situation.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Xukas believes it would be better to release the woman, Hostia, so she can warn the Blackguards not to attack the Dead-Water tribe again. I should interrogate Hostia and find out what she knows.
Objective: Talk to Hostia
The Blackguards are abducting and interrogating explorers and local Nagas—looking for information on something called the Remnant of Argon. Now that I know the truth, I can encourage Jaxsik-Orrn to execute Hostia or let Xukas free her.
Complete one: Let Jaxsik-Orrn Execute Hostia or Let Xukas Free Hostia
(This text appears if you choose to let Hostia go)

I allowed Xukas to release Hostia, against Jaxsik-Orrn's wishes. Perhaps Xukas can tell me more about this Remnant of Argon.

Objective: Talk to Xukas
(This text appears if you choose to let Jaxsik kill Hostia)

I allowed Jaxsik-Orrn to execute Hostia, against Xukas's wishes. Perhaps Jaxsik-Orrn can tell me more about this Remnant of Argon.

Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn agree on one thing: the Remnant of Argon must not fall into the wrong hands. I should return to Famia and tell her what I learned.
Objective: Talk to Famia
Famia was pleased that I rescued her explorers, and urged me to speak to her benefactor, Kassandra. I should see what kind of offer Kassandra has for me.
Objective: Talk to Kassandra
Finishes quest☑ Kassandra wants to both reward me for the help I've given Cyrodilic Collections so far, and offer me another job to perform. I should collect my payment and learn what she wants of me.
Objective: Talk to Kassandra

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