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Crafting Motif 80: Shield of Senchal Style
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Collection Shield of Senchal Style
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Crafting Motif 80: Shield of Senchal Style
by Centurion Ancrus Vesnentia of the Shields of Senchal, Thirteenth Legion
A guide to crafting armor and weapons in the Shield of Senchal style

Southern Elsweyr resisted our arrival when Emperor Aquilarios gave the order. Considering the brutality that plagued the countryside for nearly two decades beforehand, it only makes sense. The Thirteenth Legion prepared for such circumstances, however, and I believe that preparedness won us the trust of the Khajiit over time. We came to restore order to Southern Elsweyr, but we stayed to protect its people. Over time, the Khajiit began to call us the Shields of Senchal.


Southern Elsweyr is home to all manner of foes that most of us could scarcely dream about before we arrived. It became necessary to adapt our weaponry to fight beasts and provincials of every size. Our axes became sleeker, inspired by the Khajiiti cleaver.


While I may be alone in this thought, I firmly believe a good belt provides the foundation for a good soldier. Hung low on the hips and studded with an engraved metal buckle, we strive for an accessory that is as functional as it is striking.


The heat in Southern Elsweyr makes open and flexible toed boots highly desirable. After a few dozen cases of what the locals call "Scorch-Paw"-which is just as dreadful as it sounds-we adapted to a more breathable structure. The flexibility of the open toe allows for scaling tougher terrain, as well as maximizing speed.


The Khajiit have some … interesting ideas about archery. Still, there is always something to be learned. Like their bows, we adapted our own to be of finer metal, and began to see the promising (if not unsavory) uses of senche-gut bow-strings. The styling remains unique to our order however, with intricate carvings along the grip and distinctive colorings.


You will not find much stiff, metal armor in Southern Elsweyr, and for good reason. The heat and terrain make anything inflexible quite a nightmare. Any metal gets applied sparingly, used most often for embellishments. The Khajiit are fond of their crescents, so we Shields display them proudly.


General Renmus insists "A good dagger need not be distinctive, for those who meet its edge will never see it coming, and not live to remember it." I'm not the wordsmith that he is, but it remains a truth that our daggers are more functional than decorative. The carvings around the hilt and on the blade itself pay homage to Khajiiti design, but we have stuck fast to our straight, thick blades.


Southern Elsweyr bears the mark of Imperial influence, but the opposite rings true as well. We Imperials may not have claws like our feline neighbors, but our gloves still allow the freedom and flexibility as if that were the case. Our soldiers handle their weapons with greater efficiency and boast hard-won callouses as a result.


Visibility cannot be discounted as a component to survival, especially in this untamed environment. We reserve our face-covering helmets for our front-line soldiers, fashioned out of pliant metal with the likeness of the Legate Autrus, the hero who singlehandedly launched an attack on the enemy commander in the Battle of Xaseear. Most fighters prefer an open-faced helmet, however, with protective leather inlay to provide both flexibility and some relief from the heat.


Supple molded leather, metal casing where appropriate, and airy fabric for the interior make the perfect recipe for success. Material for the legs must be open and non-restrictive to allow for movement, while also maintaining proper protection. You don't want to brush up against the wrong side of a Glyptodon without something between you and it, after all.


Not everyone shares my passion for the mace, but no one argues that it makes a statement. Though not precise as a blade, it still strikes both fear and awe in ones enemies. Bronze faces decorate the head of the weapon. They become a particularly frightening sight once spattered with blood, as if the faces themselves enjoy drinking it. Some soldiers swear they even grin.


Decorated with ornate crescents, golden chains and intricate compound, our signature instrument could never be accused of subtly. Nor should it. The shield functions as so much more than just a shield. It is the very symbol of our order. It inspires courage and serves as a manifestation of our purpose.


The number of dangers one can encounter in Southern Elsweyr remains beyond counting. While shoulder plating will not stave off the worst of it, it serves well as a good first layer of defense. The bright metal pauldrons wink like pointed fangs in the hot sun.


It would be a mistake to assume the elegance of the Shield's staff undermines its strength. Far from it! Though topped with elaborate bronze sculptures and wrapped with sinuous, dyed leather studded with gold beads, the staff boasts lethality in abundance. An all-seeing eye tops the staff, and no enemy escapes its gaze.


All recruits start with a sword to learn the fundamentals of the blade. A sword must, above all else, be dependable. Given the variety of enemies in Southern Elsweyr, a good blade must cut them down with brutal, reliable efficiency. Save for the carvings along the hilt, we tend to be fairly straightforward with our blades. Simple or no, our blades possess considerable weight in order to cleave through enemies, whether they be as sturdy as the Mountain Bristleback or frail as an inept scavenger.