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Home City Lilmoth
Location Ruined Guardhouse, Swallowed Grove, Xul-Thuxis, Vakka-Bok Xanmeer, Deep-Root
House Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Cyrodilic Collections

Kassandra is a wealthy Argonian who is the main benefactor of Cyrodilic Collections. She can be encountered throughout Murkmire and is usually accompanied by her bodyguard Whiptail. Kassandra spent much of her life in Cyrodiil, becoming thoroughly Imperialized, however, she dislikes speaking of her early life in Morrowind as a slave. She gained her wealth from selling Ayleid antiques she found while exploring, though she says her interests are purely philanthropic nowadays and aims at retrieving and preserving Argonian artifacts.

Eventually, she will admit to you that she has never been able to hear the Hist and that she sees the Remnant of Argon as a possible medium to allow them to speak to her.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Missing in Murkmire[edit]


After reporting back to Famia when you have retrieved evidence from the Dragonstar Stockade, she will ask you to speak with Kassandra but Kassandra will have already come to speak with you.

Kassandra: "So, this is the adventurer you mentioned, Famia? Excellent."

You can then introduce yourself to her.

"Greetings. I am Kassandra. I regret that it's taken me so long to make your acquaintance. Famia told me all about your heroics in the xanmeer.
Speaking of heroics, thank you for trying to find our lost explorers. Abducted by Blackguards, were they?"
We believe so. We should know for sure soon.
"Very well. I do hope you will exercise caution. The Blackguards are not particularly bright, but what they lack in intellect, they make up for in brute strength.
Our friend, Xukas, for all his many virtues, is not a warrior."
We're going to meet with a member of the Dead-Water tribe named Jaxsik-Orrn. Perhaps she can help.
"Yes, I'm familiar with Jaxsik-Orrn. A very proud warrior. Hopefully not too proud. If we have common cause with the Dead-Water tribe, it only makes sense to cooperate.
Compromise and collaboration rest at the very heart of all great endeavors."
I'll keep that in mind. If you'll excuse me, Xukas is waiting. Farewell.

Kassandra will then speak with her bodyguard:

Kassandra: "Blackguards. Hmm. Unwelcome news, isn't it, Whiptail?"
Whiptail: "I'll handle it. Give me two hours."
Kassandra: "No, no. Our new friend has the situation well in hand."

If she is spoken to before leaving she will say, "Please, don't let me keep you. You have important work to do."

After Rescuing the Explorers[edit]

Once you have rescued the missing explorers you'll find her upstairs at Cyrodilic Collections:

"Welcome back. We have a great deal to discuss, but you should speak with Famia first. She is anxious to hear what you discovered."

Report to Famia, she will tell you to speak with Kassandra.

"So, you return victorious. You have my most sincere gratitude—and that of the explorers you rescued.
Now, as to the Blackguards. We should assume that they learned a great deal from our friends and the Dead-Water warriors. Wouldn't you agree?"
Yes. They're going to great lengths to find the Remnant, or at least information about it.
"Unfortunate. I can tell you, as an expert of Argonian archeology, the idea of one of those ignorant thugs handling such a valuable antiquity makes me very uncomfortable.
Did they mention why they seek this thing?"
Only that someone was willing to pay a lot of gold for information about it.
"I have some experience with wealth. Jangling gold in front of a pack of cutthroats is an act of crude desperation. This person is either a fool or a victim of some obsession.
In either case, we cannot let this Remnant fall into their hands."
So what's your plan to stop them?
"We can discuss that in a moment. First, we owe you a significant sum. It's only right that we settle the books on that first.
I hope this is sufficient? I assure you, there will be much more if you choose to join us. Once again, you have my thanks."

Whispers in the Wood[edit]


"You've done a great deal for us already. I wonder if you're willing to do a bit more.
While Famia has proven a steadfast companion, I believe our current predicament requires someone a bit more … adroit, when things take a turn for the perilous."
I understand. Do you really think we should pursue this Remnant, though?
"I do.
One of your native companions warned you off of it, didn't they? Believe me, I sympathize. But despite my lifestyle, I'm still an Argonian—one with ample means. Who would I be if I didn't use that wealth to help my people?"
So you want to pay me to find the Remnant?
"Yes. You are clearly the best at what you do. I can think of no one more qualified to lead this endeavor.
You and Xukas have grown close, correct? He knows a great deal about the Remnant, I'm sure. Please, convince him we only want to help."
All right. I'll find Xukas and learn what I can about the Remnant.

She can then be asked questions about herself and her opinions about the Remnant.

"Thank you for your efforts thus far, and your achievements to come.
I have business in Alten Meerhleel—perhaps we can reconvene there once you've made your inquiries with Xukas."
Kassandra is an unusual name for an Argonian.
"It is. I spent the greater part of my youth in Cyrodiil. Taking on Imperial dress, name, and customs made things easier. Of course it makes things here in Murkmire more complicated.
One of my life's many ironies."
Were you born in Cyrodiil?
If you're a Dunmer
If you're not a Dunmer:
"No. I was hatched in Morrowind—your people's homeland.
You'll forgive me if I don't elaborate. It was … a very difficult time. I don’t harbor a grudge, though. Truly, working with upright Dark Elves like you is my genuine pleasure."
"No. I was hatched in Morrowind.
You'll forgive me if I don't elaborate. It was … a very difficult time. One best forgotten. As my native egg-kin say, best to let it pass."
If you were born a slave, how did you earn this fortune?
"The antiquities market. No surprise there, I'm sure.
I know I'm a bit … starchy, now. But in my youth, I was quite the explorer. I discovered several untouched Ayleid ruins and auctioned their treasures for a tidy sum."
So you're a treasure hunter?
"Hardly. The Ayleids treated my ancestors very poorly. I prefer to think of this as simple reparations.
In any case, my business interests are purely philanthropic now. Like Famia, I only seek to preserve Argonian relics for future generations."
Is that the Kajin-Jat Crystal behind you?
"It is, in fact. You have a very keen eye.
You should know that the crystal was a tremendous discovery. Vakka stones like this one are very difficult to come by."
What's a vakka stone, exactly?
"Famia didn't tell you? Vakka stones are mysterious crystals, not unlike the Ayleid welkynd stones. Our ancestors used them to store the raw magicka that falls from the sun—thus their radiant yellow hue.
Powerful relics to be sure."
Do you plan to use it for something?
"If an opportunity presents itself, perhaps.
I suspect that some ancient Argonian relics require vakka stones to function. No doomsday devices though, I promise."
Do you know what the Remnant of Argon is?
"An item of tremendous historical significance … and arcane power.
Very little scholarship exists on the subject, but I do know a little. Argonian elders often refer to it as a sacred-egg, or xal-thtithil. Eggs always contain something, right?"
What do you think it contains?
"Answers. About the Hist—their beginnings, their powers … their intentions.
All I know for certain is that it does not contain simple coins or ancient bric-a-brac. The Remnant is a vessel for great power. We must be cautious and well-prepared."
What do you plan to do with this Remnant of Argon if we find it?
"Whatever is best for the people of Murkmire. I won't act without their consultation if that's what you're worried about.
Again, I may be something of an outsider, but I am still an Argonian. This isn't some purely academic matter for me."
Are your ancestors from Murkmire originally?
"I honestly couldn't say. Most of that history was beaten out of my egg-sires by the Dark Elves centuries before I was born.
Slavers take great pains to destroy our racial identity, you see. Makes us easier to control, I suppose."
Has moving to Murkmire helped?'
"You mean has the Hist spoken to me? I …. I'd prefer not to talk about that right now. A conversation for another time."

Ruined Gatehouse[edit]

After being directed by Famia to the Ruined Guardhouse, Kassandra and Whiptail can be found observing the corpse of an informant of Kassandra's.

Whiptail: "It's no use. Pockets have been picked clean."
Kassandra: "Nothing is ever that simple."
<Kassandra notices you.>
Kassandra: "Good, you're here."

She can then be asked about what happened.

"You found us. Good. As you can see, we've met with some difficulty. I apologize for the … unsightliness.
Were your inquiries in Bright-Throat Village fruitful?"
We learned a riddle about the Remnant of Argon. What happened here?
"Murder, apparently. The victim is … was Heetzasi. A former associate. Not so pleasant or learned as Famia, but still useful in his own way.
He traveled in less reputable circles. I had hoped he could shed some light on the Blackguards' plans."
How'd he die?
"That is what we are trying to determine. Whatever happened, it was neither clean, nor brief. What a waste.
If the Blackguards came after him, Heetzasi must have known something about the Remnant after all. Look around and see what you can find."
All right, I'll look for anything related to the Remnant.

After finding pages from Heetzasi's journal, she can told about your discovery.

Kassandra: "What have you found? Show them to me, if you would."
"Pages torn from Heetzasi's journal? I do not mean to speak ill of the dead, but I must admit some surprise. He never struck me as someone committed enough to keep a journal.
If he knew about the Remnant, this could prove invaluable."
One of them talks about Blackguards searching for relics Argonians use to communicate with the Hist.
"So, the Blackguards have learned what we already know. The truth of the Remnant cannot be torn from my egg-kin because they do not know it. Only their tribal relics can provide the answers.
How did you learn the Bright-Throat's riddle?"
We rang a special chime to commune with the Hist.
"You see? The voice of the Hist needs a conduit—some physical means of communication.
The Blackguards failed to acquire the Bright-Throats' chime, but they clearly mean to steal some relic from the Dead-Water tribe. Bold. Or spectacularly stupid."
So you want me to talk to the Dead-Water tribe, find out what this relic could be?
"Precisely. You know one of the tribe's kaals, don't you? Jaxsik-Orrn, if I recall correctly?
Find her, and plead our case. If the Dead-Water tribe has some way of learning more about the Remnant, we need to find it before the Blackguards do."
All right. I'll travel to Dead-Water Village and find Jaxsik-Orrn.

Before you leave, she can be asked a few questions.

"Safe travels.
When you've concluded your business with the Dead-Water tribe, meet me back at Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters, in Lilmoth. We're getting close. I can … I can almost feel it."
You seem pretty excited about this relic business.
"Please, don't mistake my stoic demeanor for a lack of enthusiasm. All of this is tremendously exciting.
But in answer to your inquiry, yes, the primacy of these relics is a thrilling discovery. It supports a theory of mine—about the Hist."
What's your theory?
"Well, I wrote a treatise on the subject some years ago. A brisk four-hundred pages. But I suppose I can give you a summary.
Argonians share a special relationship with their Hist. They hear its will, taste its decrees …."
"They?" Don't you mean "we?" You're an Argonian, too.
"Yes. Well. That's just it. I can't hear the Hist."
What do you mean?
"When I place my hands on the Hist's bark or rest in the shadow of its boughs, I hear nothing. No whispers. No faint smells or soothing tones. Just silence. Deafening silence."
I'm sorry.
"Thank you.
I admit, the silence troubles me. But do you see? My egg-kin sometimes need intermediaries, too! With these antiquities—the chimes, the Dead-Water relic, and eventually the Remnant itself—perhaps I'll finally hear … something."

Gathering at Cyrodilic Collections[edit]

After you have discovered more part of the Hist's riddle, you can return to Cyrodilic Collections Headquarters, to find that Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn are already there, assisting Famia with research to find the Remnant, though it is understandably awkward. When Kassandra is spoken to, she will comment:

"Welcome back. As you can see, we have visitors. Xukas has been quite pleasant. Jaxsik-Orrn? Less so. Nonetheless, all those who help us find the Remnant are welcome here.
Please, discuss your findings with Famia. I think she may be on to something."

Once Famia has figured out the riddle, Kassandra can be told the news:

"A dream-wallow in the Swallowed Grove? Fascinating. And timely. Very well done, both of you."
When do we set out for the Swallowed Grove?
"Immediately. I hate to set out in such a hurry, as careless haste can be fatal in this profession. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to wait.
Thank you for all you've done, my friend. The Remnant of Argon is almost within our grasp."

Death and Dreaming[edit]

Kassandra will then lay out her plan to reach the Grove.

"Just look at us. A Bright-Throat negotiator, a Dead-Water kaal, an alley-tough Naga, two scholars, and a hero. As unlikely a party as any I've seen before.
I can only hope that discovering the Remnant will tighten these bonds of fellowship."
Where is this Swallowed Grove Famia mentioned?
"The grove is north of Alten Meerhleel—tucked away near a roaring waterfall, if memory serves.
I will make my personal ferry available to all here assembled. Join us. Or walk, if you prefer. I'd only ask that you avoid any unnecessary delays."
Do you really think we'll find the Remnant in the Swallowed Grove?
"Long years of bitter disappointment have trained me to measure my expectations. We will find something in the grove, I am certain of it. But this dream-wallow business ….
The Hist will not make this easy. Not for you, and certainly not for me."
I'll make my way to the Swallowed Grove now.

If she is spoken to again before leaving, she urge you to travel to the grove quickly saying:

"We set sail soon.
Once again, if you wish to make the journey overland, I won't stop you. Just try to move swiftly. Time is not something we have in abundance."

The Swallowed Grove[edit]

If you chose to travel by boat with the group, the group will run ahead to the entrance which Kassandra points out:

Kassandra: "There! The entrance to the Swallowed Grove!"

When you reach them, Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn will hear something and have the telltale Hist glow around their heads. Everyone else will not hear anything, which will annoy Kassandra.

Jaxsik-Orrn: (?)
Xukas: "Huh? Did you hear something?"
Kassandra: "What are you two talking about?"
Xukas: "I hear … voices. Do you not hear them?"
Famia Mercius: "I'm sorry Xukas, no, I hear nothing. Can you describe—?"
Kassandra: "Famia! We haven't the time. If we are this close to the Remnant, others may be as well. Come."

If Kassandra is spoken to at this point she will merely wish to continue, saying, "We should not delay. The Remnant is within our grasp."

Once you enter the Swallowed Grove, the group will split up during the following conversation:

Kassandra: "All right, we've arrived. What next?"
Xukas: "Something in the grove is linked to the Remnant. It is just a matter of finding it, I think."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "A hunt, then. Good. Whatever speaks to the Remnant here, Tsojei and I will find it."
<Jaxsik-Orrn runs off down the passage.>
Xukas: "And there she goes … She is not wrong. We will cover more ground if we split up. If I see anything, I will find you."
Kassandra: "Very well. You and Famia go ahead. Whiptail and I will follow in a moment."
Famia Mercius: "I hear something … is that creaking? Please say it's not skeletons!"

Kassandra will ask you to keep an eye on Famia and the others, as she wants nothing to jeopardize finding the Remnant.

"I trust you will keep a close eye on Famia, and the others.
Remember, our party is bound by a desire to find the Remnant, but little else. Please, do not let your friends do anything that might jeopardize our work. The Remnant is too important."
Do you believe Xukas heard something outside?
"Something like the voice of the Hist? The Hist never sees fit to speak to me, so who can say?
In any case, our course here is clear. We must find the Remnant, regardless of what whispers Xukas may or may not have heard."
Anything I should keep an eye out for?
"The riddle spoke of a dream-wallow, correct? So I would keep a close eye out for any ritual vessels, braziers, reagents, and so on.
I'm sure our Bright-Throat and Dead-Water friends can provide more insight on that … provided they haven't run off."
You're not coming with us?
"Our relationship with Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn is still young—and fragile. I just want to make certain they don't double back. I'm sure you understand this small measure of skepticism.
If things seem quiet, we will make our way forward."

Soon you will reach the doors of the Dreaming Nest where the rest of the group will catch up. We are here. No one is harmed, I hope?"

<Kassandra and Whiptail arrive.>
Kassandra: "We're fine, thank you."
Kassandra: "Did you find something? You all seem quite … motivated."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Starblossoms and deep sap. For the dream-wallow. I feel pain in my throat when I say it, but Famia was right."
Famia Mercius: "Why thank you, Jaxsik-Orrn! The inscription on this door … the Dreaming Nest is just through here. I'm certain."
Kassandra: "Then that is where we go."

If spoken to, Kassandra will say, "We should not delay. The Remnant is within our grasp."

The Dreaming Nest[edit]

As you run down the passage to the ritual chamber, Kassandra will seem even more impatient to get the dream-wallow started.

Famia Mercius: "Air's a bit thick, isn't it?"
Kassandra: "Come. No more delays!"
<The group arrives in the Dreaming Nest chamber.>
Kassandra: "So, this is the Dreaming Nest? Yet another dead end."
Xukas: "There is more here than you think, Kassandra. The dream-wallow will clear the waters. You will see."
Jaxsik-Orrn: "Breathe deep, ojel. We will watch over you, but you walk the path alone."

If you speak with Kassandra before starting the ritual, then she will say:

"I understand you might be feeling some anxiety about proceeding with this ritual, but the time for second-guessing has passed. Please, do as Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn say."

Once you have started the ritual and the fumes have taken affect, if you attempt to speak with Kassandra she will be frustrated and skeptical:

"Can you hear me? This is just …. Please, if you can hear me, make your way toward the light, or the vortex, or whatever it is you're supposed to examine."
Hunting Party Mural[edit]

While you experience Mateem's memories, occasionally conversation between Famia and Kassandra will filter through.

Kassandra: "What is happening to them, Famia?"
Famia Mercius: "I heard a name—Mateem. I … I think our friend is reliving an ancient Argonian's memories!"

After finding and speaking with the hunting party, you will hear them speak again:

Kassandra: "I see nothing, Famia. Is it a hallucination or an actual vision of the past?"
Famia Mercius: "Both, perhaps? I can't …. I can only see the edges. Smoke and whispers. But what our friend is experiencing. It's real enough."
Kassandra: "But where is the Remnant?"

Once Fat Gixthi is dead, Kassandra will sound increasingly annoyed at what seems to be an irrelevant memory.

Kassandra: "We came here to find the Remnant, Famia. Not to hear mumbling about some hatchling's name-day."
Famia Mercius: "I'm sorry, Kassandra—it's very hazy. But there must be something here … something we're meant to see."

After you witness Myndhal kill Kloxu and the approaching Ayleid force, you will be knocked out of the vision.

Kassandra: "What did you say? Something about the Ayleids?"
Famia Mercius: "I believe so. Yes, the ancient Barsaebic Ayleid elves. I had no idea they made it this far south."
Famia Mercius: "Then perhaps the Remnant isn't Argonian at all. Perhaps it's an Ayleid artifact. We must learn more."

If you speak with Kassandra at this point she will remind you to stay on task.

"I know you are disoriented, but you must try to focus. Native hunting trips, while fascinating, bring us no closer to our goal.
Please, stay the course."
Ruined Village Mural[edit]

The second vision will involve the tribe fighting off the same Ayleid invaders in their village, while Mateem searches for the elders. Eventually Kassandra will comment on the events.

Kassandra: "These Argonians … they bested the Ayleids?"
Famia Mercius: "Yes. It was costly though. I smell smoke and taste blood in my mouth."
Kassandra: "Perhaps the Remnant helped them?"

Once you learn that the invaders were only the first wave, you will be knocked out of the vision. Kassandra will be becoming impatient that nothing has been mentioned about the Remnant.

Kassandra: "Still nothing about the Remnant? I am well-acquainted with delays, but even my patience has limits."
Famia Mercius: "There must be a connection …."

If you speak with Kassandra she will say:

"Only one mural remains. You must stay focused. If the truth of the Remnant eludes you here, we may never solve this mystery.
I am counting on you."
Hist Tree Mural[edit]

When you enter the final vision, you will find yourself in a chamber beneath a Hist Tree. Kassandra can be heard to sound concerned over Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn.

Kassandra: "Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn—they are shaking. What is going on? Is it the Remnant?"
Famia Mercius: "Yes! It's very close now. I can almost hear it."
Famia Mercius: "Kassandra? Kassandra! What are you—?"

The Sap-Speaker's Staff[edit]


As you emerge from the visions with Sap-Speaker's staff—the key to revealing the location of the Remnant of Argon, you find yourself faced with a disturbing scene. Through the haze of the fumes, you see Xukas and Jaxsik-Orrn on the ground with Kassandra standing over their prone bodies.

Kassandra: "This staff. It is the key to the Remnant of Argon, isn't it?"
Kassandra: "Then it seems our time together has come to an end. This paralytic should keep you here, for a time. Please know I hold you in the highest respect. Farewell."
<Kassandra takes the staff, and walks away towards the stairs.>
Whiptail: "Move it, Famia!"
<Whiptail pokes Famia with a blade and makes her walk in front of him.>

The Swamp and the Serpent[edit]

After her betrayal, you can track her down to Xul-Thuxis which has been taken over by Blackguards, who have revealed themselves to be allied with Kassandra. As you race to save Famia from being sacrificed, you will come across Kassandra on the other side of pool within the Xul-Thuxis temple. She will warn you not to follow her if you want Famia to live.

Xukas: "Kassandra!" verify this line
Kassandra: "So you made it this far? Impressive."
<Stops walking and faces your group.>
Kassandra: "Alas, you have another engagement. Follow me and Famia dies."
Jaxsik-Orrn "I grind my fangs. The only death that is certain is yours."
Kassandra: "Enough theatrics, Jaxsik-Orrn. The Hist allowed me to acquire this staff. Surely you wouldn't fight the will of the roots."
Jaxsik-Orrn "Now you mock the Hist? I will cuty that dry-tongue out of your lying throat!"
<Kassandra disappears and Jaxsik-Orrn dives into the pool to chase after her.>
Xukas: "Wait, Jaxsik!"
Xukas: "Kaoc! You go save friend-Famia from that crazy Naga. I will try to keep Jaxsik alive."
<Xukas dives into the pool after her.>

The Remnant of Argon[edit]

Ayleid Ruins and the Vakka-Stone Portal[edit]

After you have traversed Xul-Thuxis, you and Famia will hunt Kassandra through the Vakka-Bok Xanmeer and eventually catch up to her in the Ayleid ruins beneath the Xanmeer, accessed through a Welkynd gateway. Kassandra will have attached the Kajin-Jat crystal to the staff and will use it to open a gateway.

Famia Mercius: "Mara's mercy! The Ayleids that slaughtered the dreaming Hist's tribe built all this? They must have been here for centuries!"
<Famia looks around.>
Famia Mercius: "Wait—I hear something."
Kassandra: "Gulvo vakka-lo Kajin-Jat!"
<Famia rushes down the aisle to Kassandra.>
Famia Mercius: "Kassandra! What did she do to the staff? is that the Kajin-Jat Crystal?"
Kassandra: "It is, Famia. And I would be lost without it! Farewell."
<Kassandra walks through the Vakka-stone gateway.>
Famia Mercius: "Kassandra, wait!"
<The gateway shuts down.>

The Deep-Root[edit]

Once you have explored the Ayleid Ruins and recovered another Vakka-stone, the activated gateway will lead you to the Deep-Root where Kassandra will notice you from up high on the cliff. She will then decide to deal with you herself.

Kassandra: "So it's come to this? I have to kill you myself? Fine!"
Famia Mercius: "What is she—? Watch out!"
<A beam of hist-sap color light will hit where you were standing.>

Once you have dodged her attacks and made your way up the slope, Kassandra will yell in frustration and run into the Remnant of Argon's chamber.

Kassandra: "Are you so desperate to keep me from what I want? What I deserve? Damn you!"
<Kassandra runs away.>
Famia Mercius: "She can't have gotten far. Hurry!"

When you enter the Remnant's chamber, Famia will run ahead and plea with Kassandra for the final time.

Famia Mercius: "Kassandra! Don't!"
Kassandra: "You're too late, Famia. I won't let you take this from me!"
<Kassandra reaches out to the orb.>
Famia Mercius: "Wait! Don't touch it!"

Once she touches it, Kassandra is enveloped by vines and becomes trapped within the Colossal Miregaunt.

The Empowered Kassandra[edit]

Location Deep-Root
Race Argonian Gender Female
Health 146590 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Kassandra takes control of the Miregaunt.

As you fight the Colossal Miregaunt, Kassandra will eventually get an upper hand over the Miregaunt.

Kassandra: "I will not … be consumed! I will not!"

With a scream, she will shatter its upper half and take the power for herself.

Kassandra: "So much power!"
Kassandra: "I can hear the Hist! Finally, I can hear it!"

As she continues to fight you, she will yell at you.

Kassandra: "The Hist's power is mine to command!"
Kassandra: "The Remnant is mine! Mine!"

When she is driven down to low health, Kassandra becomes more desperate and unhinged as she attacks.

Kassandra: "You're jealous! Petty!"
Kassandra: "You cannot stop me!"
Kassandra: "I will kill you for interfering!"
Kassandra: "I will not let you take this from me!"
Spells and Abilities[edit]

She will use her staff to create AoEs much like in Deep-Root. needs more accurate info.

Old Life Observance[edit]

The spirit of Kassandra

After her death, the spirit of Kassandra may return from Aetherius and appear to you during the New Life Festival event quest Old Life Observance when you perform a remembrance ceremony at one of the Old Life shrines.