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Battlemage Ennodius
Location Blackrose Prison; Derelict Prison Yard, Mess Hall of Misery
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health Normal1,683,986Veteran3,002,427 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackguards
Battlemage Ennodius

Battlemage Ennodius is an Imperial mage serving as the boss of Round 1: Derelict Prison Yard and as one of the bosses in Round 4: Mess Hall of Misery in Blackrose Prison.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

At the start of the fight, all six sigils are occupied by Bound Flame Atronachs that will support Ennodius.

Flame Bolt
A basic all-range attack dealing moderate flame damage.
Flame Whip
The same ability as the knight class. Deals high flame damage.
Battlemage Ennodius holds her staff in her hands, raised above her head, as block spark indicators appear. At the same time, a large growing circular AoE appears around you and tracks your movement. Once the AoE ceases to grow, a fiery meteor crashes on top of you, dealing near lethal flame damage unless the attack is blocked.
Flame Unleashed
Upon reaching 50% health, Ennodius teleports to the center of the arena. Once in position, she engulfs the outer edge of the arena in a wall of flame, indicated by an outline AoE, that inflicts lethal flame damage if ventured into. This is used to keep you in for the other part of the ability. Ennodius then raises her staff in one hand in the air, forming a flame field around her (though it doesn't actually protect her from incoming damage), with three flame jets going out from it, forming an AoE in the shape of a circle with three thin triangles going out from it. The flame jets then move around clockwise, dealing continuous very high flame damage if they touch you. The ability lasts for 10 seconds.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

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Battlemage Ennodius
Location Blackrose Prison
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 52,800
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Blackguards

She yells out from the stands during the rounds.

Battlemage Ennodius: "That's how the Blackguards do it!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "I want to see blood!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Strike them down!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Show them what the Blackguards are made of!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Cut them open! Spill their guts!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Make them bleed, Blackguards!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "More blood for me!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "I want to see a fight! Come on!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "More bloodshed! Bash their skulls in!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Come on, put up a fight!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Is that the best you can do, Blackguards?"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Victory for the Blackguards!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "These challengers are nothing against the Blackguards!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Watch your backs, Blackguards!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Do you want to get yourselves killed? Idiots!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Weaklings! Do you want the challengers to win?"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Blackguards! Get back up and strike back!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Get back up! Fight back!"
Battlemage Ennodius: "Come on Blackguards, get it together!"[verification needed — Does she says those last six]

When she enters the arena:(?)

When she is defeated:

Battlemage Ennodius: "Hold your weapons! I yield."
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