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ON-qico-Zone Story.png Pursue a traitor through Deepmire.
Zone: Murkmire
Zone StoryThis quest is part of the Zone Story
Quest Giver: Xukas
Location(s): Deepmire, Xul-Thuxis, Root-Whisper Village
Previous Quest: Death and Dreaming
Next Quest: The Remnant of Argon
Reward: Maul of the Fallen Comrade
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6243
"So you made it this far? Impressive."
Kassandra betrayed us—she claimed the sap-speaker's staff and set out after the Remnant on her own. I need to reach her before she takes the Remnant for herself.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Xukas outside the Swallowed Grove.
  2. Enter the Deepmire and find Jaxsik-Orrn.
  3. Search the mire with Jaxsik-Orrn.
  4. Enter Xul-Thuxis.
  5. Search the temple for Kassandra.
  6. Deal with Whiptail and rescue Famia.
  7. Speak to Xukas and follow Jaxsik-Orrn.
  8. Speak to your companions at the Root-Whisper Village.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]


  • The Letter to Kassandra lacks the typical golden glow of readable notes and doesn't count as a lorebook when you have acquired Arch-Mage Shalidor's power.
  • After catching up to Jaxsik-Orrn and Xukas in the Hall of Memories, if you speak to Jaxsik-Orrn first before Xukas, it skips the objective requiring you to speak to her as it would normally appear after talking to Xukas.


  • Famia Mercius' pathing breaks after you rescue her from Whiptail. After getting up from the altar, she stands still, until using the door opening animation a few seconds later, causing her to vanish. ?


Quest Stages[edit]

The Swamp and the Serpent
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Jaxsik-Orrn already pursues Kassandra into the perilous Deepmire. I might be able to catch up to her if I hurry.
Objective: Find Jaxsik-Orrn
I found Jaxsik-Orrn in the Deepmire, surrounded by Blackguard corpses. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Xukas finally returned from his journey to Lilmoth and the tribal villages. I should speak to him about what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Jaxsik-Orrn told me that the Blackguards are escorting Kassandra through the Deepmire on her way to the Remnant. If we want to protect the relic from Kassandra, we need to pursue her through this forbidding swamp.
Objective: Traverse the Deepmire
My companions and I entered a vast ruin called Xul-Thuxis—the Snake-Means-Death City. I should look for clues that might lead me to Kassandra.
Objective: Search for Signs of Kassandra
Kassandra makes her way to the Remnant while her bodyguard, Whiptail, has Famia. We should continue to pursue Kassandra while watching for an opportunity to rescue Famia.
Objective: Search Xul-Thuxis Temple for Kassandra
Optional Step: Examine the Crumbled Wall
Optional Step: Eavesdrop on Whiptail
We caught up to Kassandra, and my companions set off in pursuit. Unfortunately, Famia is still in danger. I need to find her and save her from the gruesome fate that Whiptail has planned.
Objective: Rescue Famia
I found the sacrificial chamber where Whiptail is holding Famia. In order to free her, I'll have to deal with Whiptail.
Objective: Kill Whiptail
I killed the vile Whiptail and rescued Famia. I should follow her out of this place.
Objective: Follow Famia
Famia and I found Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn in the next hall, but Jaxsik-Orrn seems disoriented. I should talk to Xukas about what happened.
Objective: Talk to Xukas
Jaxsik-Orrn insists a dreaming Hist is near. She wants us to find it. I should head outside.
Objective: Find the Dreaming Hist Tree
We discovered a beautiful valley and the ruins of an old Argonian settlement, with a leafless Hist at the center. Jaxsik-Orrn rushed forward to see it. I should talk to her about what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Jaxsik-Orrn
Finishes quest☑ Jaxsik-Orrn said it would be up to Famia and me to retrieve the Remnant. I should speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Famia
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