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The Blackguards are a mostly Argonian gang rumored to consist of escapees from Blackrose Prison that are heavily involved in the Argonian artifact trade through Margus Derius. They use Honor Guard Style arms and armor.


Named Members
Drakeeh the Unchained (Leader)
Battlemage Ennodius
Captain Hostia
Julitta the Skin Taker
Lady Minara
Margus Derius
Wuleen-Weska (Former)
Generic Members
Blackguard Assassin
Blackguard Alchemist
Blackguard Chemist
Blackguard Marauder
Blackguard Poison Archer
Blackguard Raider
Blackguard Ranger
Blackguard Soldier
Blackguard Stalker
Blackguard Strangler
Blackguard Thug
Blackguard Vinecaller
Blackguard Warrior



  • The connection to Blackrose Prison was originally more explicit, with the gang named the Blackrose Prison Gang instead and having an unused class name, the Blackrose Gang Bounty Hunter.