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Location Garlas Agea
Species Troll
Health 173,997 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile

Ironfang is an armored nirncrux-infused troll found in Garlas Agea (map). It was smuggled out of Craglorn by the Gold Coast Trading Company and has somehow escaped from its cage, posing a risk to the entirety of the Gold Coast. It serves as the delve's boss and must be killed to clear the location.

It has all of the same abilities as standard trolls. During combat, it will periodically rush over to a cage and smash it open, releasing either a duneracer, guar, hoarvor, nix-hound, senche or welwa to assist.

Ironfang has a chance to drop the following chapters of the Assassins League style: Shields, Shoulders, Staves.

Related Quests[edit]


While Ironfang is restrained, the two people holding his chains will have a conversation.

Mercenary Brute (Female): "That thing's awfully large … and it looks kind of dangerous."
Gold Coast Archer (Male): "Don't be such a jittery mudcrab. For a troll, he's quite docile. And that iron is practically unbreakable."
Mercenary Brute: "If you say so. He still looks angry to me. What are you doing with it, by the way?"
Gold Coast Archer: "Someone's looking to buy the largest, meanest troll I could find. If the gold's good, I don't ask questions."
Mercenary Brute: "Largest, meanest troll you could find? I thought you said it wasn't dangerous?"

As you approach, Ironfang will break free.

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