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This article is about the boss in Tribune's Folly. For the boss in the Infinite Archive, see Limenauruus (Infinite Archive).

Location Tribune's Folly
Species Minotaur
Health 2,527,422 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile

Limenauruus is a giant minotaur lord found inside the excavated chamber at Tribune's Folly. It has been possessed by the evil spirit of Lord Nunex Faleria.

It will only appear after the initial wave of shadowy enemies inside the ruins are defeated. During the boss encounter, Lord Nunex Faleria will give commands to Limenauruus as well as summon more of the shadows to assist him.

Limenauruus may drop chapters from the Assassins League style or a full sample of Oxblood Fungus. He has a rare chance to drop the antiquity lead for the Golden Idol of Morihaus furnishing and Alessian Sacramental Oil for Belharza's Band.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

A basic melee attack dealing high physical damage.
Limenauruus rakes his hammer across the floor, sending out a shockwave of dust forward, indicated by a wide conal AoE, dealing high physical damage and staggering you. While Onslaught is active, the dust becomes charged with dark magic, adding extra magical damage to the attack.
Overhead Slam
Limneauruus takes his hammer with both of his hands and slams it on top of you with force, dealing massive physical damage and knocking you down. This attack can be blocked.
Bull Charge
Limenauruus leans forward and charges ahead, trampling all in his path, indicated by a circular AoE beneath him, dealing very high physical damage and knocking you down. Initially, once every two charges, Limenauruus charges into any of the pillars in the room, chaining into the Rock Fall ability. As Limenauruus gets lower in health, he will start exclusively charging into pillars, making Rock Fall an almost permanently active ability.
Rock Fall
After charging into a pillar, the ceiling begins to crumble, causing pieces of it to fall into the arena, indicated by circular AoEs, dealing high physical damage.
Limenauruus smashes his hammer into the floor a few times as he starts glowing red, increasing his outgoing damage for an extended duration. He also gains one new move and his Rake ability becomes empowered.
Hammer Burst
While Onslaught is active, Limenauruus gains this attack where he slams the ground with his charged hammer, causing three bursts of dark magic to explode around the impact point, indicated by growing circular AoEs, dealing high magical damage.
Summon Shadows
Occasionally, Lord Nunex Faleria will summon Shadow Archers, Shadow Assassins, Shadow Bats, Shadow Bloodfiends, Shadow Shadecallers and Shadow Wraiths to assist Limenauruus.


There is one Achievement associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Defeat Limenauruus.png Defeat Limenauruus 10 Defeat Limenauruus the possessed minotaur and the shadow spirits at Tribune's Folly.