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Senche-Cats, also known as Senches, are large, quadrupedal felines most often associated with Elsweyr and Valenwood, but can also be found in other provinces thanks to breeding.[1] During the Dawn Era, senche-cats and other creatures of Nirn were a chaotic hybrid of plant and animal, before the god Y'ffre established their forms as we know them today. Their original monstrous forms can be seen when the Bosmer invoke the Wild Hunt.[2]

The Khajiiti people consider themselves cousins to the Senche-cats,[3] and the Senche-Cat's secondary term, Senche, is also used to describe the Senche and Senche-raht khajiit furstocks.[4][5][6] However, senche-cats and Khajiit senches are distinct species.[UOL 1][UOL 2]

Their cousins, the Sabre Cats, are similar but are not considered senches.[7]


Senche come in many different breeds. The Senche-Cougars, Senche-Jaguars, Senche-Leopards, Senche-Lions/Lionesses, Senche-Panthers, Senche-Servals, and Senche-Tigers, breeds are listed below:


Senche-Cougars dwell in east central Elsweyr, where they prowl in the cliffs and escarpments for goats and marmots. They have been domesticated by the Khajiit.[3]


Little is known about Senche-Jaguars,[8] but Khajiit can have rosette fur patterns similar to them.[9] Most notably, thanks to typical appearance of the cathay-raht furstock resembling senche-jaguars, it has earned them the name "jaguar-men" by the Imperial Geographical Society.[4]


The majority of Senche-leopards have rosette fur patterns similar to those found on jaguars, and their patterns lend their name to those that can also be found on Khajiit.[10]. The common Senche Leopards are bred as mounts for bearing an armed warrior while slinking through the steamy jungles of Pellitine.[11] The Tenmar Senche-Leopard breed are strong and nimble, and are bred for hunting in the Tenmar forest. The Spotted Snow Senche-Leopard Is a rare variety of Leopard. It is notable for its white fur.[12] Clouded Senche-Leopards differ from the typical rosette fur pattern by having large cloud-like circle patterns on their fur.[13]


Males of these species are called lions, and have a mane. Females of the species are referred to as lionesses. Lion cubs may possess rosette fur patterns. The common lion is tan in color. Lionesses are used as fierce and powerful mounts, and hail from the broad savannahs of Anequina.[14]The Black Mane lion is evidently named after the black mane their species has. They are used by the Bi-Lunar Guard as mounts at the Palace of the Mane near Torval, and riding one near them is considered taboo.[15] The Black Senche-Lion is a completely black species of Lion preferred by thieves as mounts. The most notable Black Senche-Lion was the thief god Rajhin's mount, Umbrage, who was rumored to talk and even briefly fly.[16] Senche-Lion prides are known to roam near the city of Riverhold, and are used as mounts and for herding livestock by the pastoral tribes of Northern Anequina. The lions of these prides have been dubbed Noble Riverhold Senche-Lions.[17] Little is known about the white senche-lion. However, they are very rare, as smugglers claim they can make a year's fortune selling them. [18]


Panthers have black fur. Black Senche-Panthers are a purely black furred variety of panther. They are said to have bred by Baandari Pedlars, for use as a mount and for the ease of leaving town after dark.[19] Striped senche-panthers are similar to the non striped variant, but they differ in that they have stripes.[20] Shadowghost Senches are an oversized breed of black senche-panthers, differing visually in their white spots. They are associated with the Daedric Prince Namiira, who is thought to send them as mounts to bear away those who are doomed to die.[21] Indigo Senche-Panthers are a variety of senche that were bred for a reclusive family in Rivenspire. They possess black fur with a purple sheen. Rumors claim that when left to its own devices, it stalks werewolves for amusement.[21]


Not much are known about servals. The sight of a Senche-Serval in Khefrem is a sign of good luck. People tend to capture several of them to get a streak of fortune, and even train them to become mounts.[22] The Sapiarchic Senche Serval are a breed created by the Sapiarchs for the sages of their ranks to ride on.[23] Khajiit can have fur patterns that resemble those of servals.[24]


The Senche-Tigers' most defining feature is their stripes. Striped Senche-Tigers are a semi-domesticated version of the wild Senche-Tiger, bred for size and manageability. They notably have golden colored fur.[25] Tenmar Senche-Tigers prowl in the Tenmar forest, where they are camouflaged by the shadows of the canopy. They have a brown striped pattern and are also used as mounts.[26] Moonlight Senche-Tigers are sleek and silvery, and have been used as guardians for Khajiiti temples dedicated to the moons ever since the revelation of the Riddle'Thar.[27]



  • Some Dwarven vamidiums were constructed in the shape of a Senche.
  • Conjurers are able to compel Atronachs to adopt the form of a Senche.
  • The Hist have shaped the useful lizards of Black Marsh to create steeds that vaguely resemble senche-cats, for use as steeds by the Argonians.

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